3 Questions For Uncovering Your Distractions

We are talking about productivity again, such a great topic.  Being productive and effective at work are indicators of how great you will feel about your day.  

There used to be days when I felt I had no control and got pulled in 100 different directions.  Emails did not get answered properly or at all, the phone had messages piling up and quotes for vendors were falling through the cracks. 

When running a company, it makes it so much more important to serve your teams and customers well. Having tools to prioritize what is the most important task to do, and do it well,  so you are effective at your job is part of the process.  Understanding distractions and how you are getting pulled in different directions is the first step, then putting a plan in place is step 2.

Ask yourself the following questions, journaling may help you realize all your distractions:

  1. What are your distractions?
  2. What competing interests do you have that keep you from getting more accomplished?
  3. How can you minimize your distractions?

Answering these questions will help you understand what is pulling you away from getting stuff done.  Many of my clients, myself included, find a daily planner works best to prioritize what is important.  

First thing every morning before starting my day, which includes not look at my emails or return phone calls, I take 10 minutes to fill in my daily planner sheet.  It priorities what projects I must get done, who I must talk to and what I must do that day to move my business forward.  

A few other items on my daily planner are some healthy reminders, like to drink water and get up and move every hour.  These might sound unimportant but are crucial to maintaining your energy and creative thinking throughout the day. 

The daily planner my clients and I use is a daily practice starting the day with clear thoughts and having a focus on exactly what is important to get accomplished to have a great feel-good day. 

I would love for you to experience this and gain the benefits of this simple but effective daily process and get more productive with my daily planner.  Download mine and plan away. You can download it here today!

Please share this blog if you know anyone that could use these suggestions.  If you have any questions about how these practices can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out, I am here for you!

Enjoy your week and I hope to hear from you!