How you are making out with figuring out what is next for you and your business

Being a business owner is great and can be full of rewards if we don’t allow your business to take over.  Let’s be honest, being a business owner comes with challenges and stress and exhaustion burning the candle at both ends.

As business owners you may have fallen into the rut of being ok with feeling not great because your business is good.  

Can you relate:

  • You are making money but it could be better
  • You constantly feel behind 
  • You are constantly reacting and solving problems, no room for business planning 

You have become engrossed by work!  Work has become your biggest stress and you are not sure how to fix this.

Owning your own business wasn’t supposed to be so hard, it was supposed to be fun and inspiring and to include vacation time but that isn’t happening.

So, what if?????

What if there was a way to figure this out?  As a business owner you have so many jobs to do that knowing how to do everything is not realistic and is an unfair expectation of yourself.

So, WHAT IF you could figure out how to remove the stress, to take some time off, to feel joy going to work again, What if!

Years ago, I had to make this same decision, to release everything that was fear – stress based to allow a better way of operating.  I used to worry about staff, about sales, about marketing the right way, about money, about profit, about having my phone on 24/7.  I worried about everything to do with operating and being successful.  

That was one of the reasons our company wasn’t growing, all that had to be released in order to let the good stuff come in, and it did!

So, I ask you, is it your time?  If you say not yet, ask yourself when will it be your time? 

If you are tired and ready to figure out how to have a great workplace where stress is a term of the past, this is the place for you.  

Send me a message and let me know if you are done with it and ready for a shift, I am here for you!