Gifts to being kind to yourself – how is that reflected in your life

Gifts to being kind to yourself – how is that reflected in your life

Most of us have trouble being kind to ourselves. We judge ourselves harshly when we fail, and when we happen to do something great, it just never seems to be good enough. Being kind to yourself is a learnt habit. The benefits are multi-fold and reflect on all the areas of our lives.

Benefits of self-kindness:

  1. Better Relationships

You’ll experience flourishing relationships when you treat yourself kindly. A study conducted by the University of Texas revealed that partners of self-compassionate people described them as being more emotionally connected, accepting, and supportive. When you give more to yourself, then you have more to offer others. People who practice self-compassion, experience greater well-being and are usually more inclined to show concern and kindness to others.

  1. Better Health

Self-criticism can lead to generalized hostility, anxiety and depression, because when you’re frustrated with yourself, a stress hormone known as Cortisol is released from your brain; it clouds your mood and gives you an unsettling feeling. Self-critics also have lower energy levels; researchers have found, and engage in self-destructive behaviors like extreme procrastination.

  1. Self-acceptance and confidence

Being kind to ourselves allows us to accept ourselves as we really are. We lose that urgent need to reprimand ourselves for our flaws and shortcomings. This self-awareness makes us confident, giving no room for trivial insecurities in our lives and our relationships.

  1. Motivation

Being kind to yourself inspires high levels of motivation to achieve your goals, more so with the recognition that you may not always reach them and giving yourself room for failure. This height of motivated allows you to learn and grow with less concern for performance goals, the desire to gratify self-esteem and social approval.

 How to be kind to yourself

  1. Be your best friend when you stumble
  2. When you look in the mirror look at your heart and don’t criticise your physical package
  3. Schedule in the things that make you happy every week
  4. Only say kind things to yourself, if you wouldn’t say it outloud to your friends don’t say it to yourself
  5. Start a personal gratitude journal, every day write one thing down that you love about yourself

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