Emotional Vibrational Energy

Do you know the energy that you bring into your office affects everyone around you and that you talk to. 

First, let me explain, what do I mean by your energy?

We all have an energy that we bring with us, a vibration that comes off of you.  

It can be happy, sad, stressed, negative, angry, depressed – your thoughts, what is going on in your mind, translates into how you show up, the vibration/feelings that comes off of you.  I call this your emotional vibrational energy.  

Your well being, your work environment, everyone you are around are impacted by your emotional vibrational energy. 

You know people that are negative and when they leave the room you’re exhausted, you feel like you’ve been dragged through the mud.  Their emotional vibrational energy affected you.

The same goes when a high-spirited happy person is in the room, you feel their energy and it can be contagious if you let it in, yet some people criticize that energy.

What is your emotional vibrational energy, what do you bring into your office everyday?  What do you take home everyday?

For me when I was in the trenches trying to figure out what kind of help I needed, I brought stress into the room.  Yes, stress brings an emotional vibrational energy that is not productive.  

I never thought my stress affected anyone, but I was wrong, it did in a big way.  I actually had a customer say to me, I need you to do some work for me but I don’t want to add to your stress.  That is the worst thing you can ever hear from a customer!  It was also an eye opener because I thought I was hiding and controlling all the stress that I was experiencing.

I am here to tell you that we don’t hide our troubles, they are all over our presence.  Your employees, your customers, your family, everyone knows except maybe you. 

So, what to do, manage your thoughts, manage what you have going on, be aware of what you are bringing into a room, be intentional, be present.  

There are things you can do to manage your emotional vibrational energy.  This will show you how to bring the emotional vibrational energy that you want to have even if you are still in chaos.  

If you can relate to this, if you are curious or have questions about how you can better manage your emotional vibrational energy to improve your work environment, send me a message m.me/SusanDelanoSwim