Have you ever thought about having a morning routine and the benefits of one?

Why is it so important to have a morning routine?  When you get up and start running you miss important steps and thoughts of your day, you do whatever shows up, you may get ambushed at work, you get pulled in many directions and at the end of the day you go home feeling exhausted and unaccomplished.

Every morning you get to restart and plan to do something that inspires you; that you get to pick your best way to start your day that will create the energy, clarity and productivity that you wish you had.  

Your morning could include meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, going for a walk, a 5 am quiet coffee time to plan your day, and filling in your daily planner.  Decide what you need to do to have a morning routine that reflects you and your lifestyle. 

One of the results you will experience when you have rituals is the feeling of success right off the start which will create confidence that you will get done what is important.

Setting up your day is taking action to create a new habit, when you create a morning ritual habit you create a new identity for yourself.  This just keeps growing as you feel the benefits of this one new small habit that expands into more actions and more habits that will become part of your business growth and happiness. 

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