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All good stories have chapters don’t they? ūüôā

Chapter 1

Back in 1999 I looked like most of the women I coach today. I was raising my four daughters, building a family business , being a wife and in general I was busy being busy. It was crazy but I had no complaints.¬† Life was good… until the day it wasn’t.¬†¬†¬†

I woke up one morning and realized that nothing was my own.¬† I was someone’s wife, someone’s mother, and someone‚Äôs daughter. I was the tool that got things done, I took care of everything and everyone.¬† The path I ran each day (no time for walking!) was one that I had unconsciously¬† laid out for myself.¬† The more I did, the more I expected from myself and¬† only I could stop the rollercoaster.¬† The more I thought about it the more I realized just how desperate I really was… desperate for something I could be passionate about, desperate for something that was my own, desperate for an income that I was in control of!

And so I began to search.  After much evaluation, research and conversations with colleagues and friends, I found the coaching industry.  I knew I had found my calling so I jumped in head first (is there any other way?)!   I enrolled in the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) In San Rafael, California, one of the elite coaching certification organizations in North America and prepared to change the world!

I knew I enjoyed helping others and I knew I was good at it! What I didn’t realize at the time was just how much I needed the help for myself.¬† I didn’t need coaching.¬† I had it all together! Especially now that I knew what my life calling was! That’s what I thought until I truly began delving into the training for my new found career.¬† I thought I was going to be educated on how to become a coach for other women.¬† What happened was a complete life transforming experience for myself!

During the course of my training I ¬†hired a coach and also received coaching from my instructors, my peers and certification community.¬† I began to realize that all those bumps in the road, all the past struggles and frustration that I had taken for granted as part of life were really of my own making. I came to understand how I self sabotaged my own efforts and that I needed to adjust my old beliefs in order to change my future outcome.¬† I came to realize that I could manage all my negative thoughts if I wanted to.¬† I didn’t expect this! I was there to help others and to learn and here I was learning how I needed help for me!¬† All of these realizations resulted in a complete awakening for me.¬† As the months went by my life expanded, I took on all the life strategies I could and implemented them into my world and this changed my¬† life.¬† The rewards were unexpected! I had no idea what to expect and would of never expected the gifts I received, I was looking for a new career not a personal transformation, I didn‚Äôt know I needed one!¬† I became passionately empowered to help other women have the same ¬†experience that had given me back exactly what I needed, a life that I love and am excited about no matter what is going on!¬†

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of women who are just like I was… busy, stuck, overwhelmed, in a rut and struggling to find balance.¬† They know there is more for them but¬† they have no idea what to do or where to go.

But like all great stories, mine doesn’t end after one chapter.

Life was good. I was working and making a difference and achieving a greater sense of fulfillment than I had ever felt before.

Life was good… until it wasn’t.

 Chapter 2

Early in 2013 my health stopped me in my tracks, one day I was fine and the next I was not.  Every time I went to the doctor it got worse .   My busy days of helping others and living the life I had become accustomed to living as a successful Life Strategist were challenged.  I realized, once again, that my life needed a change.  Thankfully, this time I was trained, experienced and prepared to kick my own butt with all the life strategies that I had.

My health issues had made me aware of the fact that I wasn’t invincible and to a degree this was out of my control . I, Susan Delano Swim, wasn’t in control at this point.. and this freaked me out! ¬†¬†I unexpectedly became very angry with myself for not taking better care of myself. There was definite room for improvement in all departments of my life.¬† How had I, successful Life Strategist gotten here?¬† This new realization was a jolt for me.¬† I began to evaluate my own life, needs and reality. Once again I was the student as I began to consider this new information and determine what I would do with it.

I came to realize just how delicate life really is. I gave myself a good shake for becoming so numb to such a simple reality.  After all, having a life strategy is all about being conscious about all of us. The internal us and the external us, our emotional being and  our physical being. I took a good long at my life, what I had accomplished, what I had created and what was truly important to me.  Then I made the only decision I could make. I decided to  take control of what I could and to be accutely conscious of how I am treating myself daily.

This was yet another life changing moment for me! I made the decision that, “Yes, I am worth it! Yes, I can do this!” I am worth taking some time to smell the roses and yes I really do love to smell¬† a rose! ¬†¬†I am worth living in the moment and being present for myself , my family, and my clients.¬† I took back control of my thoughts, my ¬†actions, ¬†my choices and determined the path my life would take from that day forward.¬† It’s still a commitment I make every day! Whether or not that guarantees a fix for all of life’s little and not so little problems is something I can’t guarantee.¬† I can guarantee, however, that I won’t be passive about the direction my life/health takes, I will be present, living in the moment¬† embracing all the good and bad.

I made the decision to stop being indecisive. Life is about the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’. There is no ‘maybe’ or ‘later’, these are not decisions!

And so, Susan Delano Swim, aka Super Woman, began again… this time with more determination, a newly hightened consciousness level for her¬† future with greater insights.

The Story Continues

These days I’m still busy being Super Woman.¬† Do we super women every truly stop? ūüôā

My 4 daughters now range from 18-30, I have 2 beautiful grandchildren and yes I am still married to the same man after 31+ years.  My own coaching business continues to thrive as I help run the family business on the side.

As you can see, I’m still busy being busy but living in the present moment ¬†allows me to create space for unlimited abundance and to have a passionate vision for my future.¬† I know where I’m going and I know that I am deserving of my dreams.¬† I am consciously taking care of all my emotional and physical needs.¬† There’s a strategy behind what I do and how I accomplish it all. My life strategies ¬†tool box is something I continue to use and share with my clients no matter what their situation is.

When clients come to me they often feel a bit broken, lost and even embarrassed they can’t keep it all together.¬† They are super women too with lots of roles to play just to get through one day.¬† Often the role they play at work is doing well while their personal role is collapsing or vice versa.¬†¬† They may look like they are holding it all together but in reality super woman is quickly crashing inside.

I can help.¬† I’ve been there.¬† I’ve lived it and there’s nothing ¬†too challenging that can‚Äôt be altered so that you can have the life you keep dreaming of.¬† There is no schedule so strict or demands so great that you can’t love yourself enough to live your highest and best in all the different roles that you play!¬† No matter what your living situation is, you can do this!

I have the passion, desire, strategies and ¬†support ¬†if you’re willing to do your part!

Don’t think to much! You are worth it! ¬†¬†Join me!

Susan Delano Swim

Susan Delano Swim