Have you ever felt like your time is just not your time anymore?

One of the lessons I learned when I started setting boundaries and prioritizing was if I didn’t prioritize my work and my life, someone else was always willing to do it for me.  I just went with the flow, bounced around to all my different projects and at the end of the day nothing I needed to do got done.

Setting boundaries and prioritizing my time became a gift to reclaim my time at work and to schedule what I needed to do.

If you are operating your business saying “I am free to do whatever whenever” you are setting yourself up for stress overload. 

Setting boundaries and prioritizing getting your work done and play time is a gift, a relief.  

If you have set the pattern of push and pull repeating day after day, year after year, part of your challenge is believing that you can let go and allow others to do the work, trusting your employees to do their job.

What if you learned how to leverage your time, to prioritize and still be able to handle the ins and outs of assisting with other business issues that you do enjoy.  

Being a business owner comes with a responsibility of growing and leading by example so the whole company is prioritizing, scheduling, delegating, having breathing space and loving their jobs.  If you as the leader are challenged, then so are your staff and no one is working optimally.  No one starts their business to be continually pushed and pulled day after day. 

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