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What’s Next?

This is the time of year I catch myself saying this more often.

I live in Nova Scotia and we have had a great winter this year, snow didn’t fly until February. January was great with lots of cold sun, half of February the same. Now we are headed into March and cool sun is present. There are many days that I sit at my desk with lots I can do and wonder what’s next, what is it I am supposed to be doing.

I have a list of things for work that I could be doing but this question comes from a different place for me. What’s next for me, what is it I am supposed to be doing for the next chapter in my life: Should I sell everything and do my version of Eat, Pray, Love? Should I get involved with a spiritual group of some sort? Should I start a new craft or sport? The questions don’t get answered…I have nudges that I am looking for something different, I could do this or do that but no answer that this is exactly what I should do, something that feels great.

Part of this I have also noticed is that I lacked enthusiasm and felt resistance to jump into anything let alone something new but had so many thoughts of possibilities rolling around in my head, then I thought maybe I am just tired, maybe that is the problem.

Since this has been going on for a little bit, it was time for me to figure it out! After all, I have been helping others figure this out for themselves for 17 years now. I have the programs and knowledge needed to figure this out. I had to get myself back on track, I needed to feel my passion again for everything that I do. For me, I need to feel passion and excitement for what I am doing in order to do it really well, we all do. If I don’t feel that, then what I need to get done gets done but not as well as if I am passionately excited about it.

I had to step back and ask myself what is really going on, where did my desire go? It ended up that I did not feel balanced, I was procrastinating certain things, and I was unsettled especially with this feeling that there was more for me. Of course, I had lost my passion and excitement for what I was doing daily because I was telling my self that what I was doing was no longer it for me. I was telling myself that my passion was outside of what I was doing. I put myself in this state with all these thoughts rattling around in my brain.

I believe that we all can find passion for everything that we do once you let go of the stories and old beliefs that you tell yourself that you are not passionate about what you are doing today, that this is not worthy of your time or your passion or that this is not something I can be passionate about. Our thoughts are our power house in one direction or the other.


“How you do what you do is more important than what you do. The ‘how’ refers to the underlying state of consciousness.” Eckhart Tolle

My uncontrolled thoughts were taking me all over the place but not where they needed to be for me to be excited or passionate about anything. Our passions comes from inside and that is where I needed to go to find it again, to let the passionate force be me. All of the searching would not have made a difference until I did this part, I would of kept searching because nothing would of satisfied me even doing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love would not of worked until I went inside. Passion starts inside, it has to be this way!

It is a very common practice that many of us look for external gratification, we forget that when we look inside and unleash our passion, when we stop looking for external happiness, miracles happen and what shows up maybe something that you never would of thought of or imagined.

So, what I want to let you know is that I am here for you if you find you are having those thoughts or that you have misplaced your passion and excitement. I understand what you are experiencing and what you are going through. You are not alone.

Let’s talk about it…
Let me help you…
Let me help you stay on track and find your passion and excitement for where you are so we can discover what’s next for you.
Let’s chat about it.
No obligation, just real talk.

Email me, I am here for you.
Wishing you passion and excitement everyday,


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Create More Magic in your Life!

Create More Magic in your Life!

Doesn’t it seem like the perfect time of year to create more magic in your life? How do you create more magic in your life when we have so much to do all the time? Does it sound like just one more thing that you have to do and there is no more brain space for something new like magic? After all, some readers may think that not all of us get live magical lives.

For many, we spend so much time making ourselves wrong, beating ourselves up, blaming others for our problems that we have stopped believing that anything, let alone magic, is possible. We are convinced that our problems/situations are permanent and forget to look for other possibilities of what is possible for our future. Some may even think that only those that have more get magic.

When we create more magic in our life it has nothing to with what we have or don’t have and everything to do with our thoughts.

Many are so stuck focusing on what is wrong they never look at what is right. You can not go from stuck-ness to possibility if all your thoughts are about being wrong, beating yourself up and blaming others, it just won’t happen. For many you have been having these thoughts for so long, that you think it is just the way it is, you have forgotten that you have a choice to think one way or the other. What would it take for you to release, to let go of your heavy negative thoughts so you can see your life in a brighter light? Have you convinced yourself it will be too hard? Are you convinced these thoughts are serving you somehow? what are the stories that you are telling yourself about holding onto these thoughts so tightly?

The only thing that is in your way of feeling more positive, in feeling there is magic in your life is your thoughts. We all get to choose what thoughts that we have, is it work, yes but not hard labor. It is being conscious/aware of your thoughts and feelings so that when you are having thoughts that do not serve you, you can do something about them, change them so that you do feel better.

Start with these steps to notice and change your thoughts so you can create more magic in your life;

1. Believe in yourself, stop making yourself wrong. We all bring great gifts and talents to the world. Believe in yourself that there is nothing wrong with you, stop bashing yourself because you think you need to be different to succeed. Create a 3-word statement with words that you know to be true about yourself and when self doubt shows up say them, ie: I AM smart, brave and Engaged. You have to manage your thoughts so you are having thoughts that help you instead of negative thoughts that will destroy your day, day after day.

2. Pay attention to your feelings, be present. Sometimes we get caught up in our thoughts and don’t always recognize the negative thoughts that we have had for so long but using your feelings as a detector as well will help you notice what your thoughts are telling you about yourself. Notice where in your body you don’t feel well when you are having negative thoughts.

Is it in your shoulders, does your chest feel heavy or does your belly get upset? Figure out your physical detector to notice your negative thoughts and then stop yourself from having them.

Release the negative thoughts, the ones that feel heavy and hard, and bring in positive thoughts, the ones that make you feel happy and joyful, ones that make you feel better. Follow the thoughts that make you feel better, follow the light. Ask yourself does this thought feel heavy or light, asking this will empower you to have the awareness to make a choice that supports your best interest and that is to feel better.

3. Always put yourself first! This is not a selfish thing to do as many think it is. Just image how much happier all your relationships will be when you are happier by serving yourself first. We are not good to anyone if we are stuck in negativity and depression. Everything suffers when we are there. So put yourself first, fill your cup up with what is best for you and inevitably you will do what is in the best interest of everyone else as well.

The spirit of doing what is best for all is a great feeling, you no longer feel the weight of having to do it just because. We are all magical creators of our destiny at any given moment, this is an honor, a gift and a responsibility to ourselves to create the life we want to have. Don’t take this lightly, when you choose you, you win every time. Build your self-full muscle, it will serve you and all those around you.

4. Be curious! Ask yourself lots of questions around areas that you are working on. If you don’t ask questions you will have thoughts that come up around what you are doing/thinking that may be limiting based on old patterns that will not serve you the best. When you ask questions you will get an answers, then ask another question and then another one. Don’t stop with just one, there is always room to ask more of yourself so you get the answer that will serve you the best. Ask yourself, what will serve me the best in this situation? How will this make me feel?

What is the best possible outcome that I am looking for? What else is possible? If your answers make you feel great, with light and hope you are on the right track.

5. Be willing to be open to receive. Many of us ask for things but you don’t see the steps towards receiving those things. We think it has to show up all at once and when it doesn’t we consider it a failure or that none of this belief stuff works. Things show up for us everyday in small bits and pieces. Are you open to seeing them and feeling that the bit is a piece of your success or do you feel it all has to show at once so all the bits count for nothing, they don’t count so now the dream is gone. Be open to see the bits that show up no matter how they show up or how big they are, know they are part of the magic.

Try this on, believing in magic is a magical experience and it opens up your thoughts and feelings to being more positive, happy and inspiring. Just know all you did was start to manage your thoughts to see and believe in your possibility.

It is important to Love YOUR Life to be happy — if you don’t love your life, do something about it!

Susan Delano Swim is a Certified High Performance Coach, her goal is to help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence on your way to a successful, healthy and fully charged life. For a complimentary one hour coaching session fill in the application at:

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Tis The Season To Be Your Best

Tis the Season to be your best!

With New Years upon us and everyone in the habit of making New Years Resolutions why not make one simple resolution. One that will bring many rewards time after time after time.  Make the resolution to be the best of who you can be.  Making this one resolution can turn everyday of your life around to be just the way you want it to be.

You may already be living your life being the best of who you are but if you know there is something more for you or that you can do better then there are some habits that you can adopt every day to start to living your best life. These habits are for you no matter what stage in life you are at, it is all about feeling great everyday and living from your best self. Being your best no matter what you are doing will feel great and bring you joy.

Here are a few ways you can begin to discover your best self:

1.  Talk out loud about your wants, hopes and dreams to everyone in your life. Share all this great stuff about you so everyone knows what is important to you.  Don’t assume that your family members, your partner, your colleagues and friends know what it is that you really want.

Sometimes we think they should just know.  Have you ever said “if they knew me they would know what is important to me”, but in reality when was the last time you told anyone what you really wanted.  Lets face it as we go through different life experiences our wants, hopes and dreams change, we know they change but have you expressed it.

As the years go by in our relationships we forget to express ourselves, we just assume that they know the real me because of this time span.  We ourselves get into routines and stop making our wants, hopes and dreams top of our list.  If it is important to you express it; I want this, I hope for and I dream for. Expressing it over and over again to remind yourself and give others the ability to cheer you on, to support you, to encourage you and keep you on track.  If you are not expressing your wants, hopes and dreams, if you are keeping them closed up inside, you are not living your fullest passionate self.

Living and expressing who you are is what you are here to do, so Say it a lot and out loud to everyone.

2. Two part Daily Habit
A) Positive Morning Habits – Do 2 things for yourself every morning when you wake up, 2 things that will support your starting your day positively.  You could stretch, exercise, meditate, journal or anything that will put you in the right frame of mind for a strong positive day. I also recommend taking a few minutes to plan what you need to plan so you don’t spend your day reacting or putting fires out from lack of planning.

If you are someone that opens their eyes to their phones or email try to break that habit for at least the first hour of the day so your day starts out being yours; your thoughts. Lets face it when we look at our phones we are looking for problems or to see what fires we are going to have to put out that day, so delay that, they will still be there once you have woken up and started your day properly. Don’t start out with someone else’s problems. Get in the habit of being with your own thoughts, it is very powerful.

B) When your day is about to start, spend a few minutes and list 3 things to do for the day that when accomplished will make you feel that your day is wildly successful.  Out of habit you might list the easy things to do but challenge yourself with at least one challenging item on your list everyday, if you like a challenge and want to feel really productive fill the 3 items for the day with 3 items that you think will be tough.  All the easy items on your list will just fill in naturally and you will feel a huge relief and reward by accomplishing your challenges, those nagging items that never go away.  Learning to feel comfortable while doing things that are uncomfortable is a huge place for personal growth to living your best. Procrastination only puts your life on hold.

3)  Be open to ask and receive help.  Family, colleagues and friends are always willing to help if they are asked. You do not expect others to do it all or know it all, so give yourself a break, get good at asking for help and see how much more you learn. It is easier to be your best self when you ask for support.

4)  Expect more of yourself!  This doesn’t mean do more, it means condition yourself to come from your inner strengths, your knowing and condition yourself to being your best self.  Instead of reacting with old habits that do not represent who you dream of being, ask yourself how would my highest best self respond in this situation? You will get an answer and then it will be up to you what you do with that.
Have you ever meet with someone and from the time they sat down you felt the negativity or heaviness dripping off of them? They had nothing positive or good to say and you yourself felt like the life had just been drained out of you.  Well, being your best self means you could choose not to get pulled into their pool of negativity, you can choose your energy and way of being.   You can ask yourself how would your highest best self respond to this situation, how would the best of who I am respond, how would that person view this, what action would they take, and how would my highest best self treat the situation?

When we remember that we always have the power of choice to our reactions, we can develop new ways of being with our experiences that can be so much more powerful.

The best of who we are is always available for us to tap into. It is always with us no matter where we are and what we are doing. Every day, every minute is a new opportunity for us to make a choice for something new, to make a different choice.  To be the best of who you are, you have to be aware of your choices and ask yourself to be the best you can be.  We must demand of our self to be our best selves if we want to live as the best of who we are.  Demand this of yourself and then show the world this part of you.  Ask yourself how you will now show up, take action, respond and interact with others.  If you are looking to reach the next level in your life, this is your next best step.  This is the best resolution you can make for yourself to be the best of who you can be every day in every situation and conversation.  Let everyone really get to know the person that is busting to come out.  You fill feel more joy and happiness in your life everyday when you let the best of you show up.
What a great resolution you can make at any moment!

It is important to Love YOUR Life to be happy — if you don’t love your life, do something about it!

Happy New Year!  I hope you take time to celebrate all the greatness you have within you.  I am blessed to have you in my life.  Thank you!



Susan Delano Swim is a Certified High Performance Coach, her goal is to help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence on your way to a successful, healthy and fully charged life. For a complimentary one hour coaching session fill in the application at

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Abraham Hicks – How To Stop Self Sabotage

Abraham Hicks – How To Stop Self Sabotage

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How Great Are Your Relationships?

As humans we are naturally social and crave friendships.  There is nothing better than having others to share your life and experiences with.   Life is more enjoyable when we share it with others and focus on what makes us happy.  Great relationships should only bring out the best in each other!

Some people are difficult to have a relationship with. Sometimes you may tolerate a relationship that makes you feel bad or brings out anger and frustration in you. If this is the case, it may be time to assess whether or not to keep that person in your life.  Sometimes that person is a family member and not that easy to walk away from.  

What you can do is be responsible for the part that you play in the relationship and possibly spend less time with them.  I personally have had a tough relationship experience in my family and although it never made sense and I never understood it, in the end it ended up that the relationship ended.  We can do everything possible from our end to try to improve or ignore the hurt feelings caused by them but in the end, the people that are continually judging you make it too hard to be around them and there is nothing you can do to change it, so you have to make a choice!

You may have friends or you may fall into the negative habit of constantly talking about problems.  Maybe you or your friends play the victim card in life and everyone around you gets to hear all about it on a regular basis and then you wonder why people avoid you or them.  Maybe you or your friends only call because someone needs just one more favor. Are you tired of this type of relationship, you avoid the calls but it just doesnt stop, what can you do especially when it is family?

