Create Positive Practices for Yourself and Your Family

Create Positive Practices for Yourself and Your Family

Creating a positive culture is imperative for the health and well-being of your family and for yourself. This involves engaging in specific and deliberate practices that leads us to an active state where our minds are in connection to our bodies and we become aware and open to the present; this is known as mindfulness. Cultivating mindfulness is the key to overcoming suffering and discovering natural wisdom.

Mindful Practices:

  1. Mindfulness of Your Breathing

With the busy and stressful nature of our lifestyles, learning to slow down and taking a breather is critical to good health. This basic mindfulness exercise will help you learn how to relax and be more aware of the present. Just breathe in slowly and deeply, push your belly forward, hold for 2 counts and then release with ease by pulling your belly back to your spine. Doing this simple exercise will slow down your heart rate and relax your muscles.

  1. Mindfulness of Thoughts

Our thoughts control our lives and we have the choice to use them wisely or against us. Thoughts have the power to affect our emotions, which as a result impart our behaviours. Teach your family the importance of positive thoughts and their role in creating your own happiness and satisfaction.

  1. Mindfulness of Emotions

Practicing mindfulness of emotions is beneficial in dealing with intense and unpleasant emotions. Meditation is a powerful means to centre on our emotions and to learn how to control them.

  1. Mindfulness in Eating

This is an exercise that makes us aware of the food we eat and its impact to our bodies and our health. It helps us deal with food cravings, addictive eating, binge eating and emotional eating.

Incorporating mindfulness in everyday activities enables us to handle the challenges we face and to enjoy and cherish every minute of our lives. The Balanced Life Formula has been designed to help you add mindfulness into your life. To get your membership click here!

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