Susan Delano Swim Appeared As A Guest On The International Radio Show With Claudia Cooley

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Susan Delano Swim, the balance lifestyle expert, founded The Zelatious Living Programs after retiring from a successful sales and marketing career for some of the leading Fortune 100 companies.

After applying the strategies and principles she now teaches, Susan found the courage to leave the safety net of working in the corporate grind to step out into the realm of retail sales where she owned and operated a high-end children’s retail clothing store in Canada. Soon Susan found herself working her own grind as the “lone ranger”, running two successful family businesses, raising her four daughters, in addition to volunteering and running Dress For Success workshops across Canada. Susan started to see she was enslaving herself to a life of imbalance that ultimately took it’s toll on her own well being as well as that of her family’s.  Something had to change and she quickly learned it had to start with herself.

Susan quickly pivoted, extracting her strong interpersonal skills she had honed as a top sales and marketing director to launching a career in coaching and advising women as a Balanced Life Strategist. Susan teaches from first-hand knowledge.  She helps women to find their voice, rise up and avoid the pitfalls she has experienced herself all too well. She advises a broad list of clients both at home and internationally teaching real, practical applications so women can begin to think, speak and live more authentic, fulfilling and productive lives.

Because Susan is able to laugh and learn from her own self, she is able to guide women to take a heartfelt look at themselves in such a way that cultivates honest self awareness and positive long-lasting change.


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