What happens when stress becomes your norm? 

What happens when stress becomes your norm?  Is being stressed all the time a big deal?

Yes, it is!  


* Health concerns, many push those off and say stress doesn’t affect them and then it   


* You are working harder because you are stressed, your head just isn’t in the game

* Everybody sees and feels your stress, that is not the message you want to send

* You are not in a place to be a visionary for the growth you are looking for

* Stress blocks possibilities, dreaming and inspiration

One of the biggest lessons I learned that I was not expecting to learn was how my leadership style was causing me unhappiness, overwhelm and stress.  I was one of those leaders that was a control freak constantly stressed out that didn’t think stress would affect me. I pushed myself to do everything, because I thought it was easier, until it wasn’t and my health was affected. 

Stressed, anxious and overworked is who I became.

I remember thinking the business was the problem, but that wasn’t it, I was. 

Here is the thing, I had a good business that made money, but my stress was so high I no longer enjoyed it: 

I dreaded going to work

I hated my phone

I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  

Years of operating this way led me to my health crisis and to my 6-month healing journey where I got the space to learn, to grow and figure out what I needed to do.

This doesn’t have to be a big deal if you deal with it.  If you were like me, you are thinking you can handle this and someday it will get better.  If you have been like this for a bit, chances are you are doing your best and you could use outside assistance, a business strategy coach who has lived this.

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