So what if you figured out how to work towards your desired way of working?

Business needs to have a break, just make sure all projects are getting cleaned up and starting projects that have been on the books for a bit.  As we end another quarter, what we think and how we approach our workload matters.

So, today I want to talk about how we unconsciously use disempowering words to describe our state of being.  For example, when asked, how are you today and your response is stressed, super busy, frustrated or tired it actually reinforces that state of being.  

Continually repeating these states as being the way it is, it is the way it is.

The more you say the words that are disempowering the longer you will continue to be in the state. 

You become programmed on automatic pilot to keep repeating it whether or not it is true at that moment.

I get this, I caught myself stating my automatic response of saying I was stressed out and I noticed one day I said it but it wasn’t true.  I was just so used to saying it, I didn’t realize it was just coming out of my mouth.

So what if you figured out how to work towards your desired way of being, you plan and work towards how you want to be and feel everyday.

What if you made a power statement for yourself that you said everyday even if it was a stretch, and made this your automatic response, how would your day change? 

This is one of the tools that I talk about in The Leveraged Leadership Program. It is simple, it is energizing and it creates shifts within you so no matter what is going on you have the ability to come from an empowering place to do what you need to do.

If learning a simple tool like this is of interest to you, please let me know – I’ll be one message away.