Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed Out? In a rut?

It is time for you to see what is possible for your life!

How much more living could you do if you took complete control of your life?

Are you constantly feeling as though you are always super busy being busy, helping everyone else, and you can’t find the time for yourself and for some fun?  I have some great news for you!

You are in the right place!

Here you will learn to manage your thoughts, beliefs and habits that hold you back and develop the ones that you want to have.  That’s right, you CAN change from your past ingrained patterns to have the ones that will support you to living your life with more passion, energy and flow.

If you are ready now, lets talk!

Request a complimentary life strategy session below and you will also receive information my free report to help you understand why creating visionary life goals are so important.  In addition, you will receive a step by step guide to help you develop goals that will help you honour your future dreams the best part of all you will be able to start implementing all of this today.

Hi Everyone, I’m Susan Delano Swim.

The good news is I have personally been where you are. I have helped hundreds of women figure out what they really, really want and how to get there. If you have yet to take time to prepare a personal life blueprint, or implement your blueprint, showing you where you want to go and how you will get there you are in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time. I have been talking with a lot of women lately who are also feeling overwhelmed, stressed, in a rut or that are just so busy they don’t see how they can have any more in their life.

–          Do you feel you are in survival mode?

–          Do you say to yourself some day my life will get better?

–          When will you have time for you with all the demands that you have

Ladies this does not have to be the case, you can have more without feeling more burden and more stress. There is so much more for you and for all of us women if we just take the time to say yes I am worth figuring this out. YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING that is good and sweet about life even during the chaos of life!  Lets figure out together how you can make your life the best it can be with what you have to do and who you have to be !

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I have recently opened a few spots on my calendar for a few additional complimentary life strategy sessions, if any of this sounds like you be sure to request your spot and you will receive an email to arrange our meeting together.

This complimentary session is for you if…

–          You are looking to have more fun!

–          You want to feel more alive doing what you have to do

–          You want balance while living a full life

–          You know there is more, you just don’t have time or energy to find it

Just imagine…

How much more living could you do if you took complete control of your thoughts!

What would be the impact if you were able to manage your stress and get out of your rut?

How would your life be different if you knew you were on the path towards your dreams?

What would be the impact if you were able to manage the chaos no matter how hectic or stressful it is and start having fun and doing what you keep thinking/dreaming about? 

Imagine…… being happy and living in your fun energetic zone most of the time!  You can start that anytime you are ready! The question is when will you be ready?

–          why not now!

–          how much more time WILL IT TAKE

–          how many more breaths do you want to waste being someplace you don’t want to be?

–          When exactly will YOU be worth it?

I know the answer, you are worth it now and everyone around you that loves you is waiting for you to see that for yourself.  So the question is, when will it be your time?

Lets talk about what is possible and how it is possible for you to have more fun, passion and time for what is important! If any of this resonates with you, I would love to talk to you!

Please apply for this one time complimentary life strategy session and start taking back control to start living your highest and best life.  My personal gift for you will help start you on your path to seeing what is possible for you.

Give yourself the best gift you can give yourself, make a decision yes or no!  Yes I am worth this investment in me  No, not today, I am ok staying where I am today. The answer will be a yes or no, maybe isn’t a decision and keeps you wishing.  Making a decision yes or no, will make whatever you decide the right decision for you. Are you ready to say yes to having more of you today!  Request your complimentary life session below

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“I now have the confidence to move forward in all areas of my life!”

“When I called Susan 5 months ago I was stuck, feeling like I was living my life as a spectator rather than a player, I was doing everything I needed to do but with no feeling, no connection. Susan’s coaching helped me turn my life around after a very difficult year to the point where I now have the confidence to move forward in all areas of my life! Her excellent and supportive coaching has helped me attain balance and get control back in my life.” K. Irvine

It doesn’t matter if you have never thought of what your highest and best is. You can start today and by completing the opt in form below to schedule your free strategy call. You will be better positioned to embrace the life you are dreaming of.

“Susan is a rare person in today’s society…dedicated to helping others…”

“I have been coached by Susan Delano Swim for the past six months now and have found it extremely beneficial both to my personal life and business. With Susan’s professional and personable ability, she can really help putting one’s life of everyday turmoil together to a really good balance of work, living and leisure time.  Susan is a rare person in today’s society, who is dedicated to helping others with her professional training! Thank you!” K. Kirk, President

“My personal relationships are more enriching and fulfilling”

“My life was stuck. I had been neglecting my needs and squashing my emotions for so long I had difficulty identifying what they were. Everything I had achieved and all that I had, left me superficially satisfied and not really content or happy. Working with the support and guidance of my coach, I was able to establish and achieve goals in both my personal and business life that have moved my life in a new direction. What a positive change…my personal relationships are more enriching and fulfilling, I’m having more fun and I’m approaching my work with renewed confidence. Thank you Susan!” Lynn P., Vice President

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