Lets face it, friendships can be trying but they can also be fantastic.  If you have friends or family that fall into the, oh no its them calling or texting category, and you want them in your life, have a conversation with them and tell them what is really important for you about the friendship and see if you can redesign it.  

Share this article or let them see and feel the change in you.  You cant change anyone that doesnt want to be changed so all you can do is present the information to them and be responsible for your own actions.

If you are looking for ways to have stronger, better relationships there are steps you can take that can help you build happier more joyful experiences in both your personal and professional life.

10 Steps for Happier Joy Filled Experiences

10 steps you can implement immediately:

  1. Focus on what makes you happy! Chances are if what you are talking about makes you happy and brings you joy it will make your friends and family happy as well.  When you focus on problems or negativity it is unsettling and nobody wants to hear it.
  2.  Share more of you! Participate in the relationship, it has to be a 2 way relationship to make it a solid one.  Share what you know, your expertise, your time and make sure you give the space to learn about the other person.
  3.  Learn and Listen! Asking lots of questions shows you are interested in them, you learn valuable information about your friends that will help grow the friendship.  Listening has become something that many multi task through.  How many conversations have you had with someone when they are looking at their computer or their phone instead of you? They only get a portion of what you said, they appear to be totally uninterested in what you are saying and if you question them they tell you they heard everything.  If you want to develop strong relationships show you are interested and respect the relationship by making eye contact and listening attentively.
  4.  Support your friends! Everybody needs support from time to time, be there when times are tough and times are good.  Be there to listen, to support and to inspire.
  5.  Show Appreciation! Show your appreciation for your relationships, speak kindly and let them know what you appreciate about them and how they are important to you.  It is rare today to be told you are a great person and that you are a cherished friend.  Let them know!
  6.  Be Positive! Be mindful of the role you play.  Be positive, be inspiring and be the best version of yourself so that you feel awesome, it might rub off.
  7.  Manage Boundaries! All relationships have boundaries and you know what they are.  If you truly value the relationship don’t push the boundaries.  If you do, be prepared for the down side of doing that. It will probably change the dynamics and you may later regret it.
  8.  Avoid Gossiping! Nothing good comes from gossiping about other people.  Im sure youve heard the saying if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.”  This is so true, gossiping is telling stories about other people over and over again.  We usually do this because we find it entertaining at the cost of someone else.  In the end it looks bad on you not on the person that you are talking about.  Talk about something that is positive and uplifting and you will be remembered as an inspiring person that your friends will want more of.
  9.   Cheer them on / Inspire Them! There is nothing better than having a friend or work colleague cheering you on when you are doing something great or when you have a momentary hesitation.  We all need to be cheered on so be the one to cheer others on, to believe in them and their mission/vision.
  10.    Be Yourself, show your gifts, be happy and bring joy everyday!


It is important to Love YOUR Life to be happy — if you don’t love your life, do something about it!


Susan Delano Swim is a Certified High Performance Coach, her goal is to help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence on your march to a successful, healthy and fully charged life. For a complimentary one hour coaching session fill in the application here:


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Does Your Time Matter? The Ughhh of Procrastination

Does your time matter? Do you respect your own time and live life to its fullest or do you always count on tomorrow to get stuff done?

Procrastination steals your time away from you. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months can slip away and the same things keep showing up that need to be done. Procrastination makes you feel bad, you create negative stories up about what it is that you have to do and all of a sudden the task is consuming you, it has become a heavy weight on your shoulders that you dread. Procrastination affects your happiness and can affect your bottom line, so why do so many do it?

A procrastination habit will rob you of life’s enjoyment. A lot of the time, many of us don’t consider our time to be of any importance when they are procrastinating, after all we will always have tomorrow to do what we need to do.

There are a few things that happen when you continually procrastinate: You feel negativity about yourself; You start to justify not doing it in ways that are probably untrue; It can affect your work, which could in turn affect your financial bottom line or your job; It will affect your relationships; It will affect your health.

Are you procrastinating starting a healthier way of living or do you actually feel the physical stress of procrastination?

–The task never gets done so you don’t move forward to the next great thing in your life;

–You continually silently feel bad and may even feel like a failure.

What has procrastination and feeling overwhelmed cost you so far? It can be a big deal if you don’t learn how to manage it.

If you have had enough and today is the day, there are steps you can take to managing your procrastination. Like everything you do when you are breaking a habit, you have to make time to practice these steps every day to keep your desire for change to keep you on track.

Procrastinating Busting Steps

1. First step is your awareness. You must be aware of your procrastination habits. Do you have projects that continually flow over to the next day? Are you feeling overwhelmed or bad? Be aware of your feelings around procrastination so you can recognize when you are doing this habit.

2. Your daily schedule. I am big on writing a daily priority list. A lot of the time, we feel overwhelmed because we have a lot to do and we try to keep it all straight in our heads.

Depending on your lifestyle, some structure can be very satisfying. Write down what is important for you to do in the different areas of your life. Count work, count home stuff, count your social life.

Three is a very manageable number for me. Everyday, I put three priorities in each area of life on my list to get done that day. Schedule your priorities, including what time you will do them and how long you suspect they will take to complete. It is really important to be realistic about this so that you are setting yourself up for success and not failure. The idea is to start to feel in control and successful getting stuff done.

3. Mind management. Now that you know what you are doing for the day, you will have to manage your thoughts. Negative, procrastinating thoughts are the habit you are kicking. You know what you need to do, you have your priorities for the day. Now, it’s up to you and your thoughts to make it happen.

Having negative thoughts or happy thoughts are a choice. It can be as simple as turning the light switch on to see the light and stop procrastinating by setting yourself and your thoughts up to be what you want or turning the light off to allowing your bad habits to take over and then you feel bad. Don’t make this a bigger deal by saying it is too hard. It is hard to get rid of your bad habits, but it really is as simple as making the decision and managing your thoughts so you can stay on track. Say something as simple as “I can do this! I got this!”

4. Your physical space, your environment. If you work in an office, a studio, at home or in your car, make it support your emotional well-being. Your space must be supportive so that you feel empowered to do what you need to do. Stuff in your space, piles, clutter, coffee cups and garbage you will take your thoughts away from what you have to do; this stuff will rob your concentration. Take the time to create the best creative empowering work space for you to be a high performer. It may not take that much time and the reward for doing this will be your productivity.

5. Daily reflection. It is really important to reflect on your successes every day. Most people don’t do this, so you don’t understand how valuable this is. Take five to 10 minutes at the end of every day to reflect on how great your day was and what you are grateful for. If for some reason one of your items didn’t get done today, reflect on your priorities, this is where you learn did you schedule stuff too tight, did you get derailed by other business, did you stop following your agenda and allow other stuff in. The only purpose here is to learn and grow, there is no beating yourself up, that doesn’t work, it just makes you feel bad. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and every morning write your priority list understanding what will bring the best of you to the world.

These are the beginning baby steps to busting procrastination. Follow these steps to feel more joy and fun in your life, after all that is what we are here for.


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Feeling Fully Alive!

When is the last time that you took a look at yourself and felt great, felt really happy with what you saw and felt, you had no self judgments? Love for yourself if the key to feeling fully alive and being able to fully love others.

For the most part many don’t think about self-love, you just go about your days. You may criticize what you see in the mirror or think criticizing negative thoughts about your self and then never think about the repercussions of having those thoughts. None of us think or recognize the damage it does to our spirit and to our feelings of self-fulfillment and love. Criticizing your physical being as you walk by a mirror is a habit, having negative criticizing thoughts about yourself is a habit and you have become so programmed to doing it that you may not recognize that you are doing it.

The worst part of these habits is while you are saying these things to yourself day and day out, you tear yourself down bit by bit and it makes room for others to do the same to you, you are accepting of it.

It is time to stop being so hard on yourself, things will never improve until you feel the love inside of you, until you give yourself the loving thoughts that you deserve. You will never have a different outcome when you have judgmental thoughts towards yourself and others, that is who you are and what you attract. You will not see anything positive or self-loving till you actually start practicing positive loving thoughts to yourself and others. Negativity and criticizing yourself and others will block your mojo.

Our thoughts are our things, thoughts create our words, words create our actions, actions become our life. Our thoughts are based on our past experiences so to build new experiences or new ways of thinking about yourself you need to look at what you want for yourself and look at where your attention goes.

Feeling love for yourself is initially a practice; it is something that you have to make sure you make time for every day. One of the best things about feeling love for your self is it has nothing to do with anybody else, it has nothing to do with what anybody else thinks about you and it has nothing to do with your physical being or your circumstances. Creating a self-love routine to have self-love from the inside out is only about you and one of the most rewarding practices that you can do for yourself.

I would like to challenge everyone to take on a self-love routine every day for at least 30 days.  If you have a family, it would be great to get your kids and partners to practice self love, what a great gift to teach them how to do this.

What exactly is self-love: being connected with yourself, loving, respecting, trusting and honoring yourself, it is being kind to yourself. Self-love is enjoying your own presence.

Here are some steps to start you on your path to finding self-love, set aside time everyday to practice these steps. Know that the more you practice several of these items on a daily basis the faster you will see and feel the shift within you;

  1. Look in the mirror everyday, don’t look at your physical image, look into your eyes, pause a few seconds and then say something kind, ONLY ever say kind words. For example; I love you and you are amazing, I appreciate you. If negative judgmental words show up, tell them to stop, not now
  1. Write at least 5 things that you are grateful for, for being you. When you do this you look for the good, it is a shift. For example – I am grateful for having this awesome body to carry me around. I am grateful for my eyes. I am grateful for….. Start somewhere and find 5 new things everyday. We all have a lot to be grateful for!
  1. Give compliments to yourself and to others everyday, this will help raise your vibration. For example – I look beautiful today, you look awesome today. Start off with giving at least one compliment to yourself, to every family member and to your work colleagues everyday and then give as many as you can.
  1. Silence for 15 minutes every day. You can call this whatever you want, meditation, silence, me time. This exercise is really important. Our thoughts are like a very busy street intersection. They never stop and are coming at you in many different directions at many different speeds. In order for you to see things that we can not see you need to clear your thoughts, you need to stop thinking and have moments of silence to allow your inner voice to be heard. At first you may find the thoughts don’t stop and have the urge to give this up. I personally experienced this, constant thoughts. After a bit, I noticed that I was having 2 minutes with no thoughts and then the times got longer and longer. At first I noticed a sense of peace that I got from this practice and feeling and knowing that everything would be ok. This is so important. We have to find ways to hear and feel our inner voice, it has important messages for you.
  1. Schedule in something fun that you love to do at least once a week no matter how busy or stressed you are. It is really important to bring some fun back into your life so you can feel that inner aliveness and excitement, it is something to look forward to.
  1. Pause – when life gets crazy pause for just 5 or 10 minutes. Like a time out, stop thinking, breath deeply, stretch for as long as you can. Then regroup and go back to what you have to do. This can be done anywhere when you are feeling stressed out or just need a minute.
  1. Stop all negative, condemning conversations to yourself and about others. These conversations and thoughts will ALWAYS bring you down, they tear away at your spirit. There is nothing good about being negative to and about yourself and others .

Life is too short to always be pushing away what makes you feel good. We get into the habit of pushing our wants and needs away not realizing that it does take away from our personal fulfillment and happiness, it tears down our spirit piece by piece.

At the end of the 30 days, don’t stop, I know you will love it so much that it will just become part of your regular routine. Start this practice today, don’t wait till tomorrow, that maybe a habit to push away, I promise you when you practice this everyday you will notice shifts of peace and happiness with in yourself. If you have a habit of quitting what is important to you, get an accountability partner and ask them to check in with you everyday to remind you of why this is so important.

Self-Love is your ultimate happiness place. When your relationship with yourself is based on love, everything else changes for the better.

It is important to Love YOUR Life to be happy — if you don’t love your life, do something about it!


Susan Delano Swim is a Certified High Performance Coach, her goal is to help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence on your march to a successful, healthy and fully charged life. For a complimentary one hour coaching session fill in the application here 

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Life Performance

lifeI am sure you have heard that life is not a dress rehearsal. We get one shot and we should be living life to it’s fullest; no matter what is going on!   There are so many people walking around not paying attention, living a negative life and feel very justified because of everything that has happened to them. There are others who are just plain angry at life and never have anything good to say no matter who they are talking to.


If you are under 40, you may not have noticed that life moves very quickly. Once I hit 40, it felt like only 2 years had passed and I was all of a sudden 50 and had grandchildren. Once I hit 50, years go even faster, they seem to pass at the speed of a month. Time definitely feels like it is speeding up. My question for you is, is your life the performance that you want, one that you are proud of? The one you dreamed of or are you still waiting to set the stage for your dream life?


Sometimes to make a change you have to draw a line in the sand and decide which side of the line you want to be on, the one you know, where you are today – status quo or the one that you dream of, the one that excites you, the one you still have to figure out. There comes a time when you have to decide now is my time. This is not a selfish thing, it is a life transforming decision that will move you to have the grand life that you are dreaming of or are waiting for.


Don’t let fear of something unknown stop you, this decision is about making small daily changes that you set up and create every day. It’s about conscious living and taking action.


I have some steps that will start you on your way to putting a plan in place for you to live the life that you dream of no matter what stage you are at.


Daily Performance Steps:


  1. Create a morning routine – you will have a better more productive fulfilling day if you take the time to develop a plan each morning. Many wake up, grab their phones, answer texts, emails and start running. This becomes your habit. Set yourself up with a routine that supports what you are looking for.


Drink water, stretch, say positive words to yourself about how great you are, meditate. Once you have done what supports you in the morning, if you work or not, design yourself a daily performance sheet. This sheet should have on it the projects you must get done today with a little room for some details, a space to write down who you need to hear from, who you need to reach out to, a space to right down your 6 priorities for the day (things that must get done today).

At the bottom of the sheet, I have on mine meditate 2 times a day, drink 4L of water, deep breathing up to 6 times a day (takes 30 seconds to do and gives you natural energy), and state my personal positive power statement.


