Is Fear Such A Terrible Thing?

Is Fear Such A Terrible Thing?

Many of us view fear as a terrible thing and rightfully so because it inhibits daily progress and causes doubt of self, others and present circumstances.

But if you take a second to think about it, you realize that every time you escaped trouble by a close shave, you are grateful that you ran or withdrew at the time and with the speed you did. Something told you to ‘run’ or ‘hide’ or ‘fight back’- all depending on the situation. That thing that made you act in your defence or run for safety is called ‘Fear’.

Fear is a ‘pointer’ `(an indicator). It guides messages to the brain that trigger decision-making, whether logical or not. It is a simple human function that we cannot live without. It safeguards us and is readily available at a moment’s notice.

There is far less bodily threat of death in our lives today than used to be the case.

Still, the coordination in our old brains still calls up the “flight or fight” response to things that have little relationship to “life or death.” A job crisis can paralyze someone even though there are more choices, avenues, and tools available today then ever before in history. Relationship confrontation becomes paralyzing, even when it’s survivable. Fear has become an enormous reaction to the hitches and selections in our lives. The fear center is all lit up and hell-bent on keeping us from risk!

Fear is such a powerful emotion that can be very easily used to your advantage.

The trick is to adjust your opinion of what may happen by assigning positives to even the worst outcome.

For example, Quitting your job to start a business and facing a financial struggle results in you finally being rid of a job you hated and gives you an intense motivation to succeed as a business owner.

Always learn to find the positive outcome or twist to a very bad situation and the fear will go away.

Fear and Confidence

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