Visionary Goal Setting VS New Years Resolutions

visionary goal designing

With the New Year just around the corner a lot of us are starting to think about our New Years Resolutions.

We dream, get excited and gear up to start on January 1st.  January 1st comes and we don’t want to start our resolutions because we are still celebrating. The 2nd comes and well we missed the first day of the New Year so we make up an excuse to stall another day.

What is wrong with new year resolutions? Nothing if you plan for them! Unfortunately, we usually fail to plan. We have a resolution/goal but we failed to think of the action steps we need to take to reach that goal.

Or we set such unrealistic New Years Resolutions that there is no way we can be successful. We are setting ourselves up for failure!

It is great that you have the thought that there are areas in your life that you would like to change.  Treat your New Years Resolutions as a goal and create visionary goals for yourself.

I am sure you have heard of setting your goals and you have heard of vision boards? They are both great tools by them self.

Putting the two of them together is a powerful process that you will become much more likely to follow through with.

Visionary Goal Designing combines embracing your heart, your passion and your talents to help you come alive.

It helps give you a plan on how to make this all happen.  Develop a plan for your future that will take you step by step where you are dreaming of going.

Having visionary goals gives your life direction and gives you a picture everyday to keep your excited and on track.

Goals that are measurable will help keep you accountable and will allow you to track your movement towards your vision.

Goals that are developed from your vision help you be in alignment with your heart.

To start your goal designing ask yourself: What is really important for me to have in my life time? What do I dream of accomplishing or doing in this lifetime?

Close your eyes and relax, give yourself the space to dream of what is really important for you.  Write down everything that you think about.

Imagine having your dreams and think how your life would change if you could make this happen.

Next week I will share a few tips on how to create an exciting step by step visionary goal plan for your future that will be in direct alignment with your vision and passion that will help direct your life.