3 Power Steps

If you’re anything like me, you show up to work with a plan for your day but as soon as you walk through the door, you are problem-solving with your employees, clients and suppliers.

I thought I was great at what I did, I eventually got what needed to be done but I knew I wasn’t doing my best work because I was always rushed to meet deadlines. 

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I didn’t realize I needed to work differently to accomplish my desires until I identified the goals that I wanted from my company and then how my company would need to shift and grow to fulfill those goals.

I needed to prioritise my time and how I worked to even come close to fulfilling my dream results.

These 3 steps are what changed everything.  My business went from being good to great to super successful with these 3 priority steps, without all three steps becoming top of mind you may find yourself struggling or not making the progress you desire.  

When you realize the power behind these three 3 power steps, you will know exactly how to set up your time to have clarity, and energy, and to be productive.

These 3 power steps are what make the difference between running a successful business compared to a wildly successful business well into the 7 figures if that is what you want. 

The 3 power steps may be what you are missing to grow your business.

  1. Focus – are you focused on the task at hand or are you multitasking?
  2. Committed – are you committed to doing the work
  3. Consistent – are you showing up consistently every day to do what you need to do

Every time I had trouble doing my task, there was an issue: either I wasn’t paying attention because I had too much on my mind, I was focusing on the wrong thing, or I hadn’t planned my time well.

Simply put:

I didn’t commit to working on my one important project, I was multi-projecting

I didn’t protect my focus time allowing distractions to derail me: social media, a phone call or employees

I would allow days to go by before I got back to the project, procrastination took over

Allowing this to happen would take away my focus time and calm energy because I was now in a hurry to just get it done. I would become frustrated and agitated while working on the project, which is not how you do your best work.

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To set yourself up for the best possible work environment where you your mind and body are going to produce your best work, ask yourself the following questions:  

These are yes or no answers, If one of them is a no, that is what you need to fix.

Am I focused?  Yes, I am only working on one project, I have scheduled my focus time with my staff, I have turned off social media, I have set my timer for the 50 – 10 rule.

Am I disciplined? I have self-control to be focused, to stay on track, to do what I say I am going to do. I am disciplined to protect my time to move towards my end goal no matter what is going on or how I am feeling.

Am I consistent?  I am consistent with my focus and my work ethic to move my business forward.  No matter what is going on, I am doing my best work possible to produce the quality work that I am proud of. 

When running your business, it is easy to get distracted by the daily grind with many different unplanned distractions.  It is necessary to set up your focus time so that you don’t allow any of your normal distractions to take over.

Being focused, disciplined and consistent does not just happen, these 3 power steps need to become who you are and how you operate at every level in your business.  

Start this right away and you will notice a shift in your dedication to reaching your business goals.