Get the Ball Rolling

Are you ready to make the most of 2023, but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. This can be a daunting task, but if you follow the right steps and take advantage of opportunities you’ll be on your way to making your way into that wild success you dream about.

You are the business owner and I know you wear many hats and may feel you may even feel you don’t get to wear the CEO hat very frequently if at all.  You may not remember what the CEO hat even feels like anymore.

Now that the new year is upon us, your new year planning needs to start, and it is time to put your CEO hat on. It’s time to dream about your company’s goals, the things you no longer desire for yourself or your organization, and what outrageous success would look like.

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Your wish list, your biggest dreams, and how you want to feel have all been highlighted. These are all key aspects of your planning process that are just as important as your strategy for business growth.

I start looking at these 5 areas in my business and think about the current ways I operate and what I need to do to grow.  

This is think outside the box time, if you are stuck in your current work thoughts and can’t see a clear picture, look at your competition, especially the company that you admire or the one that you think is super successful.  Look at what they are doing, and dream that you could have it all, the success, the profits and the feeling of wow, I did this.  Decide on a couple of new tasks, sales or procedures that you know you can start to implement right away.  

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To set you time up, take 5 minutes and clear your thoughts, don’t bring any old baggage into this space.  Look at these 5 areas in your business, ask if you are that person and how you can improve in these areas.  Only do one area at a time answering the 3 questions below.  

Leadership – are you an inspiring leader, that is focused, committed, and disciplined to stay on track

Mindset – do you know what to do to overcome stress and overwhelm so you can grow your business, avoid fear-based decisions 

Productivity – do you set yourself up to be productive

Employees – do you know your employees, have you developed strong relationships and loyalty

Growth – personally and business – what do you need to learn to grow beyond where you are today

Last mindset tip, before you answer these questions, get yourself in your business owner/CEO mindset where you see an overview of these areas as the proud owner of your company and not one of a stressed-out employee caught in the daily dynamics.  

Answer the following 3 questions in each area to get started:

  1. What is it you keep dreaming or wishing for?
  2. List what is not working and how you can fix it or whom you need to talk to, to fix it?
  3. What is one step you can take right now that will make a difference?

This is a great start to moving forward in 2023.

Your biggest wildest dreams are the best way for you to feel inspired and energized to move beyond where you are today.

Once  you have implemented this first step, there are more steps that you can do that will take you deeper into planning and shifting your leadership style to grow along with your company’s growth.

Yes, your leadership style is what grows your company so part of your company’s growth path is learning how to lead your super successful company to get there.