Visionary Goal Designing

Creating exciting visionary goals for your future is worth the time and effort that it takes.

Visionary Goal Design

You can create what you want to have in your life if you can see it and then plan for it.  Visionary goal writing is a step that leads you in the direction towards fulfilling your dreams.

One of the first steps to creating visionary goals is to think positively. Think about what you want to bring into your life. Think about all your dreams and everything that you are putting off till a later date.

Start by clearing your mind of all negative thoughts and judgments, you want to do this exercise with an open mind and think about all your possibilities.

Get comfortable, close your eyes, relax and take a few breaths. Once you feel calmness in your mind and body, visualize yourself twenty years from now.

Take a minute and get a clear picture of yourself. 

Where are you?  What are you doing?  What does your hair look like?  What are your facial expressions?  What are you wearing?  Who are you with?  What is your financial situation?  What do you see?  Now look a little deeper, what more can you see?  What is exciting about what you are seeing and feeling?

Take a few more deep breaths and when you are ready, write down what you saw and how you felt.


Write down any goals that have come up for you during this exercise, think about all of your possibilities and anything that has excited you.

Part of goal writing is to make sure we are on a path to the future that we are dreaming of.

Did you know that writing down your goals will increase your rate of success by over 50 percent!

As you start thinking about your future and working towards your goals, more goals will show up, add and adjust all new goals to your goals chart.

To understand the meaning of your goals, ask yourself why you want them.

Think of as many positive reasons as you can for achieving each your goals. Visualize and dream how your life will be different when your goals become reality.

Do your goals excite you and scare you at the same time?

Having big enough goals that you are not sure how you are going to achieve, means you are on the right track to personal fulfillment.

Having a good understanding of why your goals are important to you will keep you motivated to do your very best to stay on track working towards your goals.

Write your visionary goals with your long-term vision in mind.  Don’t worry at this point if you don’t know how you will accomplish it. What is important is that you start planning your future.

Starting with your twenty year vision that you keep dreaming about or you say one day I will have that or I will do that.  Write down everything.

The next step is to work start with the end in mind, what needs to happen in what order in order for this to come true.  Work backyards in chunks and state what needs to happen in what year, I have chunked things in 5 years goals but do whatever works for you. Knowing your 20 year goal, and in order for this to happen, what will need to be in place 15 years from now, take this information and write your fifteen-year goals. Repeat this process to figure out what your goals need to be in ten years, 5 years or whatever year markers you need.

Now break it down to have an annual goal, so what needs to happen in 4th year, 3rd year, 2 years from now, working this until you get to your current year. This will show you what steps you have to take each year towards getting all that you dream of.  It is important to always have goal strategies for your current year and the ones that follow.

Now that you are working in your current year goal setting, crunch your goals down into steps by the month showing what needs to be accomplished each month for you to move forward.

Each month your goals will help you feel movement towards your big picture.  Now your current month, write goals that you need to accomplish each week and then break it down to what needs to happen each day.

This will show you what needs to happen every day while keeping your 20-year vision in mind. You may not have action steps to take everyday but keep in mind if you don’t take consistent action towards your goals they many never happen.

Creating a vision board is a very powerful tool, include pictures, phrases, empowering thoughts of everything you want in your life.  Looking at this tool everyday will empower you with out you realizing it.

Remember if we don’t plan for what we dream about, days and years go by and nothing changes.

Be your change! Work towards your goals and as you get close keep expanding your goals so that you are always growing and excited about your life.

Use the Visionary Goal Outline here to start as you begin your visionary goal planning.

To Your Success,


Susan Delano Swim