Celebrating 2014

Celebrate 2014! Celebrate all the ups and downs as being exactly what they were supposed to be to get you where you are today. Now it’s time to embrace 2015 with clarity and excitement so you can develop your happiness life goals that really excite you.


Now that a fresh year is around the corner, it’s the most ideal time to reflect back on all the happenings of 2014, set new goals and make action plans to achieve those goals. Celebrating 2014 is really important because it will cultivate a success energy that will attract more good things in the New Year.

All too often we forget to celebrate the good things in our lives, we spend too much thinking about the things that didn’t work out well and we get stuck in that negative story.

By celebrating all your ups and downs you’ll be able to train your subconscious to be aware and open to success and abundance. You’ll also give your subconscious and conscious mind proof of your progress, which will build your self-esteem, confidence and belief in your abilities.

What to include in your reflection:
Embrace the good and bad– Reflect on both the good things that happened and the things that weren’t, and embrace each occurrence as a crucial part of your success story.
Things you learned –Reflect on all significant experiences and the things you’ve learned from; people you met, books you have read, trainings, and other valuable materials you’ve acquired. Look for gratitude in each learning curve.
• Celebrate all successes large and small- Don’t dismiss small wins. They are stepping stones to larger successes then look for how you are grateful for all your experiences

It is empowering to look back at the things that didn’t work out as planned, to make sure you didn’t miss all the learning opportunities that are hidden in your experiences. It is also important to acknowledge all the things you have accomplished in the past year.

To often we do not acknowledge our successes and just move on to the next challenge.
Seeing how far you have come will give you greater self-confidence and will inspire you so you can make it through any challenge you are likely to face in 2015.

When you have finished reflecting on 2014 and celebrating everything that happened, start looking at your plan of action for the 2015.

I have written in my past blogs about my Happiness Life Plan Program starting in January. This is a fantastic program to get you started on the right path to start planning for all the goals that you desire achieving.

Remember last year setting your goals for 2014. Did you accomplish everything that you wanted? If you did, congratulations! That is awesome, be proud of yourself. If you didn’t, look at where you dropped the ball and set this year up to be different so that you don’t drop the ball again this year.


I strongly believe that this is the year for change, for all of us to embrace and exercise our happiness muscle.

Think about where you want to be at the end of 2015. I am a firm believer, that if you are serious about change, are serious about wanting to achieve your goals for 2015, you need to put a plan in place, join my program to learn how to set goals so that you are successful at achieving them.

Learn how to have the right thoughts and know the steps you must take to be successful at goal setting. The Happiness Life Plan is the program for you, lets do this together!

Prepare yourself for a prosperous year and who know’s what will happen.