Importance Of Creating A ‘Me’ Space

Importance of creating a ‘me’ space

With heaps of responsibilities and careers to keep running, ‘me’ space almost seems like an illusion to most of us and to some, an overdue aspiration. We get entangled in the motions of life, juggling endless to-do lists, trying to keep everything and everyone around us together and sadly end up forgetting our very selves. The result is dire; chronic stress. Neglecting yourself will take a heavy toll on your emotional and mental health and eventually impart on your physical status as well.

Why you need to create some ‘me space’

  1. Un-winding

Finally when you get some ‘me space’ you can put your guard down and let loose. It can be surprisingly therapeutic not to have anybody around to talk to or to impress.

  1. Inner Renewal

Our daily hassles are consistently depleting our energy. Spending some time alone will allow you to ‘recharge your batteries’ and give you the room to find some inspiration and strength to go on.

  1. Self-realization

‘Me space’ will give you the opportunity to find out what your needs are. Uninterrupted personal time will help you have some self-reflection to understand where you are in your life journey and the goals you have for the future. You can freely be able to make objectives decisions about your life without external input.

  1. Self-improvement

It’s quite obvious that you can’t be able to cater for your loved ones effectively when stressed and irritable. When you are re-energized and in high spirits then you can spread that good cheer to everyone around you, but if you’re struggling and always exhausted then your world will look just the same.


How to find some ‘me’ space time

Schedule it, just like any other aspect of your life, give it the priority it deserves and do not compromise it.


What to do in your ‘me space’

Your solo time should be totally unrestricted. Do anything that makes you feel relaxed and offloaded. Write, read a book, listen to some music, knit, paint, go to the spa, reflect, dream, anything that you love to do. Enjoy your rightful self-moments!

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