How To Relax and Still Get Work Done

How to relax and still get work done


Very few people can get much work done when they are stressed and worked up about any given situation. The non-rocket science trick in high paced and tense work environments is to ‘calm down’, which is very much easier said than done.

Telling someone to ‘calm down’ when they are angry or under pressure could be a trigger to feeling angrier or stressed out. The challenge therefore lies in knowing what to do when we are caught feeling in a similar mood.

The chances are if you can help yourself, you will be able to help others deal with these tough emotions.

There are a few tips to handling stress at work which include:

  1. The Lava Lamp– Studies have shown that a lava lamp has a soothing influence. Plug one in at your office, and turn it on when you feel your heart beat rate skyrocketing.
  2. Start a kudos file. Notes that praise your efforts in getting jobs well done, thank-you notes, and complimentary memos can lift your mood when your job causes tension and anxiety.
  3. Play ‘footsie’– Hoard foot rollers on the floor (and out of sight so others don’t think you are creepy) by your desk, so that you can give your feet a relaxing massage while you work.
  4. Stress balls and pads- Believe it or not, stress balls and pads are a great source of relief for tense moments. The ones with chimes are good for those who need auditory stimulation. And the ones with colours that alter or flicker are a great distraction as well.

The most important thing to remember in beating stress to helping you relax is ‘laughter’. Find ways to entertain yourself- it could be funny videos, comic strips, anything. Laugh away to a more relaxed existence.

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