Congratulations [wlm_firstname]!

You have completed The Balanced Life Formula!  I want to acknowledge you for your commitment to having less stress and more peace in your life.

Click below to listen to the final audio of the program:


In The Balanced Life Formula, you learned:

Mindful Breathing Meditation

Your Personal Power Mantra

Gratitude Journaling

Setting Your Day Up For Success and the

5 Simple, Quick Ways to De-Stress Any Time, Any Place


Remember, you can use the tools you learned in The Balanced Life Formula for the rest of your life, to continue your journey away from stress, worry and anger, towards creating balance and finding peace in your life every day.

I recommend continuing to listen to the program recordings every day for the next 90 days, or until your new practices become habits.  Then, use them as a tune up once a month or more often, as needed.

To complete the Balanced Life Formula Program please print and return the completion assessment. You will see the progress you have made during this course, as well as give me direct feedback on how I can make this program even better.

It would really mean a lot to me if you would fill this out today, while your experience in The Balanced Life Formula is fresh in your mind.  Email or fax 1-902-832-9807

By choosing The Balanced Life Formula, you have taken the first important step in creating a balanced life – a life of less stress, more balance and more peace.  I know that is the life you want, and that it is the life you deserve.  It is waiting for you to choose it.  Keep choosing it every day.

Now that you have the skillset to manage your internal stress and reduce worry and anxiety levels, the next step is managing your life on the outside.  Do you feel like there is just not enough time to get everything done?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and having a hard time staying focused?  Do you need to get more things accomplished in less time?

Then join me for Get More Accomplished in Less Time System, a Simple, 5 Step System for you to be more productive in your work and family life.


This program is for you if:

Your life has become work

You dread your days because you have so much to do

You’re missing meals and time with your family

You need to get more things accomplished in less time

Ready to take the next step in getting out of overwhelm, get projects finished, and have more time with yourself and your family?

Join me for my Get More Accomplished in Less Time System!

Your investment in joining this program, and finally getting more accomplished in less time, is $799.  However, as a graduate of The Balanced Life Formula, I am making you an exclusive special offer:  If you invest in this program the first 10 participant will get a fast action scholarship of $300, making your investment only $499.

click on the link to continue on your personal empowerment journey

Congratulations on completing The Balanced Life Formula, and I hope you take the next step with me today:  Register for Get More Accomplished in Less Time System now. (link to sales page)

To Your Continued Empowerment and Success,


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