Meet Susan #1 Best Selling Author. High-Performance Leader. Business Strategist.

In 2004 our company in the construction industry was on the edge of bankruptcy and we eventually turned it into a profitable 7-figure business, without stress, without overwhelm and without overworking our selves and our teams.  We sold the company for a profit in June 2018.

It did not start that way…

Without a system, trying to juggle everything and everyone, I hit the wall. I was exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed. I was under constant pressure and I was frustrated. I didn’t know how to get out of the stress of hitting timelines, budgets and managing crews. 

I’m a mother of 4 daughters, a business owner and wife to my husband Tony for nearly forty years. Giving up was not an option. I knew I had to come up with a solution. My family depended on me and my team deserved a leader they could count on.

I realized, there are people out there that know better, that have solved the problems I keep bumping into, and I thought, there must be a better way. This insight made me seek some of the world’s best coaches and mentors in the area of high performance, business strategies, leadership and habit formation.

This led me to create the BOOS (Business Owners Operating System)

Now after over 30 + years of owning and operating businesses (navigating through the ups and downs of solving challenges, and working with different teams and personalities), this success operating system was designed and developed to help Business Owners and their teams to effectively run and profit in business.

Therefore, I’m thrilled you’re here reading this right now because it shows me that you too, want more, more success, more fulfillment, more energy, more focus and a stronger, more efficient and collaborative team. 

I’m looking forward to connecting and supporting you in your next level in business.

P.S. As a business owner you have guts. Strength. And resilience to build your businesses. And I know we want our businesses to run smoothly, but we put up with a lot of BS, it can be lonely and frustrating at times with constant pressure. I know. I almost threw in the towel myself. If you want to know for yourself what your next level will require, I’ve set aside some personal one-on-one time to chat with you at no cost to you.

Robert G. Allen, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, one of the most influential investment advisors’ wrote: “It is a great honour to know Susan and the amazing work that she is doing in the world. I feel deep respect and gratitude for her dedication to the development and growth of leaders and the people who follow them”. 

Susan’s Belief:  Having some success is not hard, having great success with financial rewards takes continual positive reinvention to keep it going.  It took one kind of confidence to get you where you are today.  As your business grows, your skills need to grow, change and adapt. With each new level of business, comes new challenges that require a new set of strategies to get you to that next level. It took one kind of confidence to get you where you are today.  The next level will require a whole new level of self-belief, self-discovery and skills mastery.  Develop the mindset that successful business owners have; be clear, be more focused, have the energy and passion it takes to keep growing and leading, and most of all have the fun and freedom you desire while you are doing this.

Some of my biggest lessons have been learning the importance of being a great compassionate leader, to be a visionary during tough times, to set clear intentions to lead your company for the best possible outcomes and to create a culture that your teams love so they love working for you.

Susan’s motto is: Be what you want to see in your employees and always come from a place of respect and kindness.

My passion is helping business owners that have lost their passion or their way in their business before they self destruct costing them devastating financial losses with a proven coaching program with a transformational process that not only transforms their business but their life.  This approach has been very successful for leaders to use that has been their guide to new possibilities.