Create More Magic in your Life!

Create More Magic in your Life!

Doesn’t it seem like the perfect time of year to create more magic in your life? How do you create more magic in your life when we have so much to do all the time? Does it sound like just one more thing that you have to do and there is no more brain space for something new like magic? After all, some readers may think that not all of us get live magical lives.

For many, we spend so much time making ourselves wrong, beating ourselves up, blaming others for our problems that we have stopped believing that anything, let alone magic, is possible. We are convinced that our problems/situations are permanent and forget to look for other possibilities of what is possible for our future. Some may even think that only those that have more get magic.

When we create more magic in our life it has nothing to with what we have or don’t have and everything to do with our thoughts.

Many are so stuck focusing on what is wrong they never look at what is right. You can not go from stuck-ness to possibility if all your thoughts are about being wrong, beating yourself up and blaming others, it just won’t happen. For many you have been having these thoughts for so long, that you think it is just the way it is, you have forgotten that you have a choice to think one way or the other. What would it take for you to release, to let go of your heavy negative thoughts so you can see your life in a brighter light? Have you convinced yourself it will be too hard? Are you convinced these thoughts are serving you somehow? what are the stories that you are telling yourself about holding onto these thoughts so tightly?

The only thing that is in your way of feeling more positive, in feeling there is magic in your life is your thoughts. We all get to choose what thoughts that we have, is it work, yes but not hard labor. It is being conscious/aware of your thoughts and feelings so that when you are having thoughts that do not serve you, you can do something about them, change them so that you do feel better.

Start with these steps to notice and change your thoughts so you can create more magic in your life;

1. Believe in yourself, stop making yourself wrong. We all bring great gifts and talents to the world. Believe in yourself that there is nothing wrong with you, stop bashing yourself because you think you need to be different to succeed. Create a 3-word statement with words that you know to be true about yourself and when self doubt shows up say them, ie: I AM smart, brave and Engaged. You have to manage your thoughts so you are having thoughts that help you instead of negative thoughts that will destroy your day, day after day.

2. Pay attention to your feelings, be present. Sometimes we get caught up in our thoughts and don’t always recognize the negative thoughts that we have had for so long but using your feelings as a detector as well will help you notice what your thoughts are telling you about yourself. Notice where in your body you don’t feel well when you are having negative thoughts.

Is it in your shoulders, does your chest feel heavy or does your belly get upset? Figure out your physical detector to notice your negative thoughts and then stop yourself from having them.

Release the negative thoughts, the ones that feel heavy and hard, and bring in positive thoughts, the ones that make you feel happy and joyful, ones that make you feel better. Follow the thoughts that make you feel better, follow the light. Ask yourself does this thought feel heavy or light, asking this will empower you to have the awareness to make a choice that supports your best interest and that is to feel better.

3. Always put yourself first! This is not a selfish thing to do as many think it is. Just image how much happier all your relationships will be when you are happier by serving yourself first. We are not good to anyone if we are stuck in negativity and depression. Everything suffers when we are there. So put yourself first, fill your cup up with what is best for you and inevitably you will do what is in the best interest of everyone else as well.

The spirit of doing what is best for all is a great feeling, you no longer feel the weight of having to do it just because. We are all magical creators of our destiny at any given moment, this is an honor, a gift and a responsibility to ourselves to create the life we want to have. Don’t take this lightly, when you choose you, you win every time. Build your self-full muscle, it will serve you and all those around you.

4. Be curious! Ask yourself lots of questions around areas that you are working on. If you don’t ask questions you will have thoughts that come up around what you are doing/thinking that may be limiting based on old patterns that will not serve you the best. When you ask questions you will get an answers, then ask another question and then another one. Don’t stop with just one, there is always room to ask more of yourself so you get the answer that will serve you the best. Ask yourself, what will serve me the best in this situation? How will this make me feel?

What is the best possible outcome that I am looking for? What else is possible? If your answers make you feel great, with light and hope you are on the right track.

5. Be willing to be open to receive. Many of us ask for things but you don’t see the steps towards receiving those things. We think it has to show up all at once and when it doesn’t we consider it a failure or that none of this belief stuff works. Things show up for us everyday in small bits and pieces. Are you open to seeing them and feeling that the bit is a piece of your success or do you feel it all has to show at once so all the bits count for nothing, they don’t count so now the dream is gone. Be open to see the bits that show up no matter how they show up or how big they are, know they are part of the magic.

Try this on, believing in magic is a magical experience and it opens up your thoughts and feelings to being more positive, happy and inspiring. Just know all you did was start to manage your thoughts to see and believe in your possibility.

It is important to Love YOUR Life to be happy — if you don’t love your life, do something about it!

Susan Delano Swim is a Certified High Performance Coach, her goal is to help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence on your way to a successful, healthy and fully charged life. For a complimentary one hour coaching session fill in the application at: