The Golden Keys to Happiness

Many of us have everything we need- a great job, some semblance of love and good family in our lives yet there is emptiness and aching sadness we cannot ignore. We simply are not happy.

In the pursuit of happiness we start to indulge in not-so-healthy company and habits like alcohol, cigarettes and other kinds of drugs but at the end of the day the unhappiness is not only far from curbed and we double our health risks by all the bad habits our bodies are left to shoulder the consequences of.

The basic question of what true happiness really is has been asked all over the world for centuries. In this quest the three golden keys to happiness are proved to be:

  1. Strength and Optimism– This comes by refusing to allow bad situations and sadness creep into your thoughts and build a negative aura of doubt and pessimism that can ultimately ruin your life. The magic that comes with this key is found in identifying the silver linings in life. In order words, seek out the positive outlook to every situation and your optimism will attract good luck and happiness your way.
  2. Hard work– A busy mind and hands promise productivity at the end of the day and, the satisfaction from realizing the results of one’s hard work can be very soothing. Quit lying around and begin a project that is not only of benefit to you but to others around you, start a business, get a job, anything to get your hands and minds positively busy and feel the goodness from the wages and good results you earn at the end of the day.
  3. Silence– as they say is ‘Golden’. Many times our unhappiness is a product of our not knowing when to not speak or silence even our thoughts and emotions.

Get up now and unlock your door to eternal happiness.

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To your success,

Susan Delano Swim