5 Steps For Being Grateful

In my previous blog, The Benefits of Gratitude I share what I believe are some of the benefits associated with practicing gratitude.


Today I am sharing 5 steps for being grateful:

*  Get yourself a beautiful book to write in.

*  Set a time in the day that you can almost always do this,  I like the evenings just before bed.  This puts you to rest with a positive feeling looking for the good in yourself and others.  You will rest better going to bed with grateful thoughts apposed to all the negative stories and situations rolling around.

*  Start by writing daily 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for everyday.

*  Write down different gratitude’s, try not to repeat them.  This will expand your thoughts to look for what you are grateful for.

*  Be grateful for your sensual sense awareness – most of us go through the day not even noticing what tweaks our senses.  Notice your senses all 6 – sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste and your inner knowing your intuition and notice the daily joys we have because of these sense that we take for granted.  All of these are well worth being grateful for.

By writing in a gratitude journal you will increase your awareness of your gifts and the goodness of those around you.

Once you get in the habit of looking for gratitude it will become contagious with those around you.

Tell them what you are doing and invite them to do the same.

Have your children and spouse join in and have a family discussion at dinner time.

We all have a choice, you can be that negative person that never has anything good to say or you can be that grateful person that everyone admires and wants to be around.

I know which one I pick. You are never too busy to start this for yourself.

This is one action you can take that will show kindness to yourself and your will reap the rewards from doing this!