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Congratulations! You’ve just completed Module 4 of The Balanced Life Formula and have practiced your Mindful Breathing Meditation, developed your Personal Power Mantra, you are focusing on Gratitude and Setting Your Day Up for Success.  I am sure you are feeling less stress every day as you continue to commit to your success.

Today you are receiving Module 5; 5 Simple, Quick Ways to De-Stress Any time, Any Place.


In this module you will find:

Module 5 recorded lesson

Module 5 Worksheet – 5 Simple, Quick Ways to De-Stress Any Time, Any Place

Module 5 Accountability Tracker


Print your worksheet and accountability tracker to help keep you on track with all these new tools.

Before you start the audio this week clear your space so you are free from distraction to get the most out of this audio.  The message here is  important and making the space to embrace the learning is equally as important.

When you are ready, click play below and enjoy the audio:


As you continue on this path, remain committed to investing the time necessary to practice your Mindful Breathing Meditation, remind yourself to use your Personal Power Mantra, focus on Gratitude, Setting Yourself Up for Success and remember to use the 5 Simple Quick Ways to De-Stress anytime, anywhere several times daily.

Wow, these are fantastic tools to have in your tool box.

What is really important is that you use them and use them all the time, they can not be over used! The rewards far outweigh the work of developing your new habits.

Your success is completely up to YOU!

Remember you have to put yourself first and everyone else will benefit from it.  Keep up the great work!

To Your Success,


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