Tis The Season To Be Your Best

Tis the Season to be your best!


With New Years upon us and everyone in the habit of making New Years Resolutions why not make one simple resolution. One that will bring many rewards time after time after time.  Make the resolution to be the best of who you can be.  Making this one resolution can turn everyday of your life around to be just the way you want it to be.

You may already be living your life being the best of who you are but if you know there is something more for you or that you can do better then there are some habits that you can adopt every day to start to living your best life. These habits are for you no matter what stage in life you are at, it is all about feeling great everyday and living from your best self. Being your best no matter what you are doing will feel great and bring you joy.

Here are a few ways you can begin to discover your best self:

1.  Talk out loud about your wants, hopes and dreams to everyone in your life. Share all this great stuff about you so everyone knows what is important to you.  Don’t assume that your family members, your partner, your colleagues and friends know what it is that you really want.

Sometimes we think they should just know.  Have you ever said “if they knew me they would know what is important to me”, but in reality when was the last time you told anyone what you really wanted.  Lets face it as we go through different life experiences our wants, hopes and dreams change, we know they change but have you expressed it.

As the years go by in our relationships we forget to express ourselves, we just assume that they know the real me because of this time span.  We ourselves get into routines and stop making our wants, hopes and dreams top of our list.  If it is important to you express it; I want this, I hope for and I dream for. Expressing it over and over again to remind yourself and give others the ability to cheer you on, to support you, to encourage you and keep you on track.  If you are not expressing your wants, hopes and dreams, if you are keeping them closed up inside, you are not living your fullest passionate self.

Living and expressing who you are is what you are here to do, so Say it a lot and out loud to everyone.


2. Two part Daily Habit
A) Positive Morning Habits – Do 2 things for yourself every morning when you wake up, 2 things that will support your starting your day positively.  You could stretch, exercise, meditate, journal or anything that will put you in the right frame of mind for a strong positive day. I also recommend taking a few minutes to plan what you need to plan so you don’t spend your day reacting or putting fires out from lack of planning.

If you are someone that opens their eyes to their phones or email try to break that habit for at least the first hour of the day so your day starts out being yours; your thoughts. Lets face it when we look at our phones we are looking for problems or to see what fires we are going to have to put out that day, so delay that, they will still be there once you have woken up and started your day properly. Don’t start out with someone else’s problems. Get in the habit of being with your own thoughts, it is very powerful.

B) When your day is about to start, spend a few minutes and list 3 things to do for the day that when accomplished will make you feel that your day is wildly successful.  Out of habit you might list the easy things to do but challenge yourself with at least one challenging item on your list everyday, if you like a challenge and want to feel really productive fill the 3 items for the day with 3 items that you think will be tough.  All the easy items on your list will just fill in naturally and you will feel a huge relief and reward by accomplishing your challenges, those nagging items that never go away.  Learning to feel comfortable while doing things that are uncomfortable is a huge place for personal growth to living your best. Procrastination only puts your life on hold.


3)  Be open to ask and receive help.  Family, colleagues and friends are always willing to help if they are asked. You do not expect others to do it all or know it all, so give yourself a break, get good at asking for help and see how much more you learn. It is easier to be your best self when you ask for support.

4)  Expect more of yourself!  This doesn’t mean do more, it means condition yourself to come from your inner strengths, your knowing and condition yourself to being your best self.  Instead of reacting with old habits that do not represent who you dream of being, ask yourself how would my highest best self respond in this situation? You will get an answer and then it will be up to you what you do with that.
Have you ever meet with someone and from the time they sat down you felt the negativity or heaviness dripping off of them? They had nothing positive or good to say and you yourself felt like the life had just been drained out of you.  Well, being your best self means you could choose not to get pulled into their pool of negativity, you can choose your energy and way of being.   You can ask yourself how would your highest best self respond to this situation, how would the best of who I am respond, how would that person view this, what action would they take, and how would my highest best self treat the situation?

When we remember that we always have the power of choice to our reactions, we can develop new ways of being with our experiences that can be so much more powerful.

The best of who we are is always available for us to tap into. It is always with us no matter where we are and what we are doing. Every day, every minute is a new opportunity for us to make a choice for something new, to make a different choice.  To be the best of who you are, you have to be aware of your choices and ask yourself to be the best you can be.  We must demand of our self to be our best selves if we want to live as the best of who we are.  Demand this of yourself and then show the world this part of you.  Ask yourself how you will now show up, take action, respond and interact with others.  If you are looking to reach the next level in your life, this is your next best step.  This is the best resolution you can make for yourself to be the best of who you can be every day in every situation and conversation.  Let everyone really get to know the person that is busting to come out.  You fill feel more joy and happiness in your life everyday when you let the best of you show up.
What a great resolution you can make at any moment!

It is important to Love YOUR Life to be happy — if you don’t love your life, do something about it!


Happy New Year!  I hope you take time to celebrate all the greatness you have within you.  I am blessed to have you in my life.  Thank you!



Susan Delano Swim is a Certified High Performance Coach, her goal is to help you reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence on your way to a successful, healthy and fully charged life. For a complimentary one hour coaching session fill in the application at www.susandelanoswim.com/application/