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MY NAME IS SUSAN DELANO SWIM and at the time of writing this, I was the operations manager/co-owner of Clearview Integrated Window Services in Nova Scotia. We are a medium sized company with staff numbers ranging from 15 to 20, depending on the time of year.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1987 starting with my first adventure of owning a brick and mortar children’s clothing retail store with my grande finale owning/running a successful company in the construction industry.  During this time my husband and I where raising our 4 daughters, along with that came the challenges and joys of raising 4 beautiful daughters with all that girls and teenagers bring.

Along with these adventures, I threw myself into the coaching industry back in 1999.  Over the years with continual education and experiences, I developed out of need for my business a desire to be a better leader developing a leadership style that allowed our business to double in sales creating a great profit for the business while developing great leaders within the company which took the pressure off of me.  Becoming a high-performance leader gave me the space and freedom to do what I love in my business; business develop becoming the best leading-edge business experts in our industry while developing great leadership skills engaging our employees to be happy and loyal.  The best part was our company felt great, I worked less, worried a lot less, made more money and had a lot more time to do as I wished.

When we first bought the Company, I experienced times when I just couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, thinking, “Why bother nobody listens, the work isn’t getting done on time. We’re losing money. So why look for more work when nobody else seems to care? We may as well just shut down the Company.”

The word that struck me at that time was VICTIM! That’s what a fellow coach called me once early on in my coach training days in 1999, and I had an unexpected reaction to that word. It meant I was not standing up for myself. I was not saying what needed to be said. I was devastated to have been called a victim. I knew I had put myself in that position and it was true. That word hit me at my core, made the hair stand up on the back of my neck and pushed me into action. That one day I finally real- ized it, was the day I actually felt like a victim and that was it for me. How did I allow this to happen and what was I going to do about it? That’s when everything changed.

Since adapting a high-performance leadership style, our company sales have doubled, we have shown great growth and is now generating a nice profit. Becoming a high-performance leader, altering how I do business and who I am in our Company, has given me the space and freedom to continue to develop our company without feeling unsurmountable, unsustainable, unforgiving stress and continual pressure. Since adopting this leadership style and methods, I no longer feel stressed, become frustrated, or have work-related anxiety. My motto is: Be what you want to see in your employees and always come from a place of respect and kindness.

As a # 1 best selling author with over 30 years entrepreneurial experience helping business owners become High-Performance leaders going from barely surviving to thriving, understanding that their business success is a reflection of their leadership style, how their attitude affects everything, to learning how to shift their thoughts to being prosperity focused along with the secrets to clear communication and much more.  

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