5 Tips To Be A Happier You

5 tips to be a happier you

Happiness is not a myth, it’s a simple choice. It doesn’t take much to have a sunny disposition; a few adjustments in your attitude and actions will make for a happy and healthier you.


Here are 5 useful tips to be a happier you:

1. Be Positive
Optimism will open your eyes to see the good in life, to anticipate for good things and to remain hopeful despite of anything that maybe tuff about life. Choose to trade your negative thoughts for good ones and you’ll experience a whole new wonderful world of possibilities.
2. Be kind to yourself
Drop the self-criticism, self-pity and self-judgement; they easily turn you into your own worst enemy. Choose to love everything about yourself including your imperfections. And when you make mistakes, don’t beat up yourself for it; learn and move on. Also, invest in the best things for yourself; healthy foods, proper clothing and continue to learn and grow.
Pay yourself compliments as well, most of us rarely do. You will feel instantly happier when you look yourself in the mirror and say something good like “You’re amazing! Or You are beautiful” Make this a daily habit.
3. Let loose
Don’t take life too seriously, laugh hard, goof around and smile generously. It takes the edge off life and keeps you glowing.
4. Practise gratitude
We easily sulk when we forget to be thankful for the gifts that life has given us. An attitude of gratitude will help you appreciate everything you have and enjoy the present moments.
5. Do what makes you happy
There are a couple of things that always lighten up your spirits and leave you feeling energized and fulfilled. Whether it’s reading books, playing an instrument or a sport or sitting by the ocean do it as often as you possibly can; it’s a remedy for soul.

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