Zelatious Living is committed to working with women in the most effective manner possible.

Step 1:  A 10-point assessment.  This will enable us to determine the best course of action for you because we know that one coaching program is not the best fit for everyone.

Step 2:  Personal Profile.  We have a list of questions that provides us with a clear sense of your current position, desired direction and ultimately, what is at the core of who you are.  This, accompanied by the assessment, allows us to create a completely customized coaching program for you.

Step 3:  Coaching Program.  We begin the journey with you through personal sessions delivered via phone or Skype.  Through this, we use our proven proprietary process to help you move from where you are today, to where you want to be.  We make the process of transitioning much easier and faster than navigating the unchartered waters alone.

Step 4:  Maintenance Program.  Once you have stepped into and fully embraced the new you, we provide a program that allows you to easily maintain the successes you have achieved.  Zelatious Living is truly a lifestyle and one that women have found needs support on-going in order to maintain the zelatious WOW effect and glow they have come to love and enjoy.  This program involves an online community and also access to Susan monthly as she addresses key issues for the group on a webinar.  You also have an opportunity to submit specific questions or raise issues that you are dealing with.

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