The Balanced Life Formula

The Balanced Life Formula

Consisting of 5 informative and interactive Modules, each one honing in specifically on ways to lower your stress levels and show you how to find a pathway to a more serene joy-filled way of living!


The Importance of Influence in your Company

What does influence mean?  “Influence is the power to have an important effect on someone or something.”  Being influential is not something that I thought about in my business or sales …

Susan Delano Swim - Productivity

3 Questions For Uncovering Your Distractions

We are talking about productivity again, such a great topic.  Being productive and effective at work are indicators of how great you will feel about your day.   There used to …


As a business owner or leader, we probably do things that cause us to second guess ourselves or question our ability to keep going through tough times.  It is a …