Progress not Perfection!

It is so easy as a business owner to get stuck on the tiny details of a project that in the end really don’t make a difference. 

I can tell you from experience I used to get lost down the proverbial rabbit hole spending many hours on the tiniest details that in the end did not make a difference one way or the other.  

What did make the difference was the time spent on this one project aiming for the nonexistent perfection.

Striving for perfection would leave me feeling exhausted and discouraged because all my other projects and work were still waiting to be done and I no longer had the mind space or desire to complete them.  

In the early years of running a new business, you aim for perfection but as your business grows and your time becomes stretched, doing a good job is more productive and satisfying than perfection.

CTTO: Canva

Here are some insights on perfection that I experienced:

  • Perfection does not exist; you never get 100%
  • Perfection will derail you and will steal your happiness 
  • Perfection focuses on what is wrong, what is not working
  • Perfection is an obsession that you can’t solve
  • Perfection will hold you back from growth, will cause you stress, and is all too consuming

If not perfection, what do you strive for – Progress!

What is progress – it is continual learning, improving, discovering, and looking at things from a different perspective

My personal insights on progress:

  • It feels great (way better than striving for perfection)
  • I grew as a leader which boosted my self-confidence
  • It was exciting and energizing
  • Projects accomplished; goals reached = growth in my company
  • I knew I was doing my best when progressing

What is the solution, ditch perfection, and aim for excellence.

First off, excellence is about doing your best and focusing on growth and development for yourself and your company.  

Excellence might be a mindset shift for you, but it is a key component  for your growth, leadership style, and success. Teaching and developing excellence with your employees will transform your company culture and your employee’s work ethic.

These are some steps to progress with excellence:  

  1. Believe in yourself that you can do this
  2. Have a growth mindset – learn from your mistakes, embrace your challenges as learning curves for growth, and be hungry to develop new skills
  3. Be and maintain your passion – do what makes you happy
  4. Self-evaluate – know your strengths and weaknesses and get the necessary support
  5. Learn from the best in your industry, they are your role models.  Set your goals to catch up and surpass them with your unique talent and skills, with what makes you awesome at what you do.
  6. Ask for feedback and keep your eye on your biggest goal as you take the baby steps to get there.

CTTO: Canva

Progress with excellence is a key component to your personal and business development and success, these are the beginning steps that will take you to the next level in your business.