Baby Steps Count

Don’t want to wait for happiness anymore, baby steps count

Most of us have a picture perfect life we envision in our minds of true happiness- perhaps, when we get that dream job, that perfect mate, or that lavish house. We end up stuck in that anticipatory nick of time between where we are, and where we want to go. While there’s nothing wrong with being full of ambition, it’s utterly depriving to be in the present, yet lost in the future.

It doesn’t have to be like that though. You can learn how to truly enjoy what you have and where you are in life, as you stride towards your aspirations.

Happiness is a choice- a decision to want, love, and cherish who, and what you have in your life every single day. A few baby steps can revitalize and remodel you feel and outlook on life.

Steps to authentic happiness

  1. Do more activities that truly engage and inspire you.

At home and at work, seek out for experiences that give you pleasure, a sense of purpose and well-being. Whether it’s writing, drawing or meditating-whatever makes you feel inspirited and in tune with your inner self.

  1. Savor little life’s joys.

Cherish and appreciate those little things and moments in life that warm up your heart.

  1. Learn to forgive.

Let go of anger and resentment toward the people who have hurt or wronged you. It’s extremely liberating.

  1. Practice acts of kindness.

Do good things for others—friends or strangers. Kind people are always happy individuals.

  1. Nurture relationships.

Invest time and energy in healing and strengthening the relationships in your life. Sometimes a little effort goes a long way with people.

  1. Cultivate optimism.

Choose and practice looking at the bright side of every situation.

  1. Develop coping strategies,

Find healthy ways to deal with stress, hardship, or trauma.

  1. Count your blessings.

Express gratitude on every fortunate instance you have. A gratitude journal can a useful reminder.

  1. Strengthen your spiritual connections.

Religious and spiritual people are happier. They are more mindful and easily connect their higher selves.

10. Pursue your goals.

Achieving goals makes us feel happier and proud of ourselves. Devote time and effort to realizing each one of them.

11. Smile and laugh generously.

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