Many times work can take its toll on you leading to bad health and eventual loss on many levels. The fundamental need arises to find a balance between earning a living, caring for yourself and family without doing so at the detriment of your health and well-being.

When such a balance is achieved the results are phenomenal. There is a sudden increase in clarity of your physical and mental vision; you tend to feel more job satisfaction, there grows a stronger drive and ambition within you to pursue your goals and dreams and you tend to be happier thus being a much better company for your friends and family.

In order to strike a reasonable work balance, here are the things you need to consider doing;

•Work towards goals that you value highly

•Time management is key. Ensure that you can account for how you use your time.

•Draw a sharp line between work and your personal life. Try as hard as possible not to take your work home with you.

•You must learn to persevere and build an optimistic attitude.

•To not drive your body to a state of stress and burn out. This only makes you less productive in the long run.

•You must try to do the best you can in looking after yourself, eat well, sleep well and set aside a little time to exercise or pursue an activity that makes you happy and relaxes your mind and body.

•Take advantage of the support system that friends and family bring—learn to delegate; we all need a little help sometimes

•Smile and make a conscious effort to enjoy your work as much as your play.

In preserving your self-confidence and positive attitude you will build the power to change the most challenging situations without getting stressed. Click here to get started on creating your balanced life!

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim