The 7-minutes, 5-Step Solution for your Holiday Rush!

You are such a go-getter, managing so many things at one time AND getting it all done, but my question for you is, are you enjoying yourself?  Are you happy or slightly stressed trying to manage it all?

I always have these dream goals for getting through this time of year to make sure I don’t miss a beat or miss buying a special gift for someone.  My list is quite large with deadlines that would be perfect if I could only make them.

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In my reality, deadlines are what make me stressed out because I frequently miss them, which leads to stress-inducing thoughts about how I might possibly do everything.

One of my goals was to have all my gifts made, bought, and wrapped by December 1st.  That has never happened but when setting my goals it feels so good to think that is a possibility.  So I am setting myself up before I even start.

Let’s be honest, this time of year can be stressful!

So how do you do this better, how can you be real with what you have to accomplish for the time you have to jam pack it all in.  

1st step – Life is much easier when you are happy, so smile.  Even if you don’t feel like it, smile and keep smiling (yes this works)

2nd step – Plan your days, and set real-time parameters around what you have to do, not a wish list of jamming it all in.  This includes work, celebration activities, family time, and of course shopping

3rd step – Ask for help, and delegate what you can.  You don’t have to do it all even though you want to, if you are stressed in one area, ask for help.  

4th step – Get your sleep, this is so important, exhaustion is not your friend when you are running all day long.  Aim for 8 hours, turn off the TV, put your social media away, and just before bed know what tomorrow will look like with your time blocked out.

5th step – Enjoy the season!

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It is simple to forget that you are in control of what you do and don’t do because these actions are so basic. You often feel like you have to handle everything, but I’m sure there are people in your life who would be happy to lend a hand. So ask them for support or take some things off your list that you really don’t need to do.

You are the best, my wish for you is that you enjoy and smile all that you have to do, 

Your friend, 

Susan Xx