Make Your Employees Feel Heard

Businesses rely on communication, the exchange of ideas and information. I think it is the most important function of running a successful business: communication with your employees, your customers, and everyone involved with the running of the Company. It’s not just letting someone speak, it must also involve listening, acknowledgment of what is being said, and appreciation of the employees and customers. This can be done either verbally, through rewards or written.

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Appreciation is something that needs to be voiced all the time, in a very natural, authentic way. If you do it very sporadically or just once a year, it’s not the same as being consistent in showing employees your appreciation for their role in your organization.

If you don’t listen or pay attention to your employees when they do bring their personal problems to work, their attitude will impact your company, and if done repeatedly you might lose a valuable employee just because something wasn’t addressed. All employee issues must be addressed in a timely manner or unintentional turmoil affecting others can happen.

7 Strategies to Paying Attention:

1. Let your employee be heard, give them time and space to express what is happening and keep the discussion about them

2. Don’t interrupt – let them say what they need to say

3. Agree where you can agree and apologize where you should

4. Observe body language and emotional tone

5. Be authentic – only say what you are willing to do, don’t rush to end the meeting and then have remorse

6. Show appreciation for the conversation, for their vulnerability and for working on a resolution

7. Follow up, schedule a check in conversation

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” – Stephen Covey

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