Finding Happiness in a Simple Way

There is a common emotional state that business owners want, they want to be happy.  If you are not happy then this is for you.

I am aware that running your business can be demanding, time-consuming, and stressful and I know you take on all the problem-solving for your business.  

Moreover, I am aware that if you constantly tell yourself that you are overwhelmed, stressed, and have little time for your family, let alone enjoyable activities, you are setting yourself up for a life empty of happiness.

So, what is the problem, your business is good, and you are making money so what is it you need to do to find your happiness before you sabotage what you have built?  

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All too often we look for other people or things to make us happy and when that doesn’t work, we blame them for our unhappiness.  If only my employees would show up on time, do better work, take the initiative to help, and the wish list goes on.  When just one of those things actually happens, you think you will be happy but then another list shows up if they only would do…………and this continues.

Your self-talk sets the tone for your happiness, which is your responsibility. If you want to find happiness, look inside yourself at the things you say to yourself, the things you can control, and the things you can do for yourself.

Take notice if your self-talk has you tied up in knots, frustrated and anxious, if it does change it to talk that makes you feel good and smile.  The negativity is what is stealing your happiness, you can take back control of this.

Do you know that being stressed out or being happy is a simple choice that you make everyday by what you say and think!  

Do you know that we are more naturally programmed for negative stressed out thinking than we are for happy positive thoughts.  What it comes down to is you have to fight for your happiness until it becomes a more natural way of thinking and  being for you.

One of the easiest steps that you can do starting immediately while you are reading this blog is to smile.  

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I want to challenge you, Smile every day all day for no reason.  

When I was in the stress mess running my business, I never smiled but didn’t realize I didn’t.  

I never thought about how I looked, I was just working.  

It is a simple step to smile but you have to remember to do it. When you smile, all the negative stuff just goes away and you start enjoying what you are doing. This is a simple but powerful step that will shift your energy.  It will make your day more enjoyable, and happy!

Smiling is super simple to do and now that you are doing this, there are more steps you can do to help you if you need them.

Don’t delay your happiness, start this right away.

The following are happiness tips!

  1. Hang out with people that make you happy, that you laugh with and bring the best out in you and inspire you. If you continually spend time with people that make you unhappy you should look at the relationship and ask yourself why you are drawn to spend time with them, and what are you getting out of it. 
  1. Make a list of the things that make you happy.  It could be as simple as getting up a half hour earlier and having a quiet moment to start your day off right.  It is important to do one thing a day that makes you happy.  
  1. Get a new perspective when doing something that you don’t enjoy.  If you are  continually saying I don’t want to be here or do this, change it to, I will do my best, I will be happy doing this.  It is a choice to think positively or negatively about something you have to do, so make it easier on you by just shifting your thoughts around the project.  No matter what, you still have to do it.

These are the beginning steps on your way back to finding your happiness, and smiling is a gift you can give yourself that feels awesome.

Let’s face it, being a business owner can be trying at times but you can make it less trying by smiling and putting a positive spin on the situation no matter how bad it is. You will end up with better results and employees that will learn how to do this as well creating a better outcome for you and your business.

Just imagine smiling at all your employees and family, it makes a difference.  

Well, my friend, I hope you make this one simple decision to fight for your happiness and that you are smiling, 

Smile on!