The Role Of Mindset In Success

The role of Mindset in Success

Does the mind select what is right or wrong; beautiful or ugly; profitable or not? Why is the thought of eating certain foods disgusting? Is it in our nature as human beings to be good but then become corrupt by society? Do parents socialize their children? Does creativity spring from the unconscious?

All these are questions if asked let alone answered go a long way to proving the unwavering power of the human mind.

If you have experienced the relief that follows taking aspirin for a headache; this is called the placebo effect where your mind knows you have taken the pill so your body feels better. You will understand that our bodies respond to what our minds expect of them. I believe this metaphorically applies to life and success.

Many times we fantasize so much about future success that we lose the right energy to remain motivated for the tasks at hand. Apparently getting a mental taste of the future reduces the drive to achieve it.

On the other hand, the human mind is so powerful it can work on its own. Findings show that most ground breaking ideas are developed by an individual and not in a brainstorm group session. Stop talking and start doing. When you need a bigger team then select them and allow them send you reports of their brainstorm sessions while you attend to more pressing matters.

The human mind also tends to process that the big things such as graduation , marriage or childbirth are more worthy of celebration. But as life sets in we realize that it is the little things that matter and success could simply be the joy of having family who love and care for you.

The human mind does affirm that however relative success is, it can be achieved once we believe.

To your success,


Susan Delano Swim