I have short spaces where I check off completing each one so I keep track of what I am actually getting done, no guessing. I print 7 of these off each week, staple them together, and reflect each morning when I am writing it to make sure all the items on the day before where completed. If there is still an item and it is still pertinent it is moved forward. This is a great performance sheet no matter what your life style.


  1. Meditation – I still consider myself to be a newbie at this. I have been practicing for about 8 months now. I am enjoying this time more and more. I just started doing it twice a day about a month ago, it is a great way to wake up and have clear thoughts about your day and the best thing for me to do just before I fall asleep.


Meditating for 15 minutes would be great, if you only have time for 5 then take it and start with that. Sit comfortably with your back straight and just start to follow your breath, if thoughts come, notice them, just release them and go back to watching your breath. Thoughts will come and go a lot when you first start so don’t get discouraged by them and don’t get caught up in them. You can do a guided meditation if you find that easier; there are a lot on YouTube if you choose that path. That is how I started. When you do this mark it off on your daily performance sheet.


Deep Breathing – this is also on my daily performance sheet. Deep breathing is a great way to create energy if you feel tired or unfocused. Stand up, take in 25 short, quick powerful breaths in and out through your nose, at the end take a couple of deep breaths, take a quick walk – if you are in an office just walk around in your space or down the hall. When you come back you will notice you feel uplifted and energized for your next task. Do this regularly throughout the day. Set a timer for anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes. When the alarm goes off  it is time for your 2 minute break to increase your energy and refocus on the tasks at hand.


  1. Personal Positive Power Statement – This is very powerful. Having 3 words that describe the best of you for you to use when you are struggling, or not feeling very positive is very powerful. They remind you of what you are capable of in work situations, parenting, with your partner or anytime you feel any self doubt or are questioning yourself. Find 3 words that best describe the best of who you are, an example would be: Kind, Happy, Smart. Say these words 3 times in a row first thing and last thing in the day, schedule these words to come up on your phone at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30 and 5pm. You can never over state these words.


Once you develop a morning plan with steps to follow throughout the day, you have started. When you follow this plan everyday, filling in this sheet, you will notice productivity enjoyment shifts within you.


This is just the beginning. You will feel you have more control and see where you can do more or do less to have joy every day in your life. After all, we are on this planet to have joy in our life everyday, a life that you can say at the end I have no regrets, I lived a great life, I loved and was loved and I contributed. What I did mattered. That is what is important! So start to bring The Joy everyday!


In my next article, I will give you more steps to implement to increase your Life Performance, this is just the beginning! Remember: make one decision, the one that will shift your life to bring more Joy into your life and then figure out how to bring joy into what ever you are doing every day, this is a choice you make for your ultimate Life Performance!


It is important to Love YOUR Life to be happy — if you don’t love your life, do something about it!






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Is Stress Taking Over

It’s normal to experience fluctuating moods in everyday life. We all face challenges and situations in our work and relationships that have the potential to weigh down on our sense of happiness and well-being.

Having a sick family member, tax season, challenges or shortages at work cause stress that we all have to deal with. Sometimes the stress can persist to chronic levels where it starts interfering with our ability to make smart decisions, handle our daily activities and enjoy our relationships.

Many have convinced themselves that stressful living is normal and that it really doesn’t affect them. I am here to say it does, you just don’t recognize it anymore but I bet if you ask any family member or close friend they will tell you they see a difference in you.

Chronic stress is an exacerbating element for most if not all medical and psychological disorders. You begin to experience sleeping problems, headaches, fatigue, appetite changes, self-destructive feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness, negative self talk, chest tightness or pain and the inability to concentrate or make decisions- among several other symptoms.

We can even alienate ourselves, become dull, moody, irritable and totally miserable and discontented with our lives. Acute levels of stress only pull us from everyone and from reality and drench us in the depths of anxiety and fear of the future, or the dread of the reoccurrence of the past. Unmanaged, uncontrolled chronic everyday stress left unaddressed will affect your health and well-being.

Is all stress bad? No, the other type of stress that is manageable is stressful moments, they come and go and are not constant within you. Stressful moments can motivate you to achieve goals, beat deadlines, and make certain fundamental decisions are made that can transform your life for the better.

Dealing with what causes you stress, can be easier than you think.

Learning to identify stress, the symptoms and feeling you have when you are stressed is the first step. The next step is to quickly remove the feeling of stress so you can better handle whatever it is that you are stressed about.

5 Minute De-Stressors:

Connect with nature – either go outside or look out a window for 5 minutes, stop thinking (this is important), let all thoughts go and just breathe. Once you have done this for at least 5 minutes go back to what you where dealing with, with fresh eyes

Stretch – go in a private room and stretch, stop thinking and breath deep. Once you have done this for 5 minutes, go back to what you where dealing with, with fresh eyes

Positive solution – walk away from the stressful situation, close our eyes for 5 minutes and only think of positive solutions to the situation. Don’t allow any negative thoughts in. Once 5 minutes is complete, go back to situation with a more positive outlook and see what shows up.

Stay Present – When you are present in the moment you deal with what is in front of you.   You are not bringing in past stories or situations which are stressful. Don’t have criticizing thoughts of others, just stay present and see how the moment shifts.

Now that you have some 5 minutes de-stressing tools to work with, the next step is to:

Set your day up right and set limits: Have a daily routine that gives you the moments you need to prioritize your day. When you wake up meditate or just do some deep breathing, stretch, drink water. Once you are awake write down the 3 most important tasks you must do today in order for you to feel you have had a successful day. Schedule in your 3 tasks with time frames. Delegate other tasks where possible.

Build a strong support system: Reach out to your work colleagues, close family and friends and share your burden. They are there to support you when you ask for the support.

Stay healthy: Cut down on caffeine, drink water, have breathing moments and exercise regularly. Physical activity can be highly therapeutic. When you feel you have some control over this you will feel less stressed.

Enhance your sleep quality: Quality sleep is imperative. It relaxes your body and recharges your energy. Work on getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day. It is also really important to go to sleep with positive thoughts, not a to do list or stress list or what ever list or thoughts you may have that are not positive. If you have difficulty falling asleep, listen to some guided meditation recordings, they will relax you, open your thoughts and encourage your to breath deeply. You can find a great assortment on you tube.

Strive for optimism: Let go of negativism, it is stressing you out! Learn to see problems as opportunities; once you open your thoughts and look for a better way, your life will be less stressful. Don’t criticize others, it creates negativity within you and never feels good.

Seek help: If you continue to feel overwhelmed, seek a complimentary discovery session with me. I can help you to develop strategies to manage your stress effectively and make behavioural changes to help improve your overall health.

Also, don’t keep these tips to yourself – share them! Forward this blog to them! On top of that, use the Social Media icons below to automatically tweet it to your Twitter account or post it to your Facebook wall.    If you can think of a friend or colleague that could benefit from our life expanding tips, please share them.  The more happier people in the world the happier we will all be,  or something like that but not that.I would love to hear from you, Please connect with me at



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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentines Day is when we express our love for our partners, family members and friends.  Chocolates, cinnamon hearts, romantic dinners and flowers are in abundance. As much as this is wonderful to experience and feel I would like to challenge you to create a self-love routine where you can feel the most rewarding feeling possible.

For many, when you look in the mirror all you do is criticize and say negative nasty things to yourself, such as; look at this fat, I am disgusting, I don’t love me so how could anybody else, I don’t deserve anything good, my life sucks, I will never ……. and as long as you have these terrible thoughts you are right, you will never have those things, you will create this to be your reality.

I would love to see a shift in you to find some self-love, some self-compassion so that life becomes easier on you. When you do this you increase your personal vibration that you yourself will feel and love and others will notice.

I would like to challenge you to take on a self-love routine every day for at least 30 days. Most of us are great at showing our love to others but rarely do we show or accept self-love.

You may think if you are hard on yourself you will eventually improve the area that you are criticizing. The opposite is actually what happens. When you think negative thoughts all you will see is negativity, you won’t see anything positive or self loving till you actually do something different, until you start setting a time and practicing it every day. Negativity and self-criticism will block your mojo!

Our thoughts are our things, thoughts create our words, words create our actions, actions become our life. Most of our thoughts are based on our past experiences so to build new experiences or new ways of thinking about ourselves. We need to look at what we want for ourselves and look at where our attention goes.

What exactly is self-love: being connected with yourself, it is being kind to yourself and others, only saying positive words to yourself and others, slowing down long enough to know what you are craving and honoring that.

Here are some steps to start you on your path to finding self-love, set aside time everyday to practice at least one of these items and know the more you practice several of these items on a daily basis the faster you will see and feel the shift within you;

  1. Look in the mirror everyday, don’t look at your physical image, look into your eyes, pause a few seconds and then say something kind, ONLY ever say kind words. For example; I love you and you are amazing and awesome. If negative judgmental words show up, tell them to stop, not now
  1. Write at least 3 things that you are grateful for, for being you. For example – I am grateful for having this awesome body to carry me around. I am grateful for all my wrinkles and lines (it means I am still here), I am grateful for my generous spirit.
  1. Schedule in something fun to do at least once a week no matter how busy or stressed you are. It is really important to bring some fun back into your life so you can feel that inner excitement
  1. Give compliments to yourself and to others everyday, this will help raise your vibration. For example – I look beautiful today
  1. Stop all negative, condemning conversations to yourself and about others. These conversations and thoughts will ALWAYS bring you down, they tear away at your spirit. There is nothing good about being negative to and about yourself and others
  1. Do something or bring something beautiful into your day. If it makes you smile and feel great bring it into your world as much as possible. For example: flowers, fresh cut flowers in your room. If you are on a budget one flower is as beautiful as a bunch.
  1. Take the time out for some ME time. What ever you like to do for yourself, make sure you do it. For example: if you love bubble baths, enjoy one and not a quick shower.

Life is too short to always be pushing away what makes you feel good. We get into the habit of pushing our wants and needs away not realizing that it does take away from our personal fulfillment and happiness, it tears down our soul piece by piece.

For 30 days make sure you create space for the all so important practice of Self-Love. It would be great to make this a family event and to include as many of your friends and colleagues to join this practice.

At the end of the 30 days, don’t stop. I know you will love it so much that it will just become part of your regular routine. You can start this practice no matter what your circumstances are, I promise you when you practice this everyday you will notice shifts of happiness within yourself. If you have a habit of quitting what is important to you, get an accountability partner and ask them to check in with you everyday.

Self-Love is your ultimate happiness place!


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Celebrating 2014

Celebrate 2014! Celebrate all the ups and downs as being exactly what they were supposed to be to get you where you are today. Now it’s time to embrace 2015 with clarity and excitement so you can develop your happiness life goals that really excite you.

Now that a fresh year is around the corner, it’s the most ideal time to reflect back on all the happenings of 2014, set new goals and make action plans to achieve those goals. Celebrating 2014 is really important because it will cultivate a success energy that will attract more good things in the New Year.

All too often we forget to celebrate the good things in our lives, we spend too much thinking about the things that didn’t work out well and we get stuck in that negative story.

By celebrating all your ups and downs you’ll be able to train your subconscious to be aware and open to success and abundance. You’ll also give your subconscious and conscious mind proof of your progress, which will build your self-esteem, confidence and belief in your abilities.

What to include in your reflection:
Embrace the good and bad– Reflect on both the good things that happened and the things that weren’t, and embrace each occurrence as a crucial part of your success story.
Things you learned –Reflect on all significant experiences and the things you’ve learned from; people you met, books you have read, trainings, and other valuable materials you’ve acquired. Look for gratitude in each learning curve.
• Celebrate all successes large and small- Don’t dismiss small wins. They are stepping stones to larger successes then look for how you are grateful for all your experiences

It is empowering to look back at the things that didn’t work out as planned, to make sure you didn’t miss all the learning opportunities that are hidden in your experiences. It is also important to acknowledge all the things you have accomplished in the past year.

To often we do not acknowledge our successes and just move on to the next challenge.
Seeing how far you have come will give you greater self-confidence and will inspire you so you can make it through any challenge you are likely to face in 2015.

When you have finished reflecting on 2014 and celebrating everything that happened, start looking at your plan of action for the 2015.

I have written in my past blogs about my Happiness Life Plan Program starting in January. This is a fantastic program to get you started on the right path to start planning for all the goals that you desire achieving.

Remember last year setting your goals for 2014. Did you accomplish everything that you wanted? If you did, congratulations! That is awesome, be proud of yourself. If you didn’t, look at where you dropped the ball and set this year up to be different so that you don’t drop the ball again this year.

I strongly believe that this is the year for change, for all of us to embrace and exercise our happiness muscle.

Think about where you want to be at the end of 2015. I am a firm believer, that if you are serious about change, are serious about wanting to achieve your goals for 2015, you need to put a plan in place, join my program to learn how to set goals so that you are successful at achieving them.

Learn how to have the right thoughts and know the steps you must take to be successful at goal setting. The Happiness Life Plan is the program for you, lets do this together!

Prepare yourself for a prosperous year and who know’s what will happen.

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New Years Resolution Count Down

Well it is that time of year that we start to think about the changes that we desire for the up and coming New Year. It is such an exciting time of year, it can be a time to start over or to start with a fresh new outlook.

There are many reasons for this: 

– everybody is talking about setting New Year goals, its one of the most broadcasted time of year to set a new goal

–   you are feeling unfocused and know you were meant to do more

–   you love setting personal growth goals to see what you can do when you put your mind to it

–   you feel if you set a goal that you will be inspired to work towards achieving it.


We dream about the changes based on our wants and desires, the one problem that I have seen with this, is not many people put in a lot of time or effort in figuring out a plan so that they are successful at accomplishing it. For many, we think wishing for something different is enough, unfortunately the wish isn’t enough to motivate us to work towards our goal.

Whatever your goals are – losing weight, getting a promotion at your job, changing your career, or spending more time with your family – no matter what it is, if you have a wish for it, take the steps to figure out how to accomplish it, know what motivates you, be accountable to implementing the steps then you will be successful and feel empowered by your success.

