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You have completed the Module 1 of The Balanced life Formula and practiced your Mindful Breathing Meditation for 7 days now.  I am sure you are feeling the rewards from this practice.

Today you are receiving Module 2; Your Personal Power Mantra – Your Force of Calmness, Stability and Strength Within You!


In this module you will find:

Module 2 recorded lesson

Module 2 worksheet – Personal Power Mantra

Module 2 Accountability Tracker


Print the worksheet and the accountability tracker to work from this week.

As you prepare to listen to this weeks audio, it is best if you find a quiet space so you can embrace the learning.  This lesson is so important for you to find your inner power source.  Make the space to take it all in and to do the work to develop your own mantra.  This is an extremely important part of the process in making the most of this tool.

When you are ready click play below and enjoy the audio:


As you continue on your path, remain committed to investing the time for you to practice your 2 new de-stressing techniques.

Your success in the program is dependent on your willingness to be open-minded and to practice your new tools every day.

Find the time to put yourself first and then notice what happens.

To your Success,




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