Have you experienced this?

Your staff just don’t get it, they seem to listen but do their own thing anyway, they don’t plan ahead, there is a lot of wasted down time on job sites with extended breaks & lunches and on top of this the way they talk to your customers could be better.

This is exhausting and frustrating, it doesn’t seem to end no matter how you approach the subject or how many times you talk about it, they just don’t get it.  How is this going to get fixed?

Having your employees get it, understanding how important it is to be productive, proactive, and time conscious with excellent customer service would be a dream come true.

Maybe you just need to change how you approach your employees, how you are expressing your companies’ big picture and expressing how everything they do affects the company one way or the other.  

You just need to get your employees to understand how important this is, something so simple would change everything and change the feel of the company.

If you can relate to this, let me know and let’s talk about it