One of the first steps to being successful at goal setting is you must be clear on exactly what you want, why you want it and then know what will motivate you to stay on track when life gets in the way.

Being successful at achieving your goals will be inspire you to set more with confidence.

We desire change to become happier! We think that happiness is a destination, happiness actually happens while we work towards our goals and we see and feel the progress that we are making as we do the work. Goals give us a sense of progress, if we don’t feel like we are progressing in life then we won’t be happy.

Pursuing your future goals / transformations are your Life Happiness Plan.   It is never too late to go for your dreams, join me to feel Zelatiously Alive while you develop your Life Happiness Plan.

If you are thinking you are not ready to work towards your Life Happiness Plan, ask yourself, Exactly when will I be ready to work towards my Happiness? If the answer is not now, ask yourself what is holding you back from being happy and why not now?

I would love for you to be part of my group, there is nothing better than to be working with a group that will support you and hold you accountable. Accountability to stay the course is a huge part of your success

As always, to your success and happiness, I hope to see you in the Zelatious Living Program.

To your happiness,


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Tis the Season DE-Stressing Tips

Tis the Season DE-Stressing Tips

Tis the season and it is almost impossible to evade the pressure that comes from the fuss of gift-giving, marketing blitzes, parties and activities galore which can deprive us of the cheer, which is the true essence of the holidays. However, the great thing about holiday stress is that it’s predictable, we know it’s coming.

Like anything, if we want to improve a certain area in our life or deal with something differently than before we can make plans to reduce the amount of stress we experience and the negative impact it has on us. It is funny how we can predict that being stressed if part of the season, we know it is going to happen, we know it because every year like clock work does happens but we never do anything different to prepare for it and every year we wish and hope for a different outcome.

Well, this is your year to stop reacting to the stress of it all and develop a plan, have some direction for what you want to happen. Take control to have the outcome that you are looking wishing for.

Here are a few ways to manage the stress of the season:

  1. Set expectations

Have an open conversation with your kids on what to expect in regards to gifts and holiday activities. If money is an issue, be forthright about it and let them know there is a budget. The money you spend on them does not dictate their happiness nor should it dictate yours. For many years, I made my family gifts, at first I needed to but now I do it because I love to. It brings out my creative side that I love. My children are now following this same tradition with eachother and I love seeing how creative they can be.

  1. Set Priorities

Ask yourself what is the most important message you want your family to receive and remember from this season. Meet with them and ask them what family traditions they love the most and what new ones they would like to create. Develop your family memories that will be with you year after year. Be creative and watch your family bond and laugh. PS – put technology away during these times.

Once you have decided what is really important for you and your family get rid of superfluous activities. The last step is to put all your plans on paper and schedule realistically to make sure these things happen.

  1. Keep things in perspective

Avoid blowing events/situations out of proportion. Spend wisely, take your budget on as a positive challenge not as burden or negative experience that you can’t afford to give the big gift, that is all in your mind.

Be positive and be present to enjoy it all. View the holidays as a time to reconnect with people, love and laugh. Schedule your plans so you know exactly what is ahead, you know what has to happen and by when.

  1. Accept help

You’d be surprised how much relief you will feel from accepting help and support from those who care about you. If you have multiply functions to attend on the same day or you just can’t stretch yourself anymore, ask for help.  Your family that love and care about you are waiting for you to ask.

  1. Take care of yourself

Be mindful. Pay attention to your own needs, feelings and body vibrations during the holiday season. Switch gears, pause and take a 5 minute breather when you feel the stress accelerating. If you find the season becoming overwhelming, prioritize what you have to do, only engage in activities that you and your family love.  Remember to go outdoors and enjoy the seasonal activities with your family. The brisk air is always refreshing and promotes healthy living for you and your kids.

Turn all technology off during your family times together so you are really present with them and they will see just how important the really are to you.

Contact me now by requesting your complimentary strategy session to tell me about where you are on your journey to the living a Balanced Life and if you’re not there, how I can help you get there NOW.

To your success,






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How self judgements are stories

Self judgements are stories we make up and how they hold us back.

”A story is the relationship that you develop between who you are, or who you potentially are, and the infinite world,” -Shekhar Kapur-

In essence, everything you think about yourself is true, until it’s not.

Our lives are made up of stories, and the most compelling stories are the ones we tell ourselves, about ourselves. If you tell yourself you’ll never succeed; You’re not good at anything; You’re always late; You’re can’t lose weight. Etc, then that becomes true based on the sheer fact that everything you do, say and think affirms it. The stories we tell about our lives generate experiences: how we feel, what we think, and the possibilities and obstacles we see for ourselves.

Our self-judging stories keep us from living up to our true potential. They limit us and shape our fears and dreams. The more you repeat your negative story, the more powerful its impact on your emotions and behavior.

Most of us are not even aware of the stories we’ve created for ourselves subconsciously. This is even more detrimental because we get caught up in a web of our own spinning.

The good news is that you can always rewrite your story. We are not just products of circumstances or passive receptors of forces, we can also make decisions and act intentionally to our benefit.

The first step in rewriting your life story is to become aware of the story you’re telling yourself now.

Once you’ve become conscious of the story, you can begin to rewrite it.  In your new story, showcase your strengths, and the things that make you feel good about yourself. Write about how you’re now overcoming obstacles, and actively shaping the life of your dreams. Fill it with joy, triumphs, and a happy ending.

We become the stories that we tell ourselves. Transform your life by rewriting your story today. As this may sound hard to do, there are tools and support that would assist you in transforming your thoughts to be the thoughts that you want to have.

Book your strategy session today to learn more about how I may be able to help you rewrite your story!

To your success,


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Baby Steps Count

Don’t want to wait for happiness anymore, baby steps count

Most of us have a picture perfect life we envision in our minds of true happiness- perhaps, when we get that dream job, that perfect mate, or that lavish house. We end up stuck in that anticipatory nick of time between where we are, and where we want to go. While there’s nothing wrong with being full of ambition, it’s utterly depriving to be in the present, yet lost in the future.

It doesn’t have to be like that though. You can learn how to truly enjoy what you have and where you are in life, as you stride towards your aspirations.

Happiness is a choice- a decision to want, love, and cherish who, and what you have in your life every single day. A few baby steps can revitalize and remodel you feel and outlook on life.

Steps to authentic happiness

  1. Do more activities that truly engage and inspire you.

At home and at work, seek out for experiences that give you pleasure, a sense of purpose and well-being. Whether it’s writing, drawing or meditating-whatever makes you feel inspirited and in tune with your inner self.

  1. Savor little life’s joys.

Cherish and appreciate those little things and moments in life that warm up your heart.

  1. Learn to forgive.

Let go of anger and resentment toward the people who have hurt or wronged you. It’s extremely liberating.

  1. Practice acts of kindness.

Do good things for others—friends or strangers. Kind people are always happy individuals.

  1. Nurture relationships.

Invest time and energy in healing and strengthening the relationships in your life. Sometimes a little effort goes a long way with people.

  1. Cultivate optimism.

Choose and practice looking at the bright side of every situation.

  1. Develop coping strategies,

Find healthy ways to deal with stress, hardship, or trauma.

  1. Count your blessings.

Express gratitude on every fortunate instance you have. A gratitude journal can a useful reminder.

  1. Strengthen your spiritual connections.

Religious and spiritual people are happier. They are more mindful and easily connect their higher selves.

10. Pursue your goals.

Achieving goals makes us feel happier and proud of ourselves. Devote time and effort to realizing each one of them.

11. Smile and laugh generously.

If you are struggling, stressed out, finding life difficult, and overwhelmed and just don’t know where to turn or who to turn to I’d like to help. Contact me for a complimentary strategy session.  Click here and book a time to talk with me.  I promise to give you valuable information and  see if we are a good fit to see how I can help you move forward.

To your success,


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Is stress stealing your happiness?

Is chronic stress stealing your happiness?

It’s normal to experience fluctuating moods in everyday life. We all face challenges and situations in our work and relationships that have the potential to weigh down on our sense of happiness and well-being. Sometimes the stress can persist to chronic levels where it starts interfering with our ability to handle our daily activities and enjoying our relationships.

Chronic stress is an exacerbating element for most if not all medical and psychological disorders. You begin to experience sleeping problems, headaches, fatigue, appetite changes, self-destructive feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness and the inability to concentrate or make decisions- among other symptoms.

We can even alienate ourselves, become dull, moody, irritable and totally miserable and discontented with our lives. Acute levels of stress only pull us from reality and drench us in the depths of anxiety and fear of the future, or the dread of the reoccurrence of the past.

On the other hand some manageable stress can be a good thing. It can motivate us to achieve goals, beat deadlines, and make certain fundamental decisions that can transform our lives for the better.

How to deal with chronic Stress

Once you’ve identified the symptoms and feel yourself losing grip of all the good in your life, make the following adjustments to get yourself back on track.

Prioritize and Set limits.

Having too many commitments can easily make you feel helpless and overwhelmed; you can only do so much in a given time frame. Identify the 3 most important tasks you feel are absolutely essential for that day along with the time it will take to complete each one. Delegate other tasks where possible.

Build a strong support system.

Reach out to your close family and friends and share your burden. They are there to support you when you ask for the support.

Stay healthy

Cut down on caffeine and exercise regularly. Physical activity can be highly therapeutic.

Enhance your sleep quality.

Quality sleep is imperative. It relaxes your body, stabilizes your hormones and recharges your energy. Sleep at least 7 hours a day.

Strive for optimism

Learn to see problems as opportunities and manage your negative thoughts. Set more realistic expectations and reframe the way you look at stressful situations.

Seek help

If you continue to feel overwhelmed, schedule a complimentary discovery session with me. I can help you to develop strategies to manage your stress effectively and make behavioural changes to help improve your overall health.

To your success,



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Gifts to being kind to yourself – how is that reflected in your life

Gifts to being kind to yourself – how is that reflected in your life

Most of us have trouble being kind to ourselves. We judge ourselves harshly when we fail, and when we happen to do something great, it just never seems to be good enough. Being kind to yourself is a learnt habit. The benefits are multi-fold and reflect on all the areas of our lives.

Benefits of self-kindness:

  1. Better Relationships

You’ll experience flourishing relationships when you treat yourself kindly. A study conducted by the University of Texas revealed that partners of self-compassionate people described them as being more emotionally connected, accepting, and supportive. When you give more to yourself, then you have more to offer others. People who practice self-compassion, experience greater well-being and are usually more inclined to show concern and kindness to others.

  1. Better Health

Self-criticism can lead to generalized hostility, anxiety and depression, because when you’re frustrated with yourself, a stress hormone known as Cortisol is released from your brain; it clouds your mood and gives you an unsettling feeling. Self-critics also have lower energy levels; researchers have found, and engage in self-destructive behaviors like extreme procrastination.

  1. Self-acceptance and confidence

Being kind to ourselves allows us to accept ourselves as we really are. We lose that urgent need to reprimand ourselves for our flaws and shortcomings. This self-awareness makes us confident, giving no room for trivial insecurities in our lives and our relationships.

  1. Motivation

Being kind to yourself inspires high levels of motivation to achieve your goals, more so with the recognition that you may not always reach them and giving yourself room for failure. This height of motivated allows you to learn and grow with less concern for performance goals, the desire to gratify self-esteem and social approval.

 How to be kind to yourself

  1. Be your best friend when you stumble
  2. When you look in the mirror look at your heart and don’t criticise your physical package
  3. Schedule in the things that make you happy every week
  4. Only say kind things to yourself, if you wouldn’t say it outloud to your friends don’t say it to yourself
  5. Start a personal gratitude journal, every day write one thing down that you love about yourself

If you are interested in a program on how you can increase your personal self-kindness click here to learn more about The Balanced Life Formula.

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Life Seems To Be Passing By Quickly

Life seems to be passing by quickly, tips for enjoying the present moment, the “now”

Life can easily slip by when we are caught up in creating a better future, and even worse, when we are stuck in the past. Living in the present is the only way to enjoy life to the fullest because the past and the future are simply illusions. Real life is here and now.

Here are some tips for enjoying the “now”

  1. Be grateful

Appreciate the little things in your life, like the friends who are always there, the spouse you always wake up next to, the feel of the sun on your skin, that kind waitress who serves you coffee, or just the simple fact that you’re breathing. Maintaining a gratitude journal can also help in reminding you of all the things you should be grateful for.

  1. Smile more and laugh harder

Don’t be too engrossed in building a brighter future that you let little cheerful moments pass you by. It can be quite inspiriting to smile to a stranger, and very satisfying to laugh heartily at a goofy joke.

  1. Be mindful

The art of mindfulness will help you to become aware of the present. Meditate and heighten your awareness of different sensations and experiences as you carry out your everyday activities.

  1. Forgive

Choose to let go of past hurts, for yourself, if not for your transgressor. Harboring bitter emotions is self-destructive. Liberate yourself and move on.

  1. Stop worrying

Do the best you can today and trust that the future will be brighter. Don’t miss life’s precious moments by wasting your energy on uncertainties.

  1. Love your job

We spend most of our lives at work so if you hate your job, then it will mar your entire outlook on life. If your job is making you miserable then you should consider changing it or find some things that you appreciate about it.

If you struggle with any of the above,  The Balanced Life Formula may be the solution for you. To learn more click here!

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Why Is It Important To Follow Your Dreams?

Why Is It Important To Follow Your Dreams?

“There are many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts being broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream–whatever that dream might be.”

–Pearl S. Buck

Most people are constantly in an inner battle on whether to follow their dreams, or just to go through the motions of life for the sole purpose of functionality. Following one’s dream always seems to be a little unconventional if not entirely and an adverse risk, thereby requiring a certain level of courage that most do not have.

So before you give up your dreams, consider the following reasons:

  1. You have a special purpose

You are a one of kind person endowed with unique gifts to play a specific role in this world. You alone have the personality, the flair, the intelligence, the prowess and the skill to carry out a definitive task to make a difference in the world. Life can easily lose meaning if you are only living for yourself.

