Do you still love your business?

After years of slugging it out in our business, I realized that I had lost my drive and desire for our business and wasn’t loving what I was doing anymore.  I used to think this is no big deal, I am still doing my job, work is getting done and the majority of business owners I knew felt the same way so this must be normal.  

What makes this a big deal is that stress took over and it took over my whole life.  I couldn’t seem to get away from the stress no matter what I was doing.  You don’t realize how hard this is on you until you decide you want something different and go for that.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do differently, but I did know that feeling stressed all the time had to stop and I was in charge of that.  

Once I made that decision and did the work, everything in my life changed.  As the leader of my company, I was leading the way with how I did business, stressed or not.  The results I got changed everything. 

The office environment shifted, the company culture was elevated, how I did business changed and how I felt about our business changed with the happy end result of making more money, customers were happier, employees were happier and more productive, our sales climbed and our profits grew as our teams became more caring and efficient.  They didn’t just have a job, they had a future and were now part of the growth.  And all of this was done by learning how to be a great leader!

Steve Jobs business motto “stay hungry, stay foolish”.  What a fantastic motto, I can now say I get this but when I was in the stress mess I would not have understood this motto.  

If you can relate to this in any way, I invite you to DM me to see how you can find your stress free workplace and step into your performance leadership style.  As we all know, we don’t know what is around the corner for us so let’s be the best leader we can be today and not wait for it to show up one day.