How to optimize your Leadership Skills

I have spoken to so many women that are struggling with letting go and trusting that it will all work out in the end. 

I am talking about trusting your employees to do a good job, to do it right, to do it on time, and to do it well. 

I experienced this, I thought it was just easier to do the work myself, then it would be done right and on time. 

Explanation after explanation to do a simple task is exhausting and frustrating.

So, you know the end result, you just do it yourself and you lose trust that they can do it as well as you! 

But in the end, they were never given the chance to prove themselves!

The problem with not trusting when you have a growing business, is it becomes a habit to keep doing it yourself, then it becomes too much and it stops you from working ON your business. 

When you get down to really looking at trust, it is fear based, you don’t trust that anyone will do the task as well as you would. 

This slippery slope leads to having unengaged employees that don’t learn and don’t help you run and grow your business leaving them feeling undervalued.

Train your employees so you know their ability, be willing to let them make mistakes and ask for their opinion so they know you value them.

To have great employees they need to know you trust them and that you value the contribution they are making in your company. 

It is simple, delegate, train and trust, as a leader this is how you develop great employees.

Controlling, not trusting and micromanaging will slow down or stop your growth, you are one person and you can only do so much. 

When starting and growing your business, doing everything was easy, but now with years of growth, it is time to develop your team and to let go.

If you want to have confidence and clarity on how to build great teams and make sure you are not in the same situation in 6 or 12 months, Let’s chat.

Learning how to let go with confidence is also about learning how to be a great leader in your business so that you know and trust everyone that you work with.  This is learning how to optimize your leadership skills, so you lead by optimizing your team’s performance.              

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