Increasing Your Energy

In the first two posts we’ve talked about using a daily planner to find more focus and finding power words that support how you want to feel throughout your day. I hope this content has you feeling excited and are helpful to help improve your business performance. This post is geared around daily energy with key tips on how to increase your energy to have more vibrancy and stamina to reach your daily goals. It takes energy and endurance to chase your dreams. 

“Ass in Chair Syndrome” is where I found myself, sitting down from 7 am – 7 pm 5 days a week. I thought I was doing okay, but my health scare shone a light on how not OK I was and how little I was actually moving. And from experience I know that when you don’t move during the day, your thoughts, energy and productivity decline. This is where I found myself, feeling frozen, uninspired and not having positive high energy. While I put in the time at my desk, I did not have the mental focus, stamina or desire. Having a job where I am at a desk all day meant that I needed to learn how to manage my desk energy! 

Take an inventory of your energy levels over the next couple of days. 

  • Do you come to work feeling well-rested, having daily habits and activities support being vibrant and energized? 
  • Do you move or get physical activity in during the day? 
  • How is your focus mid-afternoon? 

By taking notice of your energy, it will help to assess where a plan might be needed to recharge your batteries so you can work at optimal levels to increase energy and productivity and in the end, it supports your joy and happiness at work!

Increasing Energy

Here are some ideas to try to add more energy, focus and productivity throughout your day: 

  • Aim for 8 hours of sleep every night 
  • Go outside and take a 30-minute break to go for a walk at least once a day
  • Pause to let your thoughts wander while looking out the window at nature (a tree, the blue sky or rain falling in a puddle) 
  • Have healthy snacks on-hand, take 10 mins to enjoy them, don’t eat while working
  • Take 10 deep, slow and steady breaths – count to 7 on the inhale, hold for 7, 7 on the exhale, pause for 7, repeat this 10 times

I wish you well this week and hope you can find a way to increase your energy and your vibration so you can optimize your day.  

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