  1. Fulfillment.

Your 9-5 job may be able to satisfy your material needs, but nothing is more fulfilling like doing something that you absolutely love. It gives you a sense of purpose, it also makes you feel whole and connects you to your spiritual center.

  1. You owe it to yourself and the people you love

Your own happiness should be the top priority in your life. It may sound selfish, but the truth is that then when you’re happy and excited about life, it is emulated around your world. Your loved ones would also love to see you content and accomplishing your goals.

  1. It will mold your character

Following your dreams makes you brave, confident and resilient. It builds up your faith and gives you the patience, the heart and the motivation to face anything in life. It also makes you appreciate all the struggles and failures you’ve had to go through in life to get to where you are.

  1. Because you can

Following your dreams is only a decision away and you can get right to it if you give up all the excuses, fears and doubts that linger in your mind. You are the only person standing in the way of your dreams so make the choice and start living!

To your dreams,




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If You Can’t Say No, Re-negotiate!

If you have trouble saying no, learn to re-negotiate the deal to something that works better for you

In some occasions during our interpersonal interactions with others, we may feel obligated to agree to something that does not necessarily favor us. For some of us, saying “no” may seem crude, and we have a deep-seated inclination to be helpful and to make everybody happy, often times in our own expense.

Using strategic approaches, it may be possible to have what we wanted in the first place.

Here are a few steps to successful renegotiations:

  1. Identify what your needs

Find out what aspects of the situation that can work for you, and essentially the ones that are unfavorable, and what can be changed in your favor. Consider if your needs are as important or if they are rather dispensable.

  1. Think about the broader context

What are the layers or levels that lie underneath the commitment? Think about what is truly required of you from an objective perspective before agreeing to anything.

  1. Try and Understand Other’s Perspectives

It can be easier to renegotiate and find an amicable solution when you understand what is important to the other party -their goals, aspirations and worries – in relation to the situation so that you are able to connect with their intentions and respect them.

  1. Generate Options.

If you can’t say no, and if you don’t want to disappoint others, come up with a range of alternatives that will be mutually beneficial for both parties.

  1. Make a proposition

Express what you want to do, or what you need the other party to do in regard to the situation. Ask for what you would like from the situation boldly.

  1. Confirm conditions

Ensure that your role is defined to avoid any future hurdles

  1. Be content

Make peace with yourself after agreeing on a viable solution that works for both of you. Also appreciate yourself for coming up with a creative solution, and the other party for accommodating your needs.

Learning to renegotiate in order to feel more balance and peace, while also creating win-win situations is one way to create a more joy filled living experience. If you are interested in learning about The Balanced Life Formula, our virtual training sharing proven steps to de-stress, create balance and find peace click here!

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How The Outdoors Rejuvenates Your Soul

Don’t forget to go outdoors!

How the outdoors rejuvenates your soul.

With the busy schedules and commitments that we bear every single day, and the heavy cloud of technology that engulfs us, a minute outdoors may be hard to come by. But nothing is more refreshing and rejuvenating to the soul than some uninterrupted quiet moments with nature.

Why the outdoors is great for you:

  1. Offers an escape

The outdoors will offer you the safest escape from your fast life. It will inspire you to alienate your thoughts from your worries and to switch off your phone and computer as you get lost and marvel at the beauty of nature. Your soul is given a tranquil recess from all the buzzing and frenzy of life.

  1. Clears your mind

When you’re outdoors, all your senses are optimized when you breathe the fresh air, see the scenic landscapes, when you hear the sweet sound of birds singing, and you feel the sun and grass or sand on your skin. Your brain is stimulated and rewards you by releasing therapeutic hormones that make you feel freed and re-energized.

  1. Allows for reflection

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s almost impossible to have a truly quite moment to think about your life. Connecting with nature allows you to quiet down your thoughts and have a clear perspective on things. It also allows you to pause and think about all the wonderful things in your life which can often be overlooked.

  1. Gets you in touch with your inner elements

Nature has a mysterious effect of awakening our spirits and our true selves. In those precious moments, you are able to connect with your purpose and to become aware of your role in the universe.

  1. Fosters Mindfulness

When you’re in tune to nature’s aura then you develop a natural inclination to become mindful. You become aware of the present moment; you pay more attention to your breathing and focus on bodily sensations. You also become conscious of your soul’s intention to interact with something larger than itself by sensing and acknowledging the grandeur and glory of nature.

Incorporating mindfulness in everyday activities enables us to handle the challenges we face and to enjoy and cherish every minute of our lives.

The Balanced Life Formula has been designed to help you add mindfulness into your life. To get your membership click here!

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Create Positive Practices for Yourself and Your Family

Create Positive Practices for Yourself and Your Family

Creating a positive culture is imperative for the health and well-being of your family and for yourself. This involves engaging in specific and deliberate practices that leads us to an active state where our minds are in connection to our bodies and we become aware and open to the present; this is known as mindfulness. Cultivating mindfulness is the key to overcoming suffering and discovering natural wisdom.

Mindful Practices:

  1. Mindfulness of Your Breathing

With the busy and stressful nature of our lifestyles, learning to slow down and taking a breather is critical to good health. This basic mindfulness exercise will help you learn how to relax and be more aware of the present. Just breathe in slowly and deeply, push your belly forward, hold for 2 counts and then release with ease by pulling your belly back to your spine. Doing this simple exercise will slow down your heart rate and relax your muscles.

  1. Mindfulness of Thoughts

Our thoughts control our lives and we have the choice to use them wisely or against us. Thoughts have the power to affect our emotions, which as a result impart our behaviours. Teach your family the importance of positive thoughts and their role in creating your own happiness and satisfaction.

  1. Mindfulness of Emotions

Practicing mindfulness of emotions is beneficial in dealing with intense and unpleasant emotions. Meditation is a powerful means to centre on our emotions and to learn how to control them.

  1. Mindfulness in Eating

This is an exercise that makes us aware of the food we eat and its impact to our bodies and our health. It helps us deal with food cravings, addictive eating, binge eating and emotional eating.

Incorporating mindfulness in everyday activities enables us to handle the challenges we face and to enjoy and cherish every minute of our lives. The Balanced Life Formula has been designed to help you add mindfulness into your life. To get your membership click here!

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5 Tips To Be A Happier You

5 tips to be a happier you

Happiness is not a myth, it’s a simple choice. It doesn’t take much to have a sunny disposition; a few adjustments in your attitude and actions will make for a happy and healthier you.

Here are 5 useful tips to be a happier you:

1. Be Positive
Optimism will open your eyes to see the good in life, to anticipate for good things and to remain hopeful despite of anything that maybe tuff about life. Choose to trade your negative thoughts for good ones and you’ll experience a whole new wonderful world of possibilities.
2. Be kind to yourself
Drop the self-criticism, self-pity and self-judgement; they easily turn you into your own worst enemy. Choose to love everything about yourself including your imperfections. And when you make mistakes, don’t beat up yourself for it; learn and move on. Also, invest in the best things for yourself; healthy foods, proper clothing and continue to learn and grow.
Pay yourself compliments as well, most of us rarely do. You will feel instantly happier when you look yourself in the mirror and say something good like “You’re amazing! Or You are beautiful” Make this a daily habit.
3. Let loose
Don’t take life too seriously, laugh hard, goof around and smile generously. It takes the edge off life and keeps you glowing.
4. Practise gratitude
We easily sulk when we forget to be thankful for the gifts that life has given us. An attitude of gratitude will help you appreciate everything you have and enjoy the present moments.
5. Do what makes you happy
There are a couple of things that always lighten up your spirits and leave you feeling energized and fulfilled. Whether it’s reading books, playing an instrument or a sport or sitting by the ocean do it as often as you possibly can; it’s a remedy for soul.

To get access to our free e-book on taking back control of your life click here!

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Importance Of Creating A ‘Me’ Space

Importance of creating a ‘me’ space

With heaps of responsibilities and careers to keep running, ‘me’ space almost seems like an illusion to most of us and to some, an overdue aspiration. We get entangled in the motions of life, juggling endless to-do lists, trying to keep everything and everyone around us together and sadly end up forgetting our very selves. The result is dire; chronic stress. Neglecting yourself will take a heavy toll on your emotional and mental health and eventually impart on your physical status as well.

Why you need to create some ‘me space’

  1. Un-winding

Finally when you get some ‘me space’ you can put your guard down and let loose. It can be surprisingly therapeutic not to have anybody around to talk to or to impress.

  1. Inner Renewal

Our daily hassles are consistently depleting our energy. Spending some time alone will allow you to ‘recharge your batteries’ and give you the room to find some inspiration and strength to go on.

  1. Self-realization

‘Me space’ will give you the opportunity to find out what your needs are. Uninterrupted personal time will help you have some self-reflection to understand where you are in your life journey and the goals you have for the future. You can freely be able to make objectives decisions about your life without external input.

  1. Self-improvement

It’s quite obvious that you can’t be able to cater for your loved ones effectively when stressed and irritable. When you are re-energized and in high spirits then you can spread that good cheer to everyone around you, but if you’re struggling and always exhausted then your world will look just the same.


How to find some ‘me’ space time

Schedule it, just like any other aspect of your life, give it the priority it deserves and do not compromise it.


What to do in your ‘me space’

Your solo time should be totally unrestricted. Do anything that makes you feel relaxed and offloaded. Write, read a book, listen to some music, knit, paint, go to the spa, reflect, dream, anything that you love to do. Enjoy your rightful self-moments!

To gain strategies on living a balanced life with practices you can do daily in your ‘me’ space click here to learn about The Balanced Life Formula.




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5 Tips to a Fun and Stress Free Summer

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year and for good reasons. With kids being out of school and the weather superbly stunning, we are inspired to have an unforgettable fun time with our family and friends.

5 Tips to a Fun and Stress Free Summer

Then suddenly comes the pressure to do as much as we possibly can in that short span of time; travel, play, barbeques, parties etc. We tend to focus all our energy on putting together the perfect vacation and sadly end up not enjoying most of it.

A staggering study by SleepRate revealed that almost 35% of Americans find themselves stressed out during summer more than any other time of the year.

It’s a daunting challenge to enjoy a stress free summer but a few useful tips can make all the difference:

1. Be decisive
A lot of time is wasted on pursuit of random ideas which often results in frustration and dead ends. Carefully analyze your options taking in to account the kind of experience you are going for and the cost. Settle on the best and stick to it.
2. Plan
After setting on the activities you desire to undertake then get a pen and paper and scribble down all your plans. A checklist will avert any forgetfulness and possible confusion.
3. Prepare
Get all the necessary items relevant to your chosen activities beforehand. Avoid the summer rush; last minute shopping can cause unnecessary stress.
4. Go easy on yourself
If you forget something or if a couple of plans don’t quite work out then don’t give in to a melt-down. Just take a breather, its part of the holiday fun anyway. Remember, there isn’t much adventure in perfection.

5. Appreciate everything
Sometimes we forget the gift that the holidays bring; friends and family. If we don’t let this fact slip our minds then we can easily keep away the stress and concentrate on enjoying the precious company of our loved ones.

To learn more about living how you can live a balanced life click here!

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Importance Of Developing A Positive Mindset

Positive Thinking

A lot of books and religions emphasize on the need to think positively in order to attract the best outcomes in life. Some people call it the ‘law of attraction’ and others call it ‘faith’. Regardless of what you choose to view it as, a powerfully positive mindset is paramount to optimal living and positive outcomes in our lives.

It is easy to think negative thoughts and make bad affirmations about certain areas of our lives such as ‘I hate my job’, ‘I am tired of this relationship’, ‘I am completely alone’, etc. but at the end of the day, these thoughts and words contribute more to tearing you down mentally, physically and emotionally.

What most people don’t know is that the truth of life revolves around developing a postive mindset that leads to positive thinking and doing it with the right attitude. Successful people reach their set goals and targets by thinking positively, with much energy and enthusiasm generated both in the mind and in the body.  If we want to achieve our goals by practicing positive thinking, changing the way we think is simply a matter of changing a habit and this can be done in less time than you might think.

The importance of changing your mindset is a value that must be constantly practiced in order to stay motivated, to focus positively on the task at hand, and to achieve the success that you have always wanted.

Positive thinking alone will raise your energy to higher levels and inspire you to reach for higher ground. Changing the way you think to a more positive mode will enhance your ability to cope in all situations. It unlocks the beauty in everything and calms and expands the human mind and spirit.

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Local mom discovers passion for life-coaching

Fifteen years ago, Susan Delano Swim wasn’t feeling inspired about her life. The Bedford mother of four had worked various jobs, but was struggling to find a career she really enjoyed.

“I knew I liked helping people and thought about going back to school to become a psychologist, but that wasn’t an avenue I could take while raising four children,” says Swim. “I started looking into the coaching industry, and it just seemed like a natural fit for me — although at the time, nobody knew what a life coach was. It was very new.”

Swim traveled to Toronto and California to be trained and certified as a Balanced Life Strategist. She also went on to complete an advanced relationship-building program, because she enjoyed working with clients to help them improve their work and family relationships. Her business — Zelatious Lifestyle Strategies — was born.

Today, Swim has clients from across Canada and the U.S., and does most of her coaching over the phone. She typically meets local clients in person at their home for a couple of hours to get to know them and to understand the changes that they are looking for so they can have the best outcome possible. Once this is completed, they connect over the phone — up to an hour a week for eight weeks, or half an hour a week for 16 weeks.

Swim says her clients are often surprised by how much ground can be covered in just a half-hour session, and she also provides them with “homework” to be completed between sessions.

“A large part of their learning is starting to observe their own lives and see how they’re helping themselves or hurting — sabotaging themselves,” says Swim. “Once you have the tools to learn how to observe who and how you are in your own life — which is a new practice — you can understand it on a different level.”

People have come to Swim because of a relationship in trouble, a career transition, or because their children have grown up and moved out.

“I work with a lot of women who feel completely lost once they become an empty-nester,” says Swim. “They feel like there’s nothing out there for them, and they don’t know where to turn.”

Swim believes everyone has the answer within themselves, but they often don’t see it because of “all of the garbage on top.” She says we can be so programmed to what we think we want — or what we should want — that we ignore our deep intuition, and ignore the signals our body sends us. This causes a heaviness and stress inside your chest, and many of her clients have thanked her for helping them “to breathe again.”

