Be Your Own Valentine

Valentines Day is when we express our love for our partners, family members and friends.  Chocolates, cinnamon hearts, romantic dinners and flowers are in abundance. As much as this is wonderful to experience and feel I would like to challenge you to create a self-love routine where you can feel the most rewarding feeling possible.

For many, when you look in the mirror all you do is criticize and say negative nasty things to yourself, such as; look at this fat, I am disgusting, I don’t love me so how could anybody else, I don’t deserve anything good, my life sucks, I will never ……. and as long as you have these terrible thoughts you are right, you will never have those things, you will create this to be your reality.

I would love to see a shift in you to find some self-love, some self-compassion so that life becomes easier on you. When you do this you increase your personal vibration that you yourself will feel and love and others will notice.

I would like to challenge you to take on a self-love routine every day for at least 30 days. Most of us are great at showing our love to others but rarely do we show or accept self-love.

You may think if you are hard on yourself you will eventually improve the area that you are criticizing. The opposite is actually what happens. When you think negative thoughts all you will see is negativity, you won’t see anything positive or self loving till you actually do something different, until you start setting a time and practicing it every day. Negativity and self-criticism will block your mojo!

Our thoughts are our things, thoughts create our words, words create our actions, actions become our life. Most of our thoughts are based on our past experiences so to build new experiences or new ways of thinking about ourselves. We need to look at what we want for ourselves and look at where our attention goes.

What exactly is self-love: being connected with yourself, it is being kind to yourself and others, only saying positive words to yourself and others, slowing down long enough to know what you are craving and honoring that.

Here are some steps to start you on your path to finding self-love, set aside time everyday to practice at least one of these items and know the more you practice several of these items on a daily basis the faster you will see and feel the shift within you;

  1. Look in the mirror everyday, don’t look at your physical image, look into your eyes, pause a few seconds and then say something kind, ONLY ever say kind words. For example; I love you and you are amazing and awesome. If negative judgmental words show up, tell them to stop, not now
  1. Write at least 3 things that you are grateful for, for being you. For example – I am grateful for having this awesome body to carry me around. I am grateful for all my wrinkles and lines (it means I am still here), I am grateful for my generous spirit.
  1. Schedule in something fun to do at least once a week no matter how busy or stressed you are. It is really important to bring some fun back into your life so you can feel that inner excitement
  1. Give compliments to yourself and to others everyday, this will help raise your vibration. For example – I look beautiful today
  1. Stop all negative, condemning conversations to yourself and about others. These conversations and thoughts will ALWAYS bring you down, they tear away at your spirit. There is nothing good about being negative to and about yourself and others
  1. Do something or bring something beautiful into your day. If it makes you smile and feel great bring it into your world as much as possible. For example: flowers, fresh cut flowers in your room. If you are on a budget one flower is as beautiful as a bunch.
  1. Take the time out for some ME time. What ever you like to do for yourself, make sure you do it. For example: if you love bubble baths, enjoy one and not a quick shower.

Life is too short to always be pushing away what makes you feel good. We get into the habit of pushing our wants and needs away not realizing that it does take away from our personal fulfillment and happiness, it tears down our soul piece by piece.

For 30 days make sure you create space for the all so important practice of Self-Love. It would be great to make this a family event and to include as many of your friends and colleagues to join this practice.

At the end of the 30 days, don’t stop. I know you will love it so much that it will just become part of your regular routine. You can start this practice no matter what your circumstances are, I promise you when you practice this everyday you will notice shifts of happiness within yourself. If you have a habit of quitting what is important to you, get an accountability partner and ask them to check in with you everyday.

Self-Love is your ultimate happiness place!