How to Create Work-Life Balance

Do you frequently have to make difficult decisions, and the idea of trying to find work-life balance seems so distant to you that you doubt it is even possible?

What is your current work-life balance between 1 and 10?

1 – You dread your day

10- you are excited and can’t wait to go to work

Depending on where you score yourself, you probably have room for improvement, but right now it doesn’t feel possible to choose between your business and family.


There is nothing worse than feeling like you have to give up on one or the other, you went into business to have it all!

I was that business owner that thought it was one way or the other; I never thought I could have a work-life balance let alone maintain it. In fact, I didn’t know any business owners that had work-life balance.

Exactly what does that mean, and does it imply to never reach the work-life balance goal? Do you put in all this effort until you can’t anymore or until you feel like the only way out is to close it or sell it?

No, what it means is you have to find the support that will help you find that work-life balance you know you need.  All it means is that you don’t have the solution.  

Work-life balance is something you have to learn how to do otherwise everyone that had a desire for it would have it. 

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Exactly how do you find it, here are a few stepping stones that will help you to start to work towards it;

  1. know your business vision, you need to know what the big picture is that you are working towards.  What is it that you want for your business and when you see that how do you feel?
  2. Every morning when you get to work fill in the This simple tool will help to set up your day,
  3. Next up, is delegation. Follow the Delegating with confidence, read this blog to learn the steps to prioritizing what you don’t know you need to delegate
  4. Stop multitasking and only do one task at a time, call uni-tasking.  This simple tool will help you calm your thoughts and focus on what is important. There is also a blog with tips on this topic.
  5. Decide what time you want to go home and set an alarm 30 minutes before this time, so you have the warning to clean up what you are working on and have all the conversations you need to have.  Set another alert when it is time to leave.

If you start with these 5 steps you will notice a huge difference in your day, your productivity, your focus, and your feeling of having some form of control over your day.   

As a bonus, you and your family will be happy you learned how to do this.

Plus, did you know that if you don’t learn how to have a work-life balance, you will get burnt out and that means you will probably not grow your business to the levels you dream about? And honestly, that would be unfortunate after all the long days and hours you have put in.

As business owners, we think we need to know everything and forget how to ask for help and support.  I can tell you from experience, that once you let go and ask, you will feel relief and inspired for what is ahead for you and your business by learning a few new skills that will help with your daily performance at work.