“Most people today are living with huge amount of stress and anxiety, and they think it’s a part of life — to be in the trenches now, and have rainbows and happiness when they’re older,” says Swim. “That’s the reason why I developed a virtual program — so I can reach as many of them as possible, and let them know they can be happy right now.”

Halifax-based supervisor Barb (who did not want her last name used) turned to Swim’s coaching during a recent period of depression.

“My chest hurt all of the time and it was becoming more difficult to cope even with the little things in life,” recalls Barb. “I knew I needed some sort of help, but didn’t know where to turn.”

A friend referred Barb to Swim, and she went on to successfully complete 16 weeks of coaching sessions. The sessions helped her to understand her feelings, determine what she needed to do, and make a plan to move forward.

“I am not only coping with life now, I am looking forward to it,” says Barb. “I have new skills that can help me cope with anything that comes my way.”

Swim says once our personality adopts to having stress and anxiety in our lives all of the time, we convince ourselves that this is normal way of being and can remain stuck in that mode until we make the shift to get out of it.

“Life does not have to be as hard as we make it. Some stress comes and goes, but it’s how we react to stress that makes us anxious,” says Swim. “Life is meant to have meaning and passion and happiness. If you don’t have all of these things, you have to question what you’re doing.”

“Change your story, change your outcome, and live life fully!”

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Re-Evaluating Your Habits


Many of us have habits that we really need to take a hard look at to make sure the habit is helping us attain our various life goals.

I know from personal experience that one of the most difficult aspects of improving certain areas of life such as time management, finance management and relationship management is identifying those habits. As they are habits, we often do them without even being aware that we are doing them. Altering them can be tough, but actually realizing they are a habit can be even more difficult.

One habit that cuts across several spheres of life is ‘laziness’. It may be easy to fall prey to the habit of being complacent or lazy when faced with the same repetitive tasks but continued lack of effort is sure to stifle success. As Einstein once said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you’re continuing to be lazy by not returning calls or procrastinating on those emails while expecting to be a huge success, you will likely become frustrated in whatever endeavour you are pursuing.

Another common habit is ‘Over Spending’. Financial indiscipline and negligence is a common challenge faced by people all over the world and can result in a lot of stress and inconvenience. Many people go shopping or spend money when they feel bad or when they want to feel good rather than when they need the item they are buying. This is otherwise known as emotional spending where the person uses his spending habits to regulate his mood. The best way to control your emotional spending is to not look for saving tips but instead you must learn how to control your emotions so that they don’t force you to over spend.

The list of bad habits one could easily imbibe is countless but in summary, constant self-vigilance is necessary to re-evaluating habits. This means watching yourself for slip-ups, and reminding yourself why you want to re-evaluate the habit in the first place.

If you are interested in beginning the process to changing your habits click here to learn how!

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The Importance Of Spending Time Outdoors

Summer has arrived and the great outdoors beckons. Succumb to it and you’ll enjoy the physical and mental health benefits.


Here are good reasons to get outdoors:

  • Your vitamin D levels rise. Sunlight hitting the skin begins a process that leads to the creation and activation of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps fight certain conditions, from osteoporosis and cancer to depression and heart attacks. Remember that excessive exposure to sunlight also has its down side.
  •  Secondly, spending time outdoors ensures that you’ll get more exercise. If you make getting outside a goal, that should mean less time in front of the television and computer and more time walking and doing other things that put the body in constant motion.
  • Thirdly, you’ll be happier. Light has a tendency to greatly improve people’s mood, and there’s usually more light available outside than in. Physical activity has been shown to help people relax and cheer up, so if being outside replaces inactive pursuits with active ones, it might also mean more smiles.
  • Also, spending time outdoors proves to make a drastic improvement to concentration levels. It has been observed in a number of studies that children with ADHD seem to focus better after being outdoors. It might be a stretch to say that applies to adults, but if you have trouble concentrating, outdoor activity may help.
  • Finally, spending time outdoors helps us heal faster. In one study, people recovering from spinal surgery experienced less pain and stress and took fewer pain medications when they were exposed to natural light. An older study showed that the view out the window (trees vs. a brick wall) helped recovery in the hospital.

So here is the cue you need; take up a hobby and enjoy the warm sunshine by cycling, taking a walk in the park or city center and breathe in summer’s fresh air. Enjoy life and be healthier for it.

To your success,




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The pitfalls of procrastination

The pitfalls of procrastination

To procrastinate is to put forward work which you ought to do now for later. It is a habit that anybody can easily fall into. Slowly it can grow into an addiction that slowly eats away at any potential for development in your personal life and your career.

Many people give random excuses for putting work that ought to be completed in the present at far ends of the back burner for completion at a later time such as; having no time, no motivation, or simply not knowing how to carry out a given task. Whatever reason you choose cannot be justified enough.

The only best known tool to beat procrastination is Time management. 

The Pitfall of Procrastination
These general tips will help motivate you to get moving:

  • Make up your own rewards. For example, promise yourself a special treat if you’ve completed a certain task and soon you will realize how good it feels to finish things!


  • Ask someone else to check up on you. Peer pressure works! This is the principle behind slimming and other self-help groups, and it is widely recognized as a highly effective approach to help stop bad habits.


  • If you’re putting off starting a project because you find it overwhelming, you need to take a different approach. Here are some tips:


  • Break the project into a set of smaller, more manageable tasks. You may find it helpful to create an action plan. Start with some quick, small tasks if you can, even if these aren’t the logical first actions. You’ll feel that you’re achieving things, and so perhaps the whole project won’t be so overwhelming after all

Finally, it is important to know that in order to have a good chance of conquering procrastination, you need to spot straight away that you’re doing it. Then, you need to identify why you’re procrastinating and taken appropriate steps to overcome the block.


To learn more on stopping procrastination click here for our free e-book- 5 Keys To Taking Back Control Of Your Life. 


To your success,


Susan Delano Swim

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A Personal Experience With Meditating

For over a year now, I have attempted meditating myself and have read several articles and have participated in several different group type settings.

As the teachers began to explain to us the basics of meditation and it’s role in self realization my misconceptions where cleared beyond all reasonable doubt.

I learned that meditation is not a quick fix to our problems (most often drastically blown beyond proportion by our negative thoughts and energies) but that t we develop a collective consciousness that not only helps us calm our mind so we can see ourselves, see our own problems and also see our inner light.

Many misconceptions of meditation include the fact that it is hard or that it takes a lot of time.  I feel what is important about meditation is that you let go of all you preconceived ideas that are stopping you from trying it, don’t make up any stories about it and learn the value of spending some time with your thoughts, with your silence so you can slow down enough so you can embrace your thoughts, and find some clarity.

What misconceptions of meditation  do you have? Perhaps if you share we can talk about it.

To learn more about The Balanced Life Formula where I share my personal guided meditation along with tools and tips to de-stress and find peace, click here!

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim

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“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

Norman Vincent Peale


Some call it self-assurance; others call it boldness or self-confidence- at the end of the day it is a mental ornament that is much required to carry on with life successfully. There are many reasons one must be confident in themselves which include the fact that a lack of belief in one’s capabilities is a sure guaranty for utter failure. As the saying goes, “the most beautiful woman is the one who believes that is beautiful”.

How we think of ourselves can be quite easily perceived by others. If you do not respect and believe in yourself, how can you expect that of others? Imagine a musician performing on stage who hates the songs he plays and yawns at every possible break to show tiredness and boredom- off course his audience will also lose interest in the whole affair. So, if you want to be listened to and respected as well as love you must respect, listen to and love yourself first.

The secret to loving yourself lies in self-care. Every human being demands good exercise and food is paramount to looking and feeling good which consequently is a magnet for good company usually consisting of similar people.

Confident people aren’t resistant to negative self-talk, but they also acknowledge and value their strengths.

What can you do to build confidence in yourself? Learn to value your own opinion and recognize that it must not be validated to be proven correct. After all, many successes where introduced by rejection.

Finally, learn to identify your best qualities as a person and put yourself in the position to flaunt them to the benefit of others as well as yourself.

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim

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Many times work can take its toll on you leading to bad health and eventual loss on many levels. The fundamental need arises to find a balance between earning a living, caring for yourself and family without doing so at the detriment of your health and well-being.

When such a balance is achieved the results are phenomenal. There is a sudden increase in clarity of your physical and mental vision; you tend to feel more job satisfaction, there grows a stronger drive and ambition within you to pursue your goals and dreams and you tend to be happier thus being a much better company for your friends and family.

In order to strike a reasonable work balance, here are the things you need to consider doing;

•Work towards goals that you value highly

•Time management is key. Ensure that you can account for how you use your time.

•Draw a sharp line between work and your personal life. Try as hard as possible not to take your work home with you.

•You must learn to persevere and build an optimistic attitude.

•To not drive your body to a state of stress and burn out. This only makes you less productive in the long run.

•You must try to do the best you can in looking after yourself, eat well, sleep well and set aside a little time to exercise or pursue an activity that makes you happy and relaxes your mind and body.

•Take advantage of the support system that friends and family bring—learn to delegate; we all need a little help sometimes

•Smile and make a conscious effort to enjoy your work as much as your play.

In preserving your self-confidence and positive attitude you will build the power to change the most challenging situations without getting stressed. Click here to get started on creating your balanced life!

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim

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The Role Of Mindset In Success

The role of Mindset in Success

Does the mind select what is right or wrong; beautiful or ugly; profitable or not? Why is the thought of eating certain foods disgusting? Is it in our nature as human beings to be good but then become corrupt by society? Do parents socialize their children? Does creativity spring from the unconscious?

All these are questions if asked let alone answered go a long way to proving the unwavering power of the human mind.

If you have experienced the relief that follows taking aspirin for a headache; this is called the placebo effect where your mind knows you have taken the pill so your body feels better. You will understand that our bodies respond to what our minds expect of them. I believe this metaphorically applies to life and success.

Many times we fantasize so much about future success that we lose the right energy to remain motivated for the tasks at hand. Apparently getting a mental taste of the future reduces the drive to achieve it.

On the other hand, the human mind is so powerful it can work on its own. Findings show that most ground breaking ideas are developed by an individual and not in a brainstorm group session. Stop talking and start doing. When you need a bigger team then select them and allow them send you reports of their brainstorm sessions while you attend to more pressing matters.

The human mind also tends to process that the big things such as graduation , marriage or childbirth are more worthy of celebration. But as life sets in we realize that it is the little things that matter and success could simply be the joy of having family who love and care for you.

The human mind does affirm that however relative success is, it can be achieved once we believe.

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim




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“What do you fear, lady?” [Aragorn] asked. 

“A cage,” [Éowyn] said. “To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.”

 J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

Everyone is afraid of something. It could be death, rejection, failure, losing your job, getting bankrupt, water, heights or creepy crawlies among other things. Some people are even afraid of success. Fear is a reaction triggered by the need to defend ourselves from anything that threatens our mental or physical safety and can make us do the extreme. In cases of extreme reaction to this emotion people go into a state of phobia.

Very often fear is closely related to anxiety. Even the bravest people get crippled by panic and anxiety. But to come out strong we all must learn to stand up to and face the qualms that plague our thoughts and lives.

So what can you do when fear cripples you?

First of all, BREATHE because breathing is the only thing you can do when fear pays a visit. According to Julliane Locke of the Elephant journal, “What we need to do is call it by its rightful name—bullshit. Fear = Bullshit.” Right! So much more easier said than done but nonetheless, if you really know how much fear chokes your creativity and productivity then you would never be reading this article.

Whatever it is you are afraid of, face it, If it is an immediately life threatening situation that brings about it then accept the obvious outcome and strategise on how to make the emerging consequence work best for you regardless of the package it comes in.

Fear should not be a deterrent in your life. Allow it to be an extra motivation that ensures you succeed, take care of yourself and the people you love.

To your success,

Susan Delano Swim 


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The Golden Keys to Happiness

Many of us have everything we need- a great job, some semblance of love and good family in our lives yet there is emptiness and aching sadness we cannot ignore. We simply are not happy.

In the pursuit of happiness we start to indulge in not-so-healthy company and habits like alcohol, cigarettes and other kinds of drugs but at the end of the day the unhappiness is not only far from curbed and we double our health risks by all the bad habits our bodies are left to shoulder the consequences of.

The basic question of what true happiness really is has been asked all over the world for centuries. In this quest the three golden keys to happiness are proved to be:

  1. Strength and Optimism– This comes by refusing to allow bad situations and sadness creep into your thoughts and build a negative aura of doubt and pessimism that can ultimately ruin your life. The magic that comes with this key is found in identifying the silver linings in life. In order words, seek out the positive outlook to every situation and your optimism will attract good luck and happiness your way.
  2. Hard work– A busy mind and hands promise productivity at the end of the day and, the satisfaction from realizing the results of one’s hard work can be very soothing. Quit lying around and begin a project that is not only of benefit to you but to others around you, start a business, get a job, anything to get your hands and minds positively busy and feel the goodness from the wages and good results you earn at the end of the day.
  3. Silence– as they say is ‘Golden’. Many times our unhappiness is a product of our not knowing when to not speak or silence even our thoughts and emotions.

Get up now and unlock your door to eternal happiness.

Need help unlocking your eternal happiness? Learn more about The Balanced Life Formula by clicking here!

To your success,

Susan Delano Swim


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How To Relax and Still Get Work Done

How to relax and still get work done


Very few people can get much work done when they are stressed and worked up about any given situation. The non-rocket science trick in high paced and tense work environments is to ‘calm down’, which is very much easier said than done.

Telling someone to ‘calm down’ when they are angry or under pressure could be a trigger to feeling angrier or stressed out. The challenge therefore lies in knowing what to do when we are caught feeling in a similar mood.

The chances are if you can help yourself, you will be able to help others deal with these tough emotions.

