Tis the Season DE-Stressing Tips

Tis the Season DE-Stressing Tips

Tis the season and it is almost impossible to evade the pressure that comes from the fuss of gift-giving, marketing blitzes, parties and activities galore which can deprive us of the cheer, which is the true essence of the holidays. However, the great thing about holiday stress is that it’s predictable, we know it’s coming.

Like anything, if we want to improve a certain area in our life or deal with something differently than before we can make plans to reduce the amount of stress we experience and the negative impact it has on us. It is funny how we can predict that being stressed if part of the season, we know it is going to happen, we know it because every year like clock work does happens but we never do anything different to prepare for it and every year we wish and hope for a different outcome.


Well, this is your year to stop reacting to the stress of it all and develop a plan, have some direction for what you want to happen. Take control to have the outcome that you are looking wishing for.

Here are a few ways to manage the stress of the season:

  1. Set expectations

Have an open conversation with your kids on what to expect in regards to gifts and holiday activities. If money is an issue, be forthright about it and let them know there is a budget. The money you spend on them does not dictate their happiness nor should it dictate yours. For many years, I made my family gifts, at first I needed to but now I do it because I love to. It brings out my creative side that I love. My children are now following this same tradition with eachother and I love seeing how creative they can be.

  1. Set Priorities

Ask yourself what is the most important message you want your family to receive and remember from this season. Meet with them and ask them what family traditions they love the most and what new ones they would like to create. Develop your family memories that will be with you year after year. Be creative and watch your family bond and laugh. PS – put technology away during these times.

Once you have decided what is really important for you and your family get rid of superfluous activities. The last step is to put all your plans on paper and schedule realistically to make sure these things happen.

  1. Keep things in perspective

Avoid blowing events/situations out of proportion. Spend wisely, take your budget on as a positive challenge not as burden or negative experience that you can’t afford to give the big gift, that is all in your mind.

Be positive and be present to enjoy it all. View the holidays as a time to reconnect with people, love and laugh. Schedule your plans so you know exactly what is ahead, you know what has to happen and by when.

  1. Accept help

You’d be surprised how much relief you will feel from accepting help and support from those who care about you. If you have multiply functions to attend on the same day or you just can’t stretch yourself anymore, ask for help.  Your family that love and care about you are waiting for you to ask.

  1. Take care of yourself

Be mindful. Pay attention to your own needs, feelings and body vibrations during the holiday season. Switch gears, pause and take a 5 minute breather when you feel the stress accelerating. If you find the season becoming overwhelming, prioritize what you have to do, only engage in activities that you and your family love.  Remember to go outdoors and enjoy the seasonal activities with your family. The brisk air is always refreshing and promotes healthy living for you and your kids.

Turn all technology off during your family times together so you are really present with them and they will see just how important the really are to you.

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