Creating magic in your business is the success path to your growth!

Sometimes business is serious stuff, many times we get stuck in the seriousness of our business. But what if I suggested that you could make magic happen in your business.

How would you respond to that?  No way, I have too much work to do, I have serious business concerns that I need to concentrate on, my business isn’t magical, that just sounds to woo-woo to me. 

Well, I am asking you to release your stress-free serious thoughts and see what you can create when you are asked to create magic. 

CTTO: Canva

I agree with you on all of our traditional replies, but I can assure you that once you let go of your limited business thoughts and begin to consider what is my wildest wish, something that would be really amazing if it were to come true, you will start to think about new possibilities.

Making magic happen is about seeing something new that you can implement or work towards that excites you even if you don’t know at this moment how you will achieve it.  

Making magic happens when you begin to nurture the seed that will allow the magic to manifest.

It is all about opening up your thoughts to anything that is possible instead of finding the perfect solution or product.  Looking for perfection is a tough one to look for, it is a never-ending search as the perfect answer does not exist.  

To open your thoughts to creating magic, follow these ideas;

  • Make sure you have self-care rituals, make healthy changes that you have been dreaming about
  • Affirmations and Mantras – repeating yours regularly will put you in the positive right frame of mind that is open to whatever shows up
  • Daydream with no agenda  
  • Look at your biggest most successful competitor and dream that it is your company and what would you have to do to get there.
  • Be in nature, walking in the woods and looking at the clouds and the stars.  When you do that, you relax, be present with your surroundings and don’t think of any problems.
  • Connecting with your family and friends, feeling great is part of this process. 

When you find the magic that you want to create, notice how you have ignited the fire in your belly for something new.  

CTTO: Canva

This is something that could happen quickly, or it may take some time. Be open to whatever shows up and then take the steps to see how it will fit in.

Just remember when you say the words “create magic”, all you are doing is opening up your mind to whatever shows up without stressful thinking, frustration and negativity telling you it won’t work.

So, let go and create some magic today, this week or this month and see how excited you can become by finding new possibilities in your business, this is part of your success and growth path.