There are a few tips to handling stress at work which include:

  1. The Lava Lamp– Studies have shown that a lava lamp has a soothing influence. Plug one in at your office, and turn it on when you feel your heart beat rate skyrocketing.
  2. Start a kudos file. Notes that praise your efforts in getting jobs well done, thank-you notes, and complimentary memos can lift your mood when your job causes tension and anxiety.
  3. Play ‘footsie’– Hoard foot rollers on the floor (and out of sight so others don’t think you are creepy) by your desk, so that you can give your feet a relaxing massage while you work.
  4. Stress balls and pads- Believe it or not, stress balls and pads are a great source of relief for tense moments. The ones with chimes are good for those who need auditory stimulation. And the ones with colours that alter or flicker are a great distraction as well.

The most important thing to remember in beating stress to helping you relax is ‘laughter’. Find ways to entertain yourself- it could be funny videos, comic strips, anything. Laugh away to a more relaxed existence.

To learn more about how you can create a balanced life click here to learn more about The Balanced Life Formula and the benefits it can bring you.

To your success,



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Goal Setting For Guaranteed Success.

Goal setting for a Guaranteed Success. 


Goal setting is a mental training practice that can be used to surge an individual’s commitment towards achieving a special goal. Having a short or long-term goal can inspire an individual to work harder, to be more focused on the task and to overcome obstacles more easily.

If you want to thrive, you need to set goals. Without goals you lack motivation and direction. Goal setting not only allows you to take complete ownership of your life’s direction; it also delivers you a yardstick for determining whether you are actually succeeding.

However, to achieve your goals, you need to know how to set them.

But ‘Goal Setting’ must be approached with the mindset that it is not as perfect as laid out to be by the millions of motivational speakers and writers over the years.

Goals must be set intentionally. If you choose too many goals because you’re in a whirlwind, sloppy mess on your couch and don’t know what you really want, you’ll set yourself up for misfortune.

The prevalent goals are sometimes the worst but if you are really badass you will reach every single one of them.

Great goals, the ones you’ve always fantasized about, need keenness, hard work, duty, blood, sweat, tears…. If you’re someone who reacts well to these necessities, you’ll arrive there someday.

day dreaming

To make the best decisions towards goal setting, you must identify the value from which your goods or services emanate. If in the past you have set goals and failed to meet them then the first step is to take full responsibility and set goals towards fixing what it is that needs fining.

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim

Susan Delano Swim

PS: Do you need tools to de-stress, create balance and find peace? Click here to learn more about The Balanced Life Formula.

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Is Fear Such A Terrible Thing?

Is Fear Such A Terrible Thing?

Many of us view fear as a terrible thing and rightfully so because it inhibits daily progress and causes doubt of self, others and present circumstances.

But if you take a second to think about it, you realize that every time you escaped trouble by a close shave, you are grateful that you ran or withdrew at the time and with the speed you did. Something told you to ‘run’ or ‘hide’ or ‘fight back’- all depending on the situation. That thing that made you act in your defence or run for safety is called ‘Fear’.

Fear is a ‘pointer’ `(an indicator). It guides messages to the brain that trigger decision-making, whether logical or not. It is a simple human function that we cannot live without. It safeguards us and is readily available at a moment’s notice.

There is far less bodily threat of death in our lives today than used to be the case.

Still, the coordination in our old brains still calls up the “flight or fight” response to things that have little relationship to “life or death.” A job crisis can paralyze someone even though there are more choices, avenues, and tools available today then ever before in history. Relationship confrontation becomes paralyzing, even when it’s survivable. Fear has become an enormous reaction to the hitches and selections in our lives. The fear center is all lit up and hell-bent on keeping us from risk!

Fear is such a powerful emotion that can be very easily used to your advantage.

The trick is to adjust your opinion of what may happen by assigning positives to even the worst outcome.

For example, Quitting your job to start a business and facing a financial struggle results in you finally being rid of a job you hated and gives you an intense motivation to succeed as a business owner.

Always learn to find the positive outcome or twist to a very bad situation and the fear will go away.

Fear and Confidence

Have you been looking for a solution to help you find the positive outcome? The Balanced Life Formula may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Learn more here!

To your confidence,


Susan Delano Swim


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An easy prescription for self love

The expression ‘self-love’ is tossed around quite carelessly today in daily conversation and is most often confused with narcissism but, to fully understand the concept of self-love you must first come to terms with what it is not.

Self love is not something you can buy in a beauty make over or a new designer collection wardrobe. Neither is it a quality one can easily derive from motivational quotes and inspirational garbage being tossed all over the internet these days. It is also certain that you cannot love others enough until you love yourself and are comfortable in your own company.

Self love is full appreciation of one’s self enough to enjoy being alone without need for company of others while having a healthy balance in social interaction where you do not completely cut yourself from friends and family.

Sadly, a lot of people do not feel good about who they are and often throw shade on their appearances and capabilities for reasons of physical flaws or/and social deficiencies.

This situation that many find themselves however is not hopeless and there are easy remedies to build your self esteem, embrace these flaws and deficiencies and begin to fully appreciate who you are and what you have to offer as an individual. Hence, here is your easy prescription for self love;

– Take care of yourself everyday for the rest of your life. Good food and daily exercise will boost your morale and keep you in the right frame of mind for whatever you have to face in your work and personal relationships.

– Protect yourself. Beware of fake friends (people who hang around you only for what they can get and turn away when the going gets tough). You must surround yourself with the right people who love and respect you for exactly who you are.

– Live with purpose and design. You will accept and love yourself more, whatever is happening in your life, when you live intentionally.

– Learn to forgive yourself. A lot of times we tend to be too hard on ourselves for mistakes we make in learning and growing. Do not forget that there is no such thing as a complete failure.

– Remain focused on what you need rather than what you want. You love yourself when you can turn away from something that feels good and exciting to what you need to stay strong, centered, and moving forward in your life, instead.

It is hoped that in not overdosing on this prescription or abandoning it along the line you find the self love that you need to live a winning life.

To your success,

Susan Delano Swim

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There are people who want to achieve, who do not care about winning and those who eventually do end up successful.

If you are the type to set goals and do nothing about them then you have found the right blog to read. Setting goals are easy but when the challenges come pouring in are you strong enough to fight back to win?

Setting goals helps you opt for the exact direction you wish to take in life. By knowing exactly what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts. You’ll also swiftly spot the distractions that can so easily lead you astray. Hence comes the need for strength to battle such distractions and move forward ever.

By setting intelligent, clearly defined goals, you can gauge and take pride in the achievement of those goals as you see forward progress in what might previously have seemed a long pointless grind. You will also raise your self-confidence

This is the most important reason why you must follow through with the goals you set until they come to life. The feeling of completion and accomplishment gained from this.

If you have set goals and are having a hard time following through with keeping them here is what you can do;

  • Be precise: Set precise goals, putting in dates, times and amounts so that you can measure achievement. If you do this, you’ll know exactly when you have achieved the goal, and can take complete satisfaction from having achieved it.
  • Establish your order of preferences: Learn to set the right priority.
  • Always write your goals down
  • Set realistic goals- Do not make blind wishes or false promises to yourself. While you dream, try to do so within the boundaries of your reasonably stretched capabilities.
  • Finally, when you’ve achieved a goal, take the time to enjoy the satisfaction of having done so. Absorb the implications of the goal achievement, and observe the progress that you’ve made towards other goals.

To your success,

Susan Delano Swim

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Everybody has stress in their lives. Even super heroes deal with pressure on a daily basis. Stress and tension indeed are basic elements of life but, what makes these common evils weigh differently from one individual to another is what we make of it.

According to BBC Science, Stress is the body’s reaction to pressure. Stress makes you sick and tired leaving you looking less than your best. In this condition you certainly cannot be productive enough to yourself and other people. So, what can we do to make sure we keep it at bay yet ensuring that in doing so we are not piling on some more tension on our mind, bodies and the people around us?

One simple solution is FUN.




The benefits of having fun are countless but I will name a few;

  1. Fun helps you build a positive attitude: Having habitual fun in your life can help you feel less snowed under by the stressors you face. It can also help you change your outlook toward the elements in your lifestyle that cause you stress so that you’re less reactive to tension when you experience it.
  2. The ‘Best Medicine’: Laughter has many health benefits that go with it, so the more laughter you have in your life, the better your health will be.
  3. Stronger Relationships: Couples who take on in fresh, innovative activities together and have regular fun together tend to enjoy a closer bond than they otherwise would if they fell into a rut. And believe it or not, a healthy relationship can be a great source of stress relief in your life.

Fun ways of managing stress in your life include touching, kissing, hugging, eating chocolate, great sex, watching YouTube (or anything that makes you laugh), gardening, and even embracing the clutter and mess in your life and surroundings (because it mustn’t be so perfect and tidy all the time).

After 15 years of research and coaching I developed THE BALANCED LIFE FORMULA. This program will teach you how turn your stress full life into one of balance, self-love and peace.It comes with five audio-recorded sessions and worksheets enclosed with tasks that will lead you to conditioning yourself towards a stress free existence. Yes, it will cost you a little but nothing more than actual stress costs you every day you have to deal with it.

Imagine how easily your day would flow if you weren’t constantly putting out fires in some department of your life. Imagine how great you’d feel comfortably sliding into your bed that night knowing that you had regained control of the outcome of your feelings and had had the best day in a long, long time?

If you want to experience it for your self-do what I did. Then you may feel free to thank me later.

To your balanced life,


Susan Delano Swim

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Susan Delano Swim Appeared As A Guest On The International Radio Show With Claudia Cooley

Click play below to hear the interview:

Susan Delano Swim, the balance lifestyle expert, founded The Zelatious Living Programs after retiring from a successful sales and marketing career for some of the leading Fortune 100 companies.

After applying the strategies and principles she now teaches, Susan found the courage to leave the safety net of working in the corporate grind to step out into the realm of retail sales where she owned and operated a high-end children’s retail clothing store in Canada. Soon Susan found herself working her own grind as the “lone ranger”, running two successful family businesses, raising her four daughters, in addition to volunteering and running Dress For Success workshops across Canada. Susan started to see she was enslaving herself to a life of imbalance that ultimately took it’s toll on her own well being as well as that of her family’s.  Something had to change and she quickly learned it had to start with herself.

Susan quickly pivoted, extracting her strong interpersonal skills she had honed as a top sales and marketing director to launching a career in coaching and advising women as a Balanced Life Strategist. Susan teaches from first-hand knowledge.  She helps women to find their voice, rise up and avoid the pitfalls she has experienced herself all too well. She advises a broad list of clients both at home and internationally teaching real, practical applications so women can begin to think, speak and live more authentic, fulfilling and productive lives.

Because Susan is able to laugh and learn from her own self, she is able to guide women to take a heartfelt look at themselves in such a way that cultivates honest self awareness and positive long-lasting change.


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Susan Delano Swim Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress For New Book, “Answering The Call”

Susan Delano Swim Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress For New Book, “Answering The Call”

Susan Delano Swim, the balanced lifestyle expert, will team with CelebrityPress, a leading book publishing company, and several leading experts from various industries to release the book, “Answering The Call.”

Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada – February 6, 2014 – Susan Delano Swim, founder of The Zelatious Living Programs, has joined Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion,” along with other leading experts from around the world to co-write the forthcoming book titled, Answering The Call: Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal How They Said Yes to Success and You Can Too! Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., the leading agents to Celebrity Experts® worldwide, recently signed a publishing deal with each of these authors to contribute their expertise to the book, which will be released under their CelebrityPress™ imprint.

Susan Delano Swim

Susan Delano Swim

Susan Delano Swim, The Balanced Life Strategist, founded The Zelatious Living Program after retiring from a successful sales and marketing career for some of the leading Fortune 100 companies. After applying the strategies and principles she now teaches, Susan found the courage to leave the safety net of working in the corporate grind to step out into the realm of retail sales where she owned and operated a high-end children’s retail clothing store in Canada. Soon Susan found herself working her own grind as the “lone ranger”, running two successful family businesses, raising her four daughters, in addition to volunteering and running Dress For Success workshops across Canada.

Susan started to see she was enslaving herself to a life of imbalance that ultimately took it’s toll on her own well being as well as that of her family’s. Something had to change and she quickly learned it had to start with herself.

Susan quickly pivoted, extracting her strong interpersonal skills she had honed as a top sales and marketing director to launching a career in coaching and advising women as a Balanced Life Strategist. Susan teaches from first-hand knowledge. She helps women to find their voice, rise up and avoid the pitfalls she has experienced herself all too well. She advises a broad list of clients both at home and internationally teaching real, practical applications so women can begin to think, speak and live more authentic, fulfilling and productive lives. Because Susan is able to laugh and learn from her own self, she is able to guide women to take a heartfelt look at themselves in such a way that cultivates honest self awareness and positive long-lasting change.

CelebrityPress™ describes the book:

Our Celebrity Experts® in Answering The Call come from totally different places. Their experiences are as varied as their passions, but they are all passionate about their subject. Their experiences have given them the success they currently enjoy, notwithstanding the obstacles they overcame, to achieve their goals.

You may have noted in life that your mindset colors your thinking and your actions. In order to change direction in life to achieve your goals, you may need to realign your mindset. At the very least, by learning from a mentor’s experiences, you will save valuable time and effort. The CelebrityExperts® in this book can guide you by their analysis, experience and action – in what to do or not to do – in Answering The Call that to which you are responding.

The royalties from this project will be given to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes. The book is scheduled for release in the summer of 2014.

Click here to get Susan’s free guide – 5 keys to Taking Back Control of Your Life!

For more information and to connect with Susan go to:

About Celebrity Press™:

Celebrity Press™ is a business book publisher that publishes books from thought leaders around the world. Celebrity Press™ specializes in helping its authors grow their businesses through book publishing. Celebrity Press™ has published books alongside Brian Tracy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Ron Legrand, Mari Smith, Kelly O’Neil, Alexis Martin Neely and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields.

Matt Collins
Dicks and Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency®

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Don’t Let The Fear Of Striking Out Hold You Back


There are so many great people who have accomplished more than they could have ever have imagined because they broke through their fear. Their fear of the unknown.

