Are you an exhausted business owner?

Are you an exhausted business owner, just plain tired of everything you have to do everyday with no breaks?  

You are just looking to hire someone just like you with the same passion and drive to do the work that is taking up all your time.

Someone dealing with the employee problems, to deal with your customers, getting jobs, scheduling jobs, hiring, firing, billing, collections, everything.

You have hired the perfect person to do this role and it didn’t work out. 

You work very full weeks to get everything accomplished and it still isn’t enough.

You have asked within your walls to delegate certain tasks and it only works short term.

So what is standing in your way;  

  • Not growing with your growing company
  • Not having a strategy coach to assist you with looking at the complete company and what shifts to make
  •  Your convinced you can reshape your company when struggle has become your theme for longer than it should

This is exhausting and frustrating, and it feels like it will never end.  If you think being a business owner means you are on 100 % of the time, let me know what frustrates you the most.

Let’s talk about it