A Personal Experience With Meditating

For over a year now, I have attempted meditating myself and have read several articles and have participated in several different group type settings.

As the teachers began to explain to us the basics of meditation and it’s role in self realization my misconceptions where cleared beyond all reasonable doubt.

I learned that meditation is not a quick fix to our problems (most often drastically blown beyond proportion by our negative thoughts and energies) but that t we develop a collective consciousness that not only helps us calm our mind so we can see ourselves, see our own problems and also see our inner light.

Many misconceptions of meditation include the fact that it is hard or that it takes a lot of time.  I feel what is important about meditation is that you let go of all you preconceived ideas that are stopping you from trying it, don’t make up any stories about it and learn the value of spending some time with your thoughts, with your silence so you can slow down enough so you can embrace your thoughts, and find some clarity.

What misconceptions of meditation  do you have? Perhaps if you share we can talk about it.

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To your success,


Susan Delano Swim