What will be my consequences? What if I fail? But what could be worse than never trying?That to me would be the biggest loss of all.

Can you imagine if Babe Ruth never stepped up to bat because he second guessed his ability? What if Oprah Winfrey withdrew from her offer to host a talk show? I know, these seem like far out examples but we’re all people. We’re all born into this world with fears, hopes and dreams. But some fears need to be shattered, just like Babe Ruth’s record.

That being said, some folks seem to have a slight upper hand, and others have their challenges.

They say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

I believe in that, but it does seem like a certain few are like Eeyore with that dreaded cloud that shields them from the sun with its constant threat of rain. Others can step into a bucket of paint and come out like Picasso.

Some may be lucky, others destined, who knows. Bottom line is, we can break the spell, shatter that batting record and always remember that the sun will shine again.

Some of us just have to find ways to manage our thoughts differently. You can learn how to manage your thoughts so that you can embrace your fears so you too can be Picasso as well. There is nothing like having or feeling your heart pounding as you take a deep breath and start to walk towards your fears instead of running away from them.

sassy glass susan


I recently attended the Sassy Mastermind Retreat in Tucson, Arizona. We were challenged with our own goals, an “Intention to Ignite” for 2014. This goal was set at the end of a bed of glass. We learned to let go of the fear of walking through the glass to reach our goal, our intention to ignite. I stayed focused but felt very tense, after just the first step I realized this was in fact not scary at all. It was both challenging and exhilarating at the same time and I noticed my fears where gone. Suddenly those shards of glass went from the fear of pain to constant reminders and reaffirmation of my inner strength. The message was strong and clearer than ever before, we are capable of doing anything we set our mind to do.

What if you never step out of your comfort zone? You could be letting endless opportunities of walking on glass just pass you by and you’ll never get that exhilarating fear where you feel alive and proud of yourself. Don’t be afraid to live your life, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and above all, do not be afraid to fail – it means you are growing and living.
If you would like to talk to me about how I can help you walk over glass through your fears, please send me an email for a private session to find out how we can work together. Giving up on yourself should not be optional.

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” – Glenda, The Good Witch, The Wizard of Oz

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Visionary Goal Designing

Creating exciting visionary goals for your future is worth the time and effort that it takes.

Visionary Goal Design

You can create what you want to have in your life if you can see it and then plan for it.  Visionary goal writing is a step that leads you in the direction towards fulfilling your dreams.

One of the first steps to creating visionary goals is to think positively. Think about what you want to bring into your life. Think about all your dreams and everything that you are putting off till a later date.

Start by clearing your mind of all negative thoughts and judgments, you want to do this exercise with an open mind and think about all your possibilities.

Get comfortable, close your eyes, relax and take a few breaths. Once you feel calmness in your mind and body, visualize yourself twenty years from now.

Take a minute and get a clear picture of yourself. 

Where are you?  What are you doing?  What does your hair look like?  What are your facial expressions?  What are you wearing?  Who are you with?  What is your financial situation?  What do you see?  Now look a little deeper, what more can you see?  What is exciting about what you are seeing and feeling?

Take a few more deep breaths and when you are ready, write down what you saw and how you felt.


Write down any goals that have come up for you during this exercise, think about all of your possibilities and anything that has excited you.

Part of goal writing is to make sure we are on a path to the future that we are dreaming of.

Did you know that writing down your goals will increase your rate of success by over 50 percent!

As you start thinking about your future and working towards your goals, more goals will show up, add and adjust all new goals to your goals chart.

To understand the meaning of your goals, ask yourself why you want them.

Think of as many positive reasons as you can for achieving each your goals. Visualize and dream how your life will be different when your goals become reality.

Do your goals excite you and scare you at the same time?

Having big enough goals that you are not sure how you are going to achieve, means you are on the right track to personal fulfillment.

Having a good understanding of why your goals are important to you will keep you motivated to do your very best to stay on track working towards your goals.

Write your visionary goals with your long-term vision in mind.  Don’t worry at this point if you don’t know how you will accomplish it. What is important is that you start planning your future.

Starting with your twenty year vision that you keep dreaming about or you say one day I will have that or I will do that.  Write down everything.

The next step is to work start with the end in mind, what needs to happen in what order in order for this to come true.  Work backyards in chunks and state what needs to happen in what year, I have chunked things in 5 years goals but do whatever works for you. Knowing your 20 year goal, and in order for this to happen, what will need to be in place 15 years from now, take this information and write your fifteen-year goals. Repeat this process to figure out what your goals need to be in ten years, 5 years or whatever year markers you need.

Now break it down to have an annual goal, so what needs to happen in 4th year, 3rd year, 2 years from now, working this until you get to your current year. This will show you what steps you have to take each year towards getting all that you dream of.  It is important to always have goal strategies for your current year and the ones that follow.

Now that you are working in your current year goal setting, crunch your goals down into steps by the month showing what needs to be accomplished each month for you to move forward.

Each month your goals will help you feel movement towards your big picture.  Now your current month, write goals that you need to accomplish each week and then break it down to what needs to happen each day.

This will show you what needs to happen every day while keeping your 20-year vision in mind. You may not have action steps to take everyday but keep in mind if you don’t take consistent action towards your goals they many never happen.

Creating a vision board is a very powerful tool, include pictures, phrases, empowering thoughts of everything you want in your life.  Looking at this tool everyday will empower you with out you realizing it.

Remember if we don’t plan for what we dream about, days and years go by and nothing changes.

Be your change! Work towards your goals and as you get close keep expanding your goals so that you are always growing and excited about your life.

Use the Visionary Goal Outline here to start as you begin your visionary goal planning.

To Your Success,


Susan Delano Swim

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Visionary Goal Outline

Now that you have taken the time to do the exercise outlined in my Visionary Goal Designing post use the guide below to help create your outline:

Use the guide below to start as you begin your visionary goal planning:

20 years from now, I want to have/to____________________________________

15 years from now, I need to __________________________________________

10 years from now, I need to __________________________________________

5 years from now, I need to ___________________________________________

4 years from now, I need to ___________________________________________

3 years from now, I need to ___________________________________________

2 years from now, I need to ___________________________________________

1 year from now, I need to ____________________________________________

11 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

10 months from now, I need to ________________________________________

9 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

8 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

7 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

6 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

5 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

4 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

3 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

2 months from now, I need to _________________________________________

1 month from now, I need to __________________________________________

3 weeks from now, I need to __________________________________________

2 weeks from now, I need to __________________________________________

1 week from now, I need to ___________________________________________

6 days from now, I need to ___________________________________________

5 days from now, I need to ___________________________________________

4 days from now, I need to ___________________________________________

3 days from now, I need to ___________________________________________

2 days I need to___________________________________________________

1 day, I need to ___________________________________________________

Today, I need to ___________________________________________________

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim

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Visionary Goal Setting VS New Years Resolutions

visionary goal designing

With the New Year just around the corner a lot of us are starting to think about our New Years Resolutions.

We dream, get excited and gear up to start on January 1st.  January 1st comes and we don’t want to start our resolutions because we are still celebrating. The 2nd comes and well we missed the first day of the New Year so we make up an excuse to stall another day.

What is wrong with new year resolutions? Nothing if you plan for them! Unfortunately, we usually fail to plan. We have a resolution/goal but we failed to think of the action steps we need to take to reach that goal.

Or we set such unrealistic New Years Resolutions that there is no way we can be successful. We are setting ourselves up for failure!

It is great that you have the thought that there are areas in your life that you would like to change.  Treat your New Years Resolutions as a goal and create visionary goals for yourself.

I am sure you have heard of setting your goals and you have heard of vision boards? They are both great tools by them self.

Putting the two of them together is a powerful process that you will become much more likely to follow through with.

Visionary Goal Designing combines embracing your heart, your passion and your talents to help you come alive.

It helps give you a plan on how to make this all happen.  Develop a plan for your future that will take you step by step where you are dreaming of going.

Having visionary goals gives your life direction and gives you a picture everyday to keep your excited and on track.

Goals that are measurable will help keep you accountable and will allow you to track your movement towards your vision.

Goals that are developed from your vision help you be in alignment with your heart.

To start your goal designing ask yourself: What is really important for me to have in my life time? What do I dream of accomplishing or doing in this lifetime?

Close your eyes and relax, give yourself the space to dream of what is really important for you.  Write down everything that you think about.

Imagine having your dreams and think how your life would change if you could make this happen.

Next week I will share a few tips on how to create an exciting step by step visionary goal plan for your future that will be in direct alignment with your vision and passion that will help direct your life.

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5 Steps For Being Grateful

In my previous blog, The Benefits of Gratitude I share what I believe are some of the benefits associated with practicing gratitude.


Today I am sharing 5 steps for being grateful:

*  Get yourself a beautiful book to write in.

*  Set a time in the day that you can almost always do this,  I like the evenings just before bed.  This puts you to rest with a positive feeling looking for the good in yourself and others.  You will rest better going to bed with grateful thoughts apposed to all the negative stories and situations rolling around.

*  Start by writing daily 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for everyday.

*  Write down different gratitude’s, try not to repeat them.  This will expand your thoughts to look for what you are grateful for.

*  Be grateful for your sensual sense awareness – most of us go through the day not even noticing what tweaks our senses.  Notice your senses all 6 – sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste and your inner knowing your intuition and notice the daily joys we have because of these sense that we take for granted.  All of these are well worth being grateful for.

By writing in a gratitude journal you will increase your awareness of your gifts and the goodness of those around you.

Once you get in the habit of looking for gratitude it will become contagious with those around you.

Tell them what you are doing and invite them to do the same.

Have your children and spouse join in and have a family discussion at dinner time.

We all have a choice, you can be that negative person that never has anything good to say or you can be that grateful person that everyone admires and wants to be around.

I know which one I pick. You are never too busy to start this for yourself.

This is one action you can take that will show kindness to yourself and your will reap the rewards from doing this!

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The Benefits of Gratitude

The Benefits of Gratitude

The question can be why should I have gratitude?

One very important reason why you would want to participate and look for what you are grateful for is we get our minds into the habit of being grateful for the positives in your life,  by doing this daily this positive thinking pattern will become part of our automatic response and will become easier for you.

Looking for the good in yourself and others creates positive energy flow especially when done daily.  What we are really talking about is retraining our brain from our  habitual negative thoughts to being grateful with a positive thank you regime.  We can do this even when having a bad day, in fact it is best to do it when you think things are really bad or tough.

It will make a shift in your perspective for that moment.

It will not fix all of your concerns  but this is one step towards a more positive grateful outlook on your life and those you see around you. Gratitude will make your steps feel lighter and a lot more fulfilling.

The benefits of gratitude:

* will make us look at our situation differently with some light

*  can shift our mindset to one that brings you gratitude and peace, you will be more productive and  life will seem a little easier

* There is a great feeling you will feel from celebrating your daily successes

*  writing down your gratitude will make them more real, you will see and feel the rewards you will get from doing this.

* you will get a renewed sense of possibility when your thoughts are happier and of gratitude.  Negative thoughts can not provide this for you

Check out the steps on how to practice gratitude!

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Living Your Life Purpose

Are you living your life on purpose!Life Purpose

I am sure you have heard or read many times about having a life purpose.  Over the years of coaching many women, I realized that many or most of my clients came to me without a life purpose and for the most part don’t really know what that is or how to figure this out.  The main reason you want to know your life purpose is because when you do your life flows, you are excited, you feel good and you are inspired daily.

When you are living your life purpose you are taking action steps based on living your life on purpose following your dreams.    We can all do this no matter what our circumstances are.

When you are living and honouring your life’s purpose your natural special gifts and talents are your essence and you gain a sense of personal fulfillment and heartfelt joy knowing you are doing exactly what you are meant to do. No one else can do what you do the way that you do it, you are unique and special in every way.

One of the first steps to knowing your life purpose is to pay attention to your intuition, your knowing!  This is your inner voice that tells you when something is right and when something is wrong.  All to often we ignore this voice because our brain has taken over and we think that if we think harder or better our brain has the right answer for us.    As we do this over and over again, our heart becomes very sad and over time we selectively turn off our natural barometer.  At this point we are not living our life purpose we are only existing in our life.  Our heart, our intuition is never wrong, all we need to do is pay attention to the important nudges and know that our heart always has the best intentions for us.

One of quickest ways to honour or speak to your heart is to put your right hand on your heart and ask yourself what ever needs paying attention to.  With this connective energy  a warm sense of knowing what is right happens.

A quick example of this is: do I want desert tonight – our brains will convince us there is always tomorrow to start eating smartly so we eat the desert we really didn’t want but if you put your hand on your heart  ask the same question, the desert is no longer an issue.  Tell your brain to stop, breath and go with your heart.  Develop a new habit of paying attention to your knowing, your heart.  Our heart will never let us down or lead us in the wrong direction.

Start today paying attention to your intuition as one of the first and most important steps to reigniting more personal power!

Believe in the possibility of living life to reach your fullest potential, follow your heart and know that you are amazing and fabulous full of possibility.

Embrace your highest and best life!

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Susan Delano Swim

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What is a Zelatious Life!

What is a Zelatious Life!

A Zelatious Life is one filled with more passion, greater joy, improved balance and a sense of overall excitement for your life!  You will feel the Zelatious Life  in your body when the energy is amped, flowing naturally without any barriers and operating consistently from your heart, not your head.

Unleash the inner power that may be stifled by life’s many twists and turns which is often subdued or hidden from the real world, just yearning to be set free.

Learn the art of crafting a Zelatious Life, a life that allows you to feel fulfilled and embrace the real you.  This process of coaching involves enabling and empowering  you to discover and uncover your passion, find direction and lead successful balanced lives.

Believe in the possibility of living life to reach your fullest potential, follow your heart, and know that you are amazing and fabulous full of possibility.

Embrace a Zelatious Lifestyle!

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Susan Delano Swim

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News Announcement

Robert Allen, Global info-product icon and author of multiple New York Times Best-Selling books, announces he will write the forward for Susan Delano Swim’s new book.  This book is scheduled to be released 2013 and is a focused guide to empowering women to step into